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America's Dirty War in Iraq "Shia Death Squads" Trained & Supported By General Petraeus & US Government & Hate-filled US Citizens

UPDATE: 7:58 PM , Nov. 5, 2010

The War in Iraq has not been won by the Americans. They cannot win because the people of Iraq don't trust America or its military- they have watched as Americans treated Iraq as a Free Fire Zone and as the US unleashed "Shia Death Squads" on the Sunnis and while they unleashed shock and Awe tactics over and over agian flattening whole cities such as Fallujah as revenge for the deaths of four Blackwater/XE mercenaries. American citizens sat at home watching it all on TV and cheering each time a bomb exploded or as White Phosphorous rained down on fellow human beings So who is it has the mentality of a "Death Cult"???

And the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are no longer Bush's War or Obama's War it is now America's War supported by the American voters. 1,000,000 Dead and Counting -Americans for the most part are not hampered by feelings of guilt or shame over their ongoing slaughter of innocents.( of course they argue no Muslim or Arab etc. is an innocent)

Aug. 20, 2007 Liveleaks US Murder INC.

Let's begin with Cenk Uygur's rant after the disappointing results of the US Mid-Term election in which the GOP and its more fanatical members won a number of seats making the GOP the dominant party in Congress.
President Obama can be blamed for not pushing ahead with progressive policies because of his desire for bi-partisan politics. Was this just an excuse so Obama could refuse to carry out such policies because he too like the GOP is beholden to the Corporate elite and the super-wealthy and to the Military Industrial Complex/ including the Pentagon, the CIA, the FBI, Homeland Security and the Religious Right and the psuedo-liberals referred to as "Neo-Liberals".

"If the bums are not doing what you want then throw their asses out" or "Rip them down"
Cenk's Rant After 2010 Election Results

And another blow to the American myth of moral superiority to other nations .
American trained and supported "Shia Death Squads" in Iraq
Shia Death Squads used to butcher Sunnis and carry out "Ethnic Cleansing"
My main criticism of this documentary is that they seem unable or unwilling to connect the dots between the "Shia Death Squads" and the US military and the American government and possibly the American people who have such a prejudiced and bigoted views about Iraqi citizens . Many Americans have been so taken in by the governments and the Media propaganda attacks on Islam and on the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran etc. that they have come to believe that America has the right to kill as many Arabs, Muslims , Afghans , Pakistanis , Pashtan etc.

When considering this issue that often repeated phrase comes to mind : "That the only Good Indian is a Dead Indian" which was used during America's lopsided unnecessary genocidal conflict during the so-called " Indian Wars" when the American Gov't and military with the support of the American people ethnic cleansed America of its native aboriginal people til these people were no longer a threat and had little power over their own destiny.

Is the use of "Shia Death Squads" by the US military in Iraq or the US training and backing of " Death Squads " in other countries part of America's superior morality & its respect for human life. Over and over in various conflicts involving the US military and government there seems to be little interest in the "dignity "and "sacredness" of human life especially the lives of those who are not American or who are not Christian or who believe in social and economic justice which appear to be foreign notions to many Americans - for Americans "Life Is Cheap".

Doug Coe's Christian Family or Fellowship would applaud such actions and we know they have done just that. So it is no surprise that Hilary Clinton who has been associated with Doug Coe and other fanatical Evangelicals sees nothing wrong with the brutality by the Junta which she may have helped engineer in Honduras as her hero Henry Kissinger did in 1973 in Chile to put the brutal mass murdering Pinochet in power who was hailed by Americans as a hero as he had thousands beaten, tortured and then executed and thousands of others sent to secret prisons-

First from Democracy Now! Amy Goodman and America's Terrorist Activities in Iraq-nothing new they did these things in Honduras, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Haiti

YIFAT SUSSKIND "the El Salvador option" DemocracyNow!

