Tuesday, January 04, 2011

US Ignored Torture and abuse of POWS By Iraqis & Hillary Clinton Favors Freedom Of The Internet ???

Anyway here's another juicy bit from Wikileaks -some of the revelations are not completely new but we now have more concrete evidence of America's crimes of commission and omission.

The US military and its commanders and the Pentagon and Bush Regime ignored reports of Iraqi police and other personnel abusing and torturing prisoners .
The US as the occupying force under international law is responsible for the security and well being of the country and its citizens.
US soldiers made over a thousand reports of abuse, torture and murder by Iraqi personnel. They were told no action would be taken unless US personnel took part. Which leaves us to wonder how many such abuses went unreported. We know the Iraqis held tens of thousands of prisoners some in supposedly secret facilities but known to most Iraqis.
So once again the US is guilty of War Crimes and Crimes against humanity.

So the brutal Saddam regime was replaced by a brutal American made puppet government

US general order FRAGO 039 -report abuse only if US personnel are involved with abuse and or torture
[ Leak Spin] WikiLeaks Iraq Torture Log [MIRROR]

Ray McGovern Julian Assange is a hero

Hillary Clinton a year ago was in favor of freedom of the press, freedom of association and the freedom of the internet but now not so much.

Censorship should not be accepted!!!- Jan. 21, 2010 Hilary Clinton
Hillary Clinton defends Wikileaks and protects freedom on internet

Jimmy Kimmel Live-Nov. 30, 2010.
Hillary Clinton Press Conference on WikiLeaks

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