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Tea Party Madness Revisited Faux Grassroots Gin Up Hate Against Obama Administration

The recent shooting incident in Arizona it may be argued is the result of the on going violent extremist rhetoric especially on the right in the United States. For the past two years or so going back to the 2008 election campaign the rhetoric has been beyond the pale by the Republicans, the Uberconservative Tea party movement and the UberChristian Evangelicals who claim to be a grass roots movement of average Americans to return America back to its "Glory Days".

But the movement as such was to a great extent created by an elite of rich conservative Americans who have joined forces with the so called American Christian Taliban . The rich promoters of this movement desire less taxes and more profits at any cost. They have little interest in the welfare of the average American. If they were so inclined they wouldn't be attacking the labor movement and health care reform and outsourcing jobs to other nations to increase their profits .
They are basically against all forms of government regulation and should not have to answer to anyone for their activities whether it is hiring undocumented workers or polluting the water and air or destroying the environment . These are the same people who want to flatten the Appalachian mountains to maintain their outrageous profits and they claim in order to make way for Golf courses and mega malls and parking lots.

The second major part of this movement includes Christian Evangelical conservatives who are in fact more radical and extremist than actually being conservative.

These self-righteous UberChristian Evangelicals want to create an America which no longer observes the principle of the Separation of Church and State.

They fervently believe America was founded as a Christian Nation and that its destiny , its prosperity is a matter of God's favor or not.

In their view God as it were created America and God can unmake America if it goes against God's Will.

They envision a Christianized America in which the laws of the land are based upon the word of God as found in the Bible.

Their view of the Bible is that as the Word of God is inerrant that is without error and is to be read in a literal manner and not as metaphor or as reflecting the views of particular individuals who wrote in a particular time and place.
That is that whatever is said in the Bible that is God's Law or "God Law" applies to all times and all places and there is therefore little room for individual interpretation.( isn't this what Islamic extremist say about the Quran and related texts such as the Haddith that any new interpretation is seen as anti-Islamic as an "innovation" that is something not sanctioned by God/Allah.)

According to these Evangelical fundamentalists and uberChristians even the preaching of the so-called "Social Gospel" is a heresy of the unChristian liberal churches according that is to the Christian TV Mullahs Glenn Beck ,John Hagee et al.

For instance because the Bible says to go forth be fruitful and multiply they therefore would outlaw abortion along with any form of birth control ie condoms the pill etc.

They are against sex education of course and would make even a rape victim or a victim of incest carry their pregnancy to term thereby punishing the victim.

They would outlaw pre-marital sex or extramarital sex and make divorce extremely difficult while locking up sexual deviants such as Gays and Lesbians or possibly even heterosexuals engaged in sexual practices of which they do not approve.

They insist that public schools once again have mandatory prayer and Bible studies and outlaw such liberal anti-Christian notions such as Darwinian Evolution and would demand all text books and literature used in classrooms and in universities adhere to certain moral restrictions and that they promote a traditional(ahistorical)view of American history . That is as a Christian pro-capitalist nation which owes its prosperity to God and the free enterprise system. They would also want the media, TV, radio, movie industry and the internet to abide by their narrow world views.

So this unholy alliance in America has been nourished by true believers and opportunists who care little about the prospects of America in a reality-based world.

As Christopher Hedges and others argue this path which these Americans want to follow can only lead to a form Christian Fascism or to a Christian Taliban style state .
And given these harsh economic times in America combined with its unrealistic foreign policy of perpetual war a large segment of the American people is susceptible to the 24/7 propaganda machine fueled by the Uberconservatives on the political right and the UberChristians of the religious right.

It is highly unlikely that these ubernationalists would be successful in creating such a Christian Fascist style state but in the mean time one way or another America is in for a rough time of it over the next few years.
For instance it may be that these interest groups have unleashed forces which they can no longer control unless they take action in a timely fashion.

Tea Party/Republican /Fox News Madness Redux

UPDATE: 12:01 PM August 9, 2009

Frank Schaeffer is interviewed on Rachel Maddow program.

Frank Schaeffer compares the mobs and hooliganism at the Town Hall Meetings of the anti-reform of healthcare Movement to Hitler's "Brown Shirts" before Hitler came to power. He argues that the fear mongering, hate and anger raised and hyped-up by Republicans will lead to violence & possibly assassinations of political leaders and possibly President Obama. These right-wing groups are anti-democratic and unAmerican.Unless the mainstream media and Obama administration and Obama supporters do more to expose these groups as extremists who are funded and backed by corporations which are really just out to protect their own interests than these groups will represent a real danger to America.

Are Fox News & The Republicans Trying To Get Obama KILLED?

August 7, 2009. This is a followup to yesterday's post. The rhetoric coming out of Limbaugh, Fox News, and the Town Hall Tantrums is only getting worse every day. We all know how this is going to end unless the Republicans tone it down and tone it down FAST.

Exposing the PR Firms Behind the Fake "Grass Roots" Anti-Healthcare Movement
Propaganda of Fear Mongering , misinformation and lies , bullying and intimidation and threats of violence. They are covering up who is really behind the Faux grass roots movement. The people behind the PR propaganda machine are corporate funded PR firms and operatives.

As Rachel Maddow suggested at that time that if you can check some of these groups out on line to get a better idea of what they are about and who their board members are and who supports them and who provides much of the funding for these organizations. These organizations are far from representing the spontaneous grass-roots uprising against Health care reform or other policies of the Obama administration.

Chris Matthews to "lobbyist" Max Pappas: "You Guys Are Frauds!" (08 06 2009)

(08 06 2009) Chris Matthews (Hardball MSNBC) to "lobbyist" Max Pappas (FreedomWorks): "You Guys Are Frauds!"

For more see my earlier posts 2009 on Tea Party Madness anti-Health Care Reform anti-Obama .
The same groups are also anti-gun control, anti-Immigrant, fearful of all Muslims including Muslim Americans and are anti-abortion anti-fair employment practices and anti-Gay and on and on.

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