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Wikileaks Israel 's Collective Punishment of Gaza & Disgraceful Owen Honors USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier

Wikileaks Israel 's Collective Punishment of Gaza & Homophobic Sexist Owen Honors On USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier

So once again we are reminded Wikileaks released cables are embarrassing to other countries besides the United States.
Now we have more evidence of Israel's shameful and inhumane and criminal actions regarding Gaza.
The blockade is not just to prevent armaments from getting into Gaza but also to undermine Gaza's economy and "put the Gazans on a diet".
Combining this with increasing the number of Israeli settlements in the occupied territories can be seen as an incremental ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and Arabs from what the Israeli's refer to as "Greater Israel" [Eretz Yisrael (עברית)].
Israel makes its land claims based upon religious text-the Old testament , Torah, Talmud etc. The argument as it were is only acceptable if we are to accept these religious text as equivalent to legal text.
The Israeli extremist and the Christian Zionists claim all of the Holy Land is rightfully belongs to the Israelis not the Arabs, not the Palestinians, not the Muslims, not the Christians.
International Law ie the United Nations insists Israel return to its borders prior to the six day war 1967.
But if we accept the Israeli argument that its real borders were and are defined not by men or International agreements but based upon the word of God then we must accept such views as found in other religious /Holy text whether Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Taoist, Hindu, Sikh & other Holy texts or oral histories including those of various indigenous peoples across the globe -all have their claims .

So the US and Canadian governments should return the land to the Indigenous populations from whom the Europeans stole this land.
Compare for instance the fact that Spain in its reconquista invaded Moorish Spain /Andalus after being driven out some five hundred years previously.
So if the Spanish Reconquista was a legitimate "Land Claim" then for instance the peoples of Mexico have a legitimate claim to a large part of Southern United States which was conquered or illegally sold to America by the Spanish who had stolen the land from the indigenous population.

Therefore we can conclude that the Arabs/Palestinians have a legitimate claim to retake their land which was only stolen from them some sixty five years ago.
The British Empire and the United Nations accordingly had no right to kick the Indigenous people off of their land aka Palestine.

But the Israelis like their ally the United States don't recognize International Law as applying to their activities.
All other countries are to operate according to the Rule of Law but not the USA or Israel or any of their allies.

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