March 07, 2007

Seymour Hersh said recently that John Negroponte was unhappy about the similarity with the funding of the 3-16 paramilitary death squad under his watch on the USS Honduras and the "El Salvador option" in Iraq.
Negroponte is either incompetent or preparing the ground for his now predictable "plausible deniability" routine.
Jim Steele is available for after dinner speaking ($15,000 + first class travel and accommodation).

Shia Death Squads Killing Sunnis in Iraq Part 1/4. To download visit

Shia Death Squads Killing Sunnis in Iraq Part 2/4. To download visit

Bill Maher as a typical American has been the latest American media personality to attack Islam as being a violent , brutal religion at its very core. But like many Americans he can't help but adhere to Western propaganda and its overarching Mythos which claims that Western Civilization may have done wrong in the past but is now above reproach. And besides those things are in the distant past centuries ago. Well for instance Hitler, Mussolini, Franco were all Westerners. Saddam, the Shah of Iran, Pinochet (Chile). Marcos of the Philippines and on and on is the list of brutes backed by the USA and other Western Nations mainly in the name of maintaining corporate monopolies at any cost.

Bill Maher like others has bought into the anti-Islam propaganda which is promulgated by the Professional Islamophobes such as Robert Spencer and Pam Geller. He fears that Europe is undergoing Islamization and that soon America will be targeted by the so called "Stealth Jihad" and the insidious "Demographic Jihad".

This is part of what is designated as Islamophobia in which Islam is attacked as being morally bankrupt and inferior to Christianity while Christianity and Western Democracies are defended as championing human rights of all of their citizens.Even though in America this is not quite true. Black Americans and Hispanic Americans are still not treated in a fair and just manner by the white conservative dominated power-structure. The Rev. Martin Luther King's sentiments and those of Robert Kennedy and Edward Kennedy do not represent the average American's vision of America. These illustrious individuals may have believed in a "Just Society" but most Americans are motivated by fear, prejudices and bigotry.

So even Bill Maher argues that the abuses of POWS by US and British forces though they have occurred they are in fact an anomaly .

But the records show that the abuse and torture of so called "detainees" came from the White House and the Pentagon and the CIA and was a very deliberate policy and became widespread in Iraq and Afghanistan. We also now know that under ambassador John Negroponte & General Petraeus this murderous policy also affected the Shia military and police forces who were being trained by US personnel in the use of terrorist type tactics including assassinations, summary executions, abuse and torture of prisoners and setting off bombs in Mosques, public places , cafes etc. in Sunni controlled areas in Iraq. So by unleashing Shia "Death Squads" the Americans could claim to have squashed most of the Sunni insurgency.

At the time this was taking place some journalist such as Robert Fisk and Seymour Hersh reported that according to their inside sources the Americans had unleashed these "Death Squads" and were encouraging the sectarian fighting as official policy though kept secret. As Hersh pointed out he was told by one general that Iraq had become a "Free Fire Zone" as Vietnam had become in the 1960s during the undeclared Vietnam War. During that war the Americans as usual supported an unpopular corrupt brutal anti-Democratic authoritarian Regime which also indulged in summary executions, assassinations and the use of "Death Squads" and the use of Torture. But as we know American foreign policy in Latin America and elsewhere gave free reign to brutal Dictatorships, and authoritarian Regimes such as in Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras , Haiti etc. America since at least the 1930s has been involved in this anti-Democracy policy of the use of force to crush any and all popular uprisings and criticisms of the governments they backed .

Seymour Hersh Describes "Battlefield Executions" in Afghanistan

May 11, 2010. Obama committing War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity just as his predecessor President Bush did.

WikiLeaks Founder Urges US to Investigate Alleged Abuse by Its Troops Julian Assange says claims in leaked documents yet to be investigated, as US faces UN grilling over human rights record by Mark Tran Guardian,UK, Nov. 4, 2010

Julian Assange says the US has not started any investigations into the alleged incidents detailed in thousands of documents published by WikiLeaks and has instead concentrated on tracking down those responsible for the leaks and on hounding his group.

