Monday, February 21, 2011

Democracy Is Coming to the USA- Meanwhile Libya , Yemen, Bahrain continue Crackdown on Pro-reform Protesters

UPDATE: 10:13 PM, Feb, 21, 2011

Every Revolution Deserves a theme , an Anthem
For the time being here's Leonard Cohen

I Love The Country /but I Can't Stand The Scene

Democracy Is Coming To The USA
( but don't hold your breath)

Fighting for democracy and reform
fighting for the rights which workers have fought for over a century in America
Fox News and Republicans demonize unions and all public employees
Firefighters, police, paramedics are to accept fewer benefits and lower wages
(But didn't Glenn Beck and Fox News and the Bush regime claim that these first responders should be treated with respect and paid according to the importance of their jobs
We knew they hated all teachers but now its any public employee at federal, state or municipal level.
The economic melt down occurred by mismanagement and Greed and a lot of wishful thinking.
Only on Wall Street is magical thinking and wishful thinking thought to be rational.
To save itself America needs to begin dismantling its Empire and close down some of its thousand or so Military Bases
The US government hand over billions to various countries such as Israel and Egypt as quid pro quo that they buy military hardware from the USA-
USA gives 3 billion to Israel- Israel buys 2 billion worth of military hardware from USA - what a bloody scam on the American people-

Obama still hunting down Wikileaks
Obama wants a kill switch like Gadafhis to shut down internet

Fox News demonizes all unions and public employees including first responders police officers, firefighters

Wikileaks still Most Wanted by the FBI, CIA, Obama et al

US government hypocrisy as Obama wants the same power as Gadhafi and other dictators and Authoritan Regimes to have the power to shut-down the Internet with a kill switch
FBI, CIA want more leeway in monitoring individuals internet traffic
While Obama and his elitist friends still trying to shut down Wikileaks

On 9/11 and after the Bushites and republicans were in a constant clebration of the work of first responders including Firefighters.
Ah the times are changing as Republicans and the elitist tea Party attack fire fighters for being they believe over-payed and having too many benefits.
The Republicans, the Neocons, the Tea Party and Religious Right blame Fire Fighters and other publican servants for undermining the US economy.
Of course it has nothing to do with the billions spent each month on illconceived illplanned wars which have only helped to make a number of corporations wealthy from Dupont to Halliburton
Nor do these right wing propagandists bother to look at their illconceived anti-democractic attack on the rights of individuals in their so called War on Drugs or the War on Immigrants

They are against anything which may reduce their bottom line as they amass a fortune sort of like Mubarak in Egypt who is now worth some 5 Billion$.
Nor are they bothered by the USA being fleeced by Wall Street and the likes of con artists from Conrad Black, to the Welches, Coors, Hunts or the Koch brothers and their buddies Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Roger Ailes -
Glenn Beck makes money every time he convinces some old lady or paranoid survivalists to watch his tv show or buy from his gold company. Buy more Gold the end is near or the phony hypocritical Televangelists such as Pat Robertson and John Hagee telling people to pray more and to send a monthly cheque to thei ministry.

Madison Firefighter Worker Solidarity march at Wisconsin Protest.wmv

Amazing video of Wisconsin protests

In America the radical uberconservatives attack US governments policies such as Healthcare
They have also attacked ACORN, Planned Parenthood , women's rights, the minimum wage, non-desriminatory labor laws , gay rights , the poor (lazy) and unemployed (get a job) , any and all forms of welfare or social security and any and all government regulations on corporations and environment regulations or regulations on food safety or building codes etc.

Fox demonizes unions and protesters in Wisconsin and elsewhere as radical communists who they believe are anti-American
Fox Slams WI Protests But Cheered Tea Party Protests

So it appears Wisconsin has been trending to the right long before the recent public protests.
The Wisconsin Taliban -anti-sex education anti-union

April 8, 2010
Gov. Scott Walker Teach Sex Ed in Wisconsin, Go To Jail

and more insanity from Wisconsin
January 2010
"Sexual Bending" Banned In Wisconsin!

and so it goes,

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