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Tuneful Tuesday: Tangled Up In Yoo & War Crimes From Afterdowningstreet.org

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If American war crimes are not prosecuted the neoconservatives in the end win the argument. And for Neocons and many Americans abusing & torturing POWs or anyone incarcerated in the USA or outside the USA by US authorities & officials is legal when done by Americans. But they cry me a river if any American a soldier or non-combatant is abused & tortured . You cannot have it both ways. It is somewhat ironic that Joh Yoo teaches international law when it is quite clear that he does notbelieve international laws as such do not apply to America or to put another way if a Regime in America or in other countries can find a slick soulless unethical lawyers such as John Yoo to find loop-holes in the law then suddenly international laws do not apply to that Regime whether its the USA or Great Britain or Israel or China or Pakistan or Afghanistan or Indonesia or Chile- So laws , legislation , executive orders , signing statements are just made up legal instruments by which a government , president , a Prime Minister etc. can do as they please.

President Obama by not going after these war criminals is admitting that legal instruments are purely and entirely inventions created by lawyers to give a cover for committing what otherwise would be War Crimes or Crimes Against Humanity .
Now if this is true then we are now living in a neoconservative utopia or dystopia in which all peoples and nations have the right to do whatever they want to as long as they can use their imagination and legal training and experience to twist the law about to create a cover for its actions . So the neocon world is one of constant struggle in which all countries are involved to gain as much territory as possible & no one has the right to judge any nation for what it does to its own people or to others. Winner takes all and screw the losers.

Tangled Up In Yoo

Margaret Flowers singing a song by David Swanson based on Bob Dylan's "Tangled Up in Blue." Protest John Yoo on March 19, 2010, in Charlottesville, VA. See http://hoosagainstyoo.org

It appears that Yoo and others in the former Bush administration do not believe that the US constitution or its amendments && International Laws on war crimes etc. do not apply to an American president or those in his administration. Believing in the Imperial Presidency and American sovereignty such international laws are a joke to Yoo and Bush, Condoleezza Rice , Bybee, Gonzales , Cheney, Rumsfeld ,Karl Rove et al.
Conservatives and neo=liberals who support these notions never seem to grasp that if Bush was given all of this leeway to do whatever he wanted to then this applies to any president including President Obama. So if Obama just wanted to force through legislation using signing statements & executive orders that is his right.

and some of Yoo's Finest or infamous moments.

Yoo as we see & hear is a slippery lawyer who doesn't even understand a hypothetical question:
The question asked is not that Pres. Bush wanted advice on burying someone alive but what would Yoo say if the president asked if doing so was legal or not.

Yoo seems to think he is attending a graduate seminar class where words are bandied about each participant changing the meaning of words at will & unilaterally.

Yoo won't answer whether Bush can bury someone alive.

John "Testicle Crusher" Yoo

Yoo Said Bush Could Order Civilian Massacres

John Yoo, the chief author of the Bush administration's "torture memo" told Justice Department investigators that the president's war-making authority was so broad that he had the constitutional power to order a village to be "massacred."

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