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Tea Party Madness: Beck's "Hit List " Donald Duck, Nazis, Fox News & Jon Stewart

UPDATE: 11:28 AM, Jan. 26, 2011.

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* Thom Hartmann interviews Francis Fox Piven & why she is on Glenn Beck's " hit list"
* Jon Stewart Calls out Fox News for its hypocrisy on using the Nazis analogy to describe Obama and Democrats etc.
* Donald Duck meets Glenn Beck & Hate Radio
* Glenn Beck upset over Donald Duck cartoon
* Glenn Beck adds cartoonist to his evil progressives Hit List.
* Dana Milbank 's book critical of Glenn Beck "Tears of a Clown :Glenn Beck and the Teabagging of America"
* Mainstream Media reluctant to criticize Fox News when necessary -
* Fox News setting the tone for the media American politics and punditry
(hurling unjustified epithets and making stuff up the new journalism

Thom Hartmann interviews Frances Fox Piven who is one of the people on Beck's hit list.As was Dr. Tiller, the Tides Foundation, Gabrielle Giffords and others include Obama and all Progressives and liberals and their "fellow Travelers" etc.
Frances Fox Piven is an academic and is 76 years old.
The writings which Beck cites as being UnAmerican & traitorous are those she wrote in the 1960s. This is telling because Beck rejects all of the social justice human rights' movements for reform which existed in the 1960s.

Beck is pissed-off that minorities and women in the USA now have the same rights as white male middle class men. Next thing you know they'll want health care.
And for a populist it is rather strange he has a real hate on for the poor in America and the unemployed.

Jon Stewart Calls Out Fox News Nazi Hypocrisy by Katla McGlynn, Huffington Post , Jan. 25, 2011

On Monday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart chose to forgo a big segment on Keith Olberman's MSNBC departure (unlike like his counterpart Stephen Colbert) and instead picked up where he left off last week, with an expose on Nazi name-calling in Congress and the media.

Last week, Stewart had some strong words for Rep. Steve Cohen, who likened the Republican party's views on government-owned health care to Nazi lies. To his surprise, Stewart's comments were echoed all over Fox News, with everyone -- including Karl Rove -- saying Cohen should be ashamed of himself.

"If that guy is telling you you should feel shame, that's like Charlie Sheen showing up at your intervention to tell you to take it down a notch."

Although the majority of Fox News pundits spoke out against Nazi name-calling, it was Megyn Kelly who took it to a hypocritical level by saying that kind of rhetoric doesn't exist on Fox News.

As he does best, Stewart produced an impressive slew of clips showing Fox News pundits using Nazi comparisons, including Bill O'Reilly's mind-boggling claim that there's "no difference" between what Hitler did and what HuffPost does.

But he didn't stop there. Watch the rest of the clip to see Jon Stewart find more than just unfair Nazi comparisons on Fox News, but an instance of such name-calling within the same 24 hours of Megyn Kelly's comment, a Fox News pundit making the same Joseph Goebbels comparison as Steve Cohen, Fox News President Roger Ailes calling someone Hitler, and another Nazi remark on Megyn Kelly's own show.

"Well, Ms. Kelly," Stewart said. "Don't you look ridiculous now?"

Jon Stewart Skewers Fox News' Obsession With Nazi Comparisons via, Jan. 25, 2011

On last night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart played a hilarious clip of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly denying that Fox personalities frequently compare their political opponents to Nazis. Stewart then played a slew of clips proving Kelly wrong, but concluded that finding Nazi comparisons on Fox News as a whole is just too easy. So he put his staff up to a challenge: find someone on Fox making a Nazi comparison within 24 hours of Kelly's comments. As you probably already guessed, the Daily Show staff was successful.

also see TPM: Daily Show Labels Fox News Hosts '24 Hour Nazi Party People' Jon Terbush | January 25, 2011,

Donald Duck Meets Glenn Beck in Right Wing Radio Duck-by rebelliouspixels by Jonathan MacIntosh

Glenn Beck attacks creator(s) Jonathan MacIntosh of the Donald Duck meets Glenn Beck video.
Beck after perusing MacIntosh's website concludes that the video was made by progressives with the help of federal funding.
He suggests that MacIntosh is just a part of the Progressives/Obama administration propaganda Machine.
So MacIntosh is now to be labeled as one of the members of the all powerful secret/shadow government or cabal and therefore needs to be watched and if possible taken out.
So Beck reads from the website of rebelliouspixels by Jonathan Macintosh:

"Hi my name is Jonathan McIntosh. I’m a pop culture hacker, video remix artist, photographer, a new media teacher, consultant and a fair-use activist. I’ve also worked on numerous media and social justice related projects in the United States and around the world. In my spare time I help co-edit the blog Political Remix Video and I’m a member of the Open Video Alliance."

Once again he adds a critic of him and of Fox News to his "HIT LIST"
. That is people for his viewers to send hate mail to and to harass and if possible to dig dirt up on these individuals sounds like McCarthyism to me or McCarthyism by Proxy.

