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Gabrielle Gifford 's Assassination :Mainstream Media Afraid to Take On Tea Party For Its Hyped-up Violent Rhetoric

Palin's rhetoric is decidedly militant. "We'll aim for these races and many others," she wrote on her Facebook page. "This is just the first salvo in a fight to elect people across the nation who will bring common sense to Washington. Please go to and join me in the fight."

From: "Sarah Palin's PAC Puts Gun Sights On Democrats She's Targeting In 2010" at Huffington Post , Jan. 9, 2011

Sarah Palin's Target Map appears even more ominous today than it did when first posted.

Another sad day in America.

Keith Olbermann Special Commentary on the shootings.

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It should be noted that the shooter was influenced by various ideological extremists from Karl Marx's Manifesto to Hitler's Mein Kampf to the works of Ayn Rand.

Even now after the attempted assassination of Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona the mainstream Media refuses to even hint at links to the hyped-up violent rhetoric over the past two years of the Fanatical American Talibanesque Tea Party.

Once again it is considered acceptable that the Republicans and tea party and Fox News, Glenn Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, Malkin , Bachmann etc. can say whatever they want about the Obama administration and about Democrats and anyone not to the far right . They can talk about killing individuals accusing them of destroying America . According to Glenn Beck 's stream of consciousness highlighted nightly on Fox characterizes all liberals, all progressives as being part of a leftist Marxist Nazi Hitlerian Maoist Leninist Rooseveltian plot to destroy America and to lock up all the Christians or should we say the Real Christian Evangelical Conservative Americans in FEMA camps to be re-educated or slaughtered.

Glenn Beck and others on the right don't bother to make any distinction between a Maoist extremist and some advocate who wants better health care for their fellow americans or who shows any sympathy for the poor , the unemployed or the plight of illegal immigrants or who dare defend Muslim Americans or the gay community.

They also are unable or too stupid or just plain vicious in making any distinctions between disliking someone's policies and demonizing the individuals and groups as being anti-American and by extension therefore in their little minds on the side of the terrorists and America's enemies which they see everywhere.

Remember Michelle Bachmann and Rep. King want to begin a witch hunt for pro-Aqaeda /Marxist/Communist in the US legislature and the government or in the universities and schools.

Once again as in other shootings by those on the right as in the killing of Dr. Tiller and others the media tip toes around the issue of hyped up violent rhetoric of the Tea Party and Republicans.

Is Palin's "Crosshairs" Map Relevant? Giffords Thought So by robert Naiman at Huffington Post Jan 8, 2011

Is the target map that Sarah Palin published, showing Gabrielle Giffords' Congressional District under the cross hairs of a gun, relevant to press coverage of the shootings today in Arizona?

Apparently, the New York Times and the Washington Post disagree.

The New York Times noted the map in their coverage today:

During the fall campaign, Sarah Palin, the former Republican vice-presidential candidate, posted a controversial map on her Facebook page depicting spots where Democrats were running for re-election; those Democrats were noted by crosshairs symbols like those seen through the scope of a gun. Ms. Giffords was among those on Ms. Palin's map.

But the Washington Post passed by an obvious opportunity to note it:

The up-and-coming lawmaker, known as a moderate Democrat who paid close attention to constituent concerns, had been singled out by Sarah Palin's SarahPac as one of the 20 Democrats on the ballot in November who represented states that supported Sen. John McCain for president in 2008. "It's time to take a stand," Palin's fundraising appeal said of Giffords and the other Democrats, who had all supported the health-care bill.

A search on the Washington Post's website for "Giffords," "Palin," and "map" turned up only two blog post references, in blogs by Jonathan Capehart and Joel Achenbach.

This is from the blog post by Joel Achenbach:

FYI, via Dailykos commenters: Giffords was one of the 20 Democrats who were elected in 2008 and voted for health care reform and were then targeted for defeat by Sarah Palin in a "takebackthe20" campaign that included a map showing each congressional district in cross-hairs -- as in a gunsight. Rather incendiary.

Achenbach subsequently parries somewhat defensively criticism for noting the connection - something that appeared in the Times in the main news story, not merely in blog posts.

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords certainly thought Sarah Palin's map was relevant to the threat of violence. This is what she told MSNBC on March 25, 2010:

"...for example, we're on Sarah Palin's targeted list, but the thing is that the way that she has it depicted has the crosshairs of a gun sight over our district, and when people do that, they've gotta realize there are consequences to that action."

This passage starts at about 2:20 in the following video.

Why didn't the Washington Post think the Sarah Palin map was relevant to their press coverage?

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