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Martin luther King On social Justice

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*Martin Luther King and social Justice-economic justice

*WARNING All 637,000 WikiLeaks Followers Are Targets of U.S. Government Subpoena Against Twitter

* Obama and Mainstream Media's attack on Whistleblowers and those who publish leaked documents 

* From now on all Whistleblowers and those who aide them are to be considered "Enemies of The State".

Video honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Nina Simone with a remix version of her classic Sinnerman. from Yout6ube user Jimmydoe 2008.

Martin Luther King spoke out not just for Civil Rights But also  against the Vietnam War for social and economic justice . Unlike the  religious right and the Tea party Republicans he argued that this is what Jesus would do. He believed in compassion and the power of empathy emotions which it appears many of the  Religious Right  et al as we have seen recently in their response to the latest shooting in Tucson are lacking.

GRIT TV: Martin Luther king on respect for labor

More than forty years later the right to prototest , the right to dissent , the right of freedom of the press, the freedom of association, the freedom of information and other rights and freedom in America are once again under attack.

What adds to these attacks on freedom is the irony of a black president who is as relentless as the former president Bush/Cheney regime to shut down dissent, to shut down the freedom of the press, to acquiesce to the anger and vitriol of those on the far right who have now achieved some success in the last election.
The voices of reason are being shouted down by Mainstream Media and uberpatriots and the Obama administration who label all who dissent as being disloyal as being traitors and as being unAmerican.

President Obama was not elected to merely play the game as dictated by the "Elites", the rich and powerful or to acquiesce over and over again to those who insist on maintaining the stat quo no matter what.

So we have the spectacle of American hypocrisy insisting on basic human rights around the globe while attacking those in America and even those outside America who take these freedoms and rights seriously.

And so the Obama administration and the mainstream Media and the uberconservatives and uberpatriots for example have joined in an unholy alliance to demonize whistleblowers such as Bradley Manning and those such as Julian Assange & Wikileaks who take on the job of exposing the government's wrongdoing and its lies and propaganda.
The murder of tens of thousand of innocent Iraqi civilians was and is still wrong.
It is indeed odd that President Obama talks about compassion, understanding and empathy while raining down death on the innocent along
with the guilty.

No matter what sort of twisted reasoning is used by the Media , the Tea Party Republicans and the Obama administration to convince the American people or the peoples of the world that the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are justifiable the fact is that Bush and the Media lied to get America involved in another unnecessary war.

No matter what they claim the government policy of torturing thousands of POWs (detainees)at Gitmo, Abu Ghraib and a hundred other prisons is immoral and unjustified no matter what legal hair-splitting those in favor of torture are involved in.
While preaching about America's basic principles and its exceptionalism as "The shinning City on the Hill" or a beacon of justice this is far from being the case.
Once again the US military is killing innocent people who are depersonalized by referring to innocent civilian casualties in Iraq ,Afghanistan or Pakistan etc. as "merely collateral damage".

Keeping Bradley Manning for example in solitary confinement is according to International Law is in effect torture.
Once again we can argue that because Obama and Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are unwilling to pursue justice against the perpetrators of crimes during the Bush administration it leads defacto that torture is not such a great evil.

Today in America its justice system is no longer guided by such principles as innocent til proven guilty instead we are told that those who dissent are guilty until they are proved innocent.

There are those in America who glibly talk about the government assassinating one of their perceived enemies such as Julian Assange. So putting a hit out or contract on Julian Assange is seen by many Americans as justified even before being brought before a court.
So this leaves us in a real conundrum because where then do we draw the line.
For instance if one or a number of American soldiers having reported to their commanders about torture or rape or murder being committed by their fellow soldiers and they are ignored or told to shut up or find themselves being incarcerated if at some point they go to the media or even threaten to go to the media can the government or military or security and intelligence agencies just shut them up by killing them, that is have them assassinated is that now to be the American way.

So the Obama administration is doing what the far right would do and that is to attack whistleblowers and thereby send a warning to any would be whistleblowers in the future that no matter how injurious to the nation the acts of government employees are the government in power and its media echo chamber will not reward well meaning citizens but rather will incarcerate or assassinate them.

Now we are told that anyone who has spoken out defending Julian Assange or Wikileaks are all suspects -they are to be considered potential enemies of the state.

My advice is to follow wikileaks on Twitter and Facebook and if you can download as much of the so called secret files as you can. This insanity must end.

WARNING All 637,000 WikiLeaks Followers On Twitter Facebook etc. Are Targets of U.S. Government Subpoena Against

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