Friday, November 12, 2010

BP & US Gov't Denies Health Concerns Caused By Oil Spill & Bans Building Sand Castles on Beaches

UPDATE: 2:50 PM Nov. 12, 2010.
The young Turks and Pro, Big Oil President Obama complicit in BP Cover-up
So Obama is not so much on the side of average Americans but like Bush and other presidents is on the side of Big Business including Big Oil and Big Coal. Make no mistake he is not a progressive except sometimes in the way he uses progressive rhetoric .

Government Covers Up BP Oil Spill Worst Case Scenario

BP claim victimhood because of all the bad PR soon thereafter the media stopped the frequency of stories and then none. All the poor rich people getting a bad rap just because they created a disaster
BP & US Gov't says" Show me the oil??? or Oil what oil ???

anyway we could speculate that Obama's poor performance concerning the BP oil spill helped him to lose votes and gain more for the GOP. Progressives and conservative were not just disappointed but were in fact angry about Obama's poor performance concerning the BP oil disaster .

Obama let BP run the show
by actually expecting the oil company would admit to such a major disaster
so BP lied about the volume of the spill
BP lied about health and safety issues concerning dispersants used.
BP lied about the oil/dispersant water columns hundreds of feet down near the bottom of the ocean.
Obama claims he didn't know that the oil company's emergency clean up measures were non-existent .

BP , US Gov't & Media ignoring or playing down health problems reported by numerous residence along the Gulf and by those working on the clean up .

Thousands getting sick and BP and US Govt cover-up or just indifference and back to "Business as usual after the biggest oil spill in the country's history.

BP OIL SPILL: Crude Awakening

update on BP oil from pcolagregg/ Gregg Hall -Pensacola Beach

BP Beach Clean Up Workers Digging Up Tons Of Oil On Pensacola Beach November 7 2010
TrueReporting | November 08, 2010

BP Clean Up Supervisor tells me that they are picking up tons of oil daily despite not being allowed to dig below 6 inches in the Fort Pickens Park...

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and no digging on federal beaches or making sand-castles

It appears the US government and the EPA , Parks authorities and Ghost Guard etc. are taking orders directly from BP. Well why shouldn't the Criminal not be allowed to be left in charge of the scene of their crime.

Is this policy or an oversight . Are these authorities from whom the orders come. Is it that for Public Safety any beach which has oil on it is off-limits . Not so much since there is in fact BP oil even on the beaches open to the public .Again it is for the most part all through the sand and much of it is actually a little more than six inches down.

And all seems to point to either Obama's indifference or his sell out to Big Oil - he's done little to ensure that BP pay for all future damages its spill has and will have . These CEO thugs squeeze out every dollar they can from their investment and will do all they can to protect BP's and Big Oil's Public Relations problem with little concern about endangering the health of thousands of American citizen.

Illegal to build sandcastle on Florida & Mississippi public beach! BP gulf oil spill coverup?
"Papers Please" Sept. 17, 2010 WEAR, ABC

BP OIL SPILL: Crude Awakening

BP OIL SPILL: Lab Finds 193 ppm Oil in Gulf Shrimp

Al Jazeera Nov. 11 discussion of the results made public

Inside Story - A 'culture of complacency'

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