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USA Still A "Safe Haven" For Nazis War Criminals American Interests Come Before Morality As Usual !!!

UPDATE: 2:48 PM Nov. 27, 2010

Nazi, Ford
German diplomats award Henry Ford, center, with their nation's highest decoration for foreigners, the Grand Cross of the German Eagle, in July 1938. (AP Photo)

"During World War II, Mr Faber was a member of the firing squad of the Westerbork concentration camp, a member of the Waffen-SS and a member of the Sonderkommando Feldmeijer death squad." from Bavaria: Nazi extradition of War Criminal Mr. Faber requires fresh evidence nov. 26, 2010 at Radio Netherlands

an aside GORD: Belonging to these organizations was not mandatory and those who belonged took an active part in mass murder of Jews, Roma, Homosexuals, political dissidents and insurgents and anyone else who defied the Nazis .

“America, which prided itself on being a safe haven for the persecuted, became...a safe haven for persecutors as well,”

...the report cites several cases when the Justice Department officials were the ones who concealed the facts about the Nazi past of applicants for entry into the US.

from "The USA – a “safe haven” for Nazis" Global Nov. 16, 2010

The US defended and protected Nazis thugs who were War Criminals and not simply scientists who happen to work for the Nazi Party. Many of them worked enthusiastically for the Nazis. We know that the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld thugs themselves see nothing wrong with protecting such criminals but is Obama also going to defend the US decision to give aid and comfort to Nazi War Criminals . Or are we supposed to accept that because the events occurred some 70 years ago it no longer matters. One wonders if Jewish Americans agree with such policies .

The US government is uninterested in bringing to justice or just naming names of those who helped the Nazis whether they were scientists, industrialists , CEOs of US, British or German corporations such as Henry Ford,or George W. Bush's grandfather or Mercedes or Faber etc.How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power Guardian UK, Sept. 2004
also see: Books of The Times; Daimler-Benz and Its Nazi History By HERBERT MITGANG Pub: August 23, 1990 Mercedes in Peace and War German Automobile Workers, 1903-1945 By Bernard P. Bellon, NY Times

and on Henry Ford and the NAZIS see for instance: Ford and GM Scrutinized for Alleged Nazi Collaboration, By Michael Dobbs Washington Post, November 30, 1998

Three years after Swiss banks became the target of a worldwide furor over their business dealings with Nazi Germany, major American car companies find themselves embroiled in a similar debate.

Another proud moment in American history actually helping Nazi war criminals avoid justice Finally there is what appears to be concrete proof - not long ago to accuse America of such a crime was considered just a wild tin foil hat brigade Conspiracy Theory.And its another bit of history that Fox news will call a lie or find some way to defend even the indefensible. Blaming it on the Soviets and the Cold War or whatever doesn't really cut it. These thugs were war criminals who should have had to face justice.

This also shows the disingenuous public pose of the US governments concern over the Holocaust . Like the Vatican and other nations the US showed little concern over the fate of European Jewry. In the public they shed rehearsed tears while behind the scenes defending and protecting these butchering thugs. So America's posture as being a superior moral force in the world is once again shattered and shown to be mere nonsense. But what can one expect when American thugs such Lt. Caley of Mi Li fame or Oliver North who helped the so called Contras butcher and murder innocent civilians to terrorize the Nicaraguans to bring down a popular government the US did not like or the enabling of Death Squads in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala , Chile etc. In Iraq they let loose "Shia Death Squads" and on and on goes the American hypocrisy as Obama continues with the criminal and immoral policies and practices of the Bush /Cheney thugocracy as some have called it.

Secret papers reveal Nazis given 'safe haven' in US
A secret United States government report has offered fresh evidence that the CIA granted Nazi war criminals a "safe haven" in the US after the Second World War
. at the Nov. 2010

USA helped Nazis after WW2 NewsofAP , Nov. 14, 2010

The notorious Nazis and their collaborators were given a "safe haven" in America by the CIA after World War II...citing a declassified report of the US government.

'The New York Times' said that the 600-page report contains details of decades of clashes with other nations over war criminals here and abroad, and provides new evidence about 24 of the most notorious Nazi cases of the last three decades.

"America, which prided itself on being a safe haven for the persecuted, became -- in some small measure -- a safe haven for persecutors as well," according to the US Justice Department report.

The report cites help that CIA officials provided in 1954 to Otto Von Bolschwing, an associate of Adolph Eichmann, who had helped develop the initial plans "to purge Germany of the Jews", and later worked for the CIA in the US. (PTI)

The USA – a “safe haven” for Nazis by Boris Volkhonsky at global Nov. 16,2010

...Among the cases is, for example, the case of Otto Von Bolschwing, a former associate of one of the most notorious Nazi war criminals Adolf Eichmann, who masterminded and personally executed the plan “to purge Germany of the Jews”. Von Bolschwing, it has been revealed, helped Eichmann to develop the plan. After World War II he was granted access to the US and worked for the CIA. The report states that CIA officers were informed of Von Bolschwing’s Nazi past and even debated what should be done if Von Bolschwing were confronted about it — whether to deny any Nazi affiliation or “explain it away on the basis of extenuating circumstances.”