Last month, WikiLeaks published 400,000 US field reports containing evidence that US soldiers handed over detainees to a notorious Iraqi torture squad. This followed a the publication of 75,000 documents in the summer revealing how coalition forces killed hundreds of civilians in unreported incidents in Afghanistan.

Assange made his comments ahead of a big diplomatic set piece in Geneva tomorrow, when America's human rights record comes under scrutiny before the UN human rights council for the first time. Every UN member is subject to what his called a universal periodic review every four years. The US is taking its moment under the spotlight seriously, sending a high-level delegation of some 30 officials to fend off expected attacks in a forum dominated by developing countries, many of them Muslim.

...While the US may brush aside attacks from the likes of Iran and Bolivia as highly partial, it cannot so lightly dismiss concerns from allies and friends. Britain, Japan, Norway have all raised concerns about the death penalty in the US.

"The UK remains concerned about the continuing use of the death penalty in the US, and particularly by evidence that the death penalty is administered in an arbitrary and discriminatory manner with an inevitable risk of miscarriages of justice," Britain said in a question submitted to the US. "Could you tell us what steps the administration is taking to address these concerns?"

Another pithy British question likely to make the Obama administration uncomfortable said: "Could you please outline the next steps needed to ensure the final closure of the detention facility in Guantánamo?"

Human rights groups have also piled in with their submissions. More than 300 activist groups, including Amnesty International and the American Civil Liberties Union, have issued a separate 400-page report claiming that protection of fundamental freedoms has eroded since 9/11.

"Human rights advocates across America have not only documented substandard human rights practices which have persisted in the US for years, but also those that reflect the precipitous erosion of human rights protections in the US since 9/11," said Sarah Paoletti of the US human rights network.

"Whether it is migrant labourers who are excluded from workplace protections, children denied education because of the school-to-prison pipeline, or women denied equal pay in the workplace, advocates feel compelled to bring their experiences before international human rights mechanisms because the US legal system has fallen short."

A state department submission in August, written after extensive public consultation, said American was a democracy guided by "simple but powerful principles", but admits to discrimination against black people and Hispanics and a "broken" immigration system.

The author of this next article argues that even Politico couldn't resist taking corporate money and shifting the editorial policies to suit their new masters ???
So has Politico sold out to Big Business and the Economic UberConservatives ???

Bought and Paid For by Russell Mokhiber at Common, Nov. 4, 2010

If you think things changed on November 2, pick up a copy of today's Politico.

Which I just did.

And it sinks it just a little bit deeper.

Fundamentals still in tact.

Before November 2.

Big corporations firmly in charge.

And after November 2.

Big corporations firmly in charge.

From Congress.

To the White House.

To the press - down to your local Politico.

The November 4, 2010 issue of Politico carries about 25 articles.

Not one of which deals head on with the question of corporate crime or corporate power.

The same issue carries about 13 full page ads - at about $10,000 a page - from big corporations and lobbying groups.

Bought and paid for...

...Perversely, the only direct attack on the Washington corporate power structure comes from a full page ad from the libertarian Cato Institute, admonishing President Obama for not eliminating federal programs we don't need.

It then runs a list of ten which Cato says "we don't need," including "military overreach."

"The Constitution envisions a U.S. military that ‘provides for the common defense' of the United States, not one that serves as the world's policeman and nation-builder. By withdrawing our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, we could save at least $125 billion next year. Eliminating other unnecessary, overseas missions would allow for a leaner force structure and defense budget, saving at least $100 billion a year without undermining U.S. security."

And another one titled "Drug War."

"Since the start of the federal War on Drugs in 1970, we've spent hundreds of billions on a futile crusade that's done little to curb drug use and much to impair our civil liberties. In fact, a Cato study showed that Portugal's decriminalization of drugs actually lowered drug-related problems. Returning drug policy to the states - where it belongs - would save at least $15 billion annually."

So, the sun did come up after November 2.

And it snuck on through the crevices of a corporate funded Cato ad.

and so it goes,

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