He once again makes no distinction between community organizers, progressives , liberals , socialists, democratic socialists ,Democrats and the COMMUNIST.
As we know fro his ongoing conspiracy theories that Communists , Socialists and the Nazis and progressives are all the same.
In Beck's terms this is a piece of communist propaganda paid for by the Obama administration.

Beck and others on the right including Tea Party Republicans believe Joseph McCarthy was right and that's why he was silenced because he had uncovered an ongoing plot of progressives , New Dealers and Communists infiltrating the US government to create a Stalinist or Maoist style state.
Note Beck is unaware that Disney cartoons were used in WWII for propaganda from Donald Duck to Bugs Bunny for the war effort.

Dana MilBank publishes book "Tears of a Clown" which is critical of Glenn Beck
It's Manifestly True That Beck is Dangerous -- He's Powerful as Well

Tears of a Clown: Glenn Beck and the Tea Bagging of America by Dana Milbank

More examples of violent rhetoric
O'Reilly Jokes About Beating Up And Beheading Dana Milbank

also see;

Fox News 'Nazi' Rhetoric Starts At The Top by David Folkenflik Via NPR , nov. 19, 2011

Fox News and NPR once again found themselves in the news Thursday, this time driven by the comments of Fox News chief Roger Ailes, who in published remarks referred to NPR executives as "Nazis" for terminating the contract of news analyst Juan Williams.

Ailes offered an apology of sorts, but his remarks were hardly out of character for the network.

On his TV and radio shows, Glenn Beck has attacked the Obama administration and its liberal allies as Nazis several times.

"You have to think like a German Jew [in] 1934," he said on his radio show on one occasion.

On another, he said on Fox: "Well, some believe that the idea of eugenics got ugly before they started gassing Jews and homosexuals."

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank has followed the rhetorical blasts and footage on Beck's show closely.

"A lot of it is the imagery — you know the Nazi banners, the Nazi parades," said Milbank, author of a new book on Beck called Tears of a Clown. "We've seen this movie before — as the Nazis march across the screen."

But Beck often pivots, warning viewers as well about a shadowy government in a way that some of his critics say evoke classic elements of anti-Semitic slurs.

The piece de resistance — by far — came just last week about the liberal billionaire financier George Soros, who is a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust. Beck called him "The Puppet Master."

"He's known as the man who broke the Bank of England. The prime minister of Malaysia called Soros an unscrupulous profiteer. In Thailand he was branded the economic war criminal," Beck said on Fox earlier this month. "They also said he sucks the blood of people."

Deborah Lipstadt, professor of Holocaust Studies at Emory University, says Beck is using traditional anti-Semitic imagery. She notes that the Malaysian prime minister cited by Beck had also ranted that Jews were behind his economy's instability, and that Beck even claimed Soros as a young teen collaborated with the Nazis in his native Hungary.

"I haven't heard anything like this on television or radio — and I've been following this kind of stuff," Lipstadt said. "And I've been in the sewers of anti-Semitism and holocaust denial more often than I've wanted."

and :

Fox News Is Outraged by Nazi Analogies--and Other Big Lies 01/21/2011 by Jim Naureckas via FAIR

It is bizarre to see Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly denying that pundits from her network compare people to Nazis--contrasting this reticence to Rep. Steve Cohen (D.-Tenn.), who said calling healthcare reform a "government takeover of healthcare" was "a big lie. Just like Goebbels."

In fact, such comparisons are common currency on Fox News and in much of right-wing media, as FAIR has documented (Action Alert, 1/16/04; FAIR Blog, 4/2/09, 8/9/09, 4/28/10; Extra!, 3/10). Fox's Glenn Beck, a leader in this trend, compared the auto bailout to "the early days of Adolf Hitler" (4/1/09), said that Barack Obama's plans to expand the programs like the Peace Corps were "what Hitler did with the SS" (8/27/09) and, when Obama said he was looking for "empathy" in a Supreme Court nominee, claimed that Hitler's empathy "led to genocide everywhere" (5/26/09).

The Washington Post's Dana Milbank (10/3/10), who wrote a surprisingly good book on Beck, did a count of how many times the Fox host had made various Nazi allusions:

In his first 18 months on Fox News, from early 2009 through the middle of this year, he and his guests invoked Hitler 147 times. Nazis, an additional 202 times. Fascism or fascists, 193 times. The Holocaust got 76 mentions, and Joseph Goebbels got 24.

Yep, the particular comparison that was so outrageous it merited in-depth examination on Fox News has been made on Fox's top-rated show at least two dozen times--along with hundreds of other Third Reich references.

For an added dose of hypocrisy: Bill O'Reilly (1/20/11) had right-wing talker Laura Ingraham on last night to weigh in on, among other things, the outrageous Nazi analogies coming from the left. Ingraham has a record of--you guessed it--playing the Nazi card while criticizing the Obama administration.

How does Fox get away with such shamelessness? It's hard to explain--if I'm not allowed to mention the Big Lie theory

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