Another revealed case concerns Arthur L. Rudolph, a Nazi scientist who ran the Mittelwerk munitions factory. He was brought to the United States in 1945 for his rocket-making expertise under Operation Paperclip, an American program that recruited scientists who had worked in Nazi Germany. Later, Rudolph was highly honored by NASA and credited as the father of the Saturn V rocket.

The report says that Justice Department investigators found evidence that Rudolph was much more actively involved in exploiting slave laborers at Mittelwerk than he or American intelligence officials had acknowledged.

And cases like this are numerous. The most striking fact is that overtly the US officials have for decades urged other countries to prosecute former Nazi war criminals, but, as it turns out, covertly were using them for various purposes citing the “national interests”. The report reveals that quite a number of Nazis were granted free access to the US and later used for intelligence and other purposes, although government officials were well informed of their past.

“America, which prided itself on being a safe haven for the persecuted, became...a safe haven for persecutors as well,” says the report.

... why was the report kept secret for four years after it was initially compiled in 2006? And why, when sued by David Sobel, a Washington lawyer, and the National Security Archive under the Freedom of Information Act, the Department did provide Mr. Sobel with only a partial copy with more than 1,000 passages and references deleted based on exemptions for privacy and internal deliberations?

One of the explanations is simple: the report cites several cases when the Justice Department officials were the ones who concealed the facts about the Nazi past of applicants for entry into the US.

But actually, the reason is much deeper. The report clearly shows the level of the overall American (without any distinction between agencies) complicity and deception in such operations.

... It is universally acknowledged that the very notion of “human rights” is far above any political or other practical considerations. The US is trying hard to present itself as the leading proponent of human rights in the world. But the “NY Times” revelations show that when it comes to designing a nuclear warhead, or providing substantial intelligence data, or any other issue, much more earthly than the “human rights”, but bearing directly on the “national interests”, the very notion of “human rights” may easily be forgotten. The notorious “double standards” are once again at work.

...But the fact that America’s image has once again been tarnished remains unquestionable.

Germany and Bavaria refuse to give up a Dutch Nazi War Criminal now living in Germany. Ah the Germans still refuse to come to terms with their Nazi past. A recent poll of young adults in Germany seem to show that they have little or no knowledge of the Holocaust or worse still they believe it is all an exaggeration part of "a Jewish Conspiracy" to discredit Germany ??? -
Meanwhile in Germany and throughout Europe Neo-Nazism and racist and anti-Immigrant groups are on the rise. These groups are somewhat hysterical in their condemnation of various immigrants such as Muslims, the Roma (Gypsies) and other visible minorities from the Middle East, Africa or Asia etc. Odd that these are also associated with the vocal and sometimes violent European Islamophobes EDL & BNP & SIOE: Stop The Islamization of Europe etc. who are befriended by American and Canadian and Australian Islamophobes such as Pam Geller, Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch & SIOA : Stop The Islamization of America and David Horowitz, Daniel Pipes, Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, Michelle Bachmann and Laura Engles, Limbaugh, Beck and O'Reilly, Sean Hannity & Fox News and Rupert Murdoch etc. etc. etc.

Ah yes Nazi war criminals are still at large but most Europeans, Americans , Canadians etc. don't want to hear about it . Even those who claim to not be anti-Semitic and who believe in supporting the state of Israel unconditionally who will shed "crocodile tears" over the Shoah and yet erroneously argue that all the Nazi war criminals were taken care of at Nuremberg. They deny that the allies and institutions such as the Catholic Church helped thousand to escape justice by way of an underground railway as it were referred to as the "Rat Line".

Bavaria E.xtradition Of Nazi War Criminal requires fresh evidence,via
© Radio Netherlands Worldwide Nov. 26, 2010

Bavaria's justice ministry says it needs fresh evidence to consider a request from the Dutch authorities to extradite a convicted Dutch war criminal now living in Germany. Klaas-Carel Faber, 88, is one of the most important Nazi war criminals still at large.

"In 2004 the Netherlands tried to make Mr Faber serve his sentence in Germany. The request was rejected on the basis of a 1957 ruling, which dropped the charges against him for lack of evidence. To review the decision, the Netherlands would have to submit new and important evidence", according to a spokesperson for Bavaria's justice ministry.

Germany's federal justice minister, Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, has urged Bavaria "to look for alternative solutions." One of the options the minister recommends exploring is whether Mr Faber can serve the remainder of his prison sentence in Germany.

Bavaria's authorities are responsible for the matter because Mr Faber is a resident of that German state. Previous attempts to have him extradited all failed. The Dutch Public Prosecutor has now issued a European arrest warrant, a procedure which has not yet been tried.

During World War II, Mr Faber was a member of the firing squad of the Westerbork concentration camp, a member of the Waffen-SS and a member of the Sonderkommando Feldmeijer death squad.

In 1947, a Dutch tribunal sentenced him to death for killing at least 11 people at Westerbork and for assisting the enemy in wartime. A year later, the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment. In 1952, Mr Faber escaped from a top-security prison in the Dutch town of Breda and fled to West-Germany.

As a former member of the SS, Mr Faber was able to obtain German citizenship. Germany usually refuses to extradite citizens.

© Radio Netherlands Worldwide

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