Monday, November 15, 2010

Sharia Banned in Oklahoma Rachel Maddow & CAIR Rep On Rising Islam Bashing & Cenk of TYT's Rant

With the passage of the ludicrous anti-Sharia Law bill we can assume that the propaganda of Fox News , Glenn Beck et al and the professional Islamophobes is having an effect on legislation and policies on at least the state level but it is early days though.

Maddow explains that since a judge ruled against the referendum on Sharia Law that Oklahoma is therefore under Sharia ???- Not so much???

The Ugly American is back and on the rise.
GOP Politicians in their election campaigns stirred up fear of Muslims just to get out the vote.

Are they hoping for an American Kristallnacht in this case against the Muslims
Will they start making special laws restricting their rights and freedoms.
Will the Americans start rounding their fellow Americans because of their religion being incarcerated for the crimes one might commit- hasn't Obama said that he and the government had the right detain someone indefinitely just based on what they might do.

Muneer Awad on Rachel Maddow: “OK Ban Unconstitutional” Via Islamophobia Today Nov. 13, 2010

Video: CAIR Rep Discusses Okla. Shariah Ban with Rachel Maddow

And from Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks rant on the idiocy and irrationality of passing a referendum to stop Sharia law in Oklahoma where there seems to have never been a legal case in which Sharia Law trumped the State's courts.
OK Sharia Law Ban - Cenk's Takeaway on MSNBC

and from The David Pakman Show- nov. 9, 2010.

Oklahoma's SQ755 Sharia Law Vote is Unnecessary, Malicious, and Pointless

CAIR Video: Virginia Muslims' Passports Intercepted

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