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"Tea Party & Sarah Palin Crazy Train " Beck "Social Justice" Redux And Media calls Glenn Beck The Most Dangerous Person In USA

UPDATE: 3:31PM March 28, 2010

SERMON OF THE WEEK-Glenn Beck on Pernicious evil "Social Justice"

Glenn Beck American Revival Tour March 26th, 2010; UCF Arena, Orland, Florida

Beck is arguing that if government is involved in protecting the health and welfare of its citizens when it comes to basic need Beck calls this pernicious socialism. He is against socialized medicine but also free public schools or any special aid being given to those who are physically or psychologically infirm-let the poor , the lame , the blind, the deaf, the insane, the orphan be left in the streets to rot until some well meaning Christian decides to help these people who are also citizens of the USA. Glenn Beck believes there are winners and losers so if you happen to be born into a wealthy family then you deserve that which you haven't worked for . The rich are to be honored as the "Blessed Children of God" and the poor the weak etc. are being punished or tested by God and no man has a right to interfere in this natural God ordained order.

New Moon Trailer with Sarah Palin
Jimmy Kimmel

and for the worst apology of the week:

Rep. Devin Nunes goes onto blame Obama's Totalitarian Regime for any anger on the part of the Tea Party Protester and their "fellow travelers". The Obama administration has been trying to work with Republicans for over a year yet Obama is still accused of not allowing any input or changes made to the Health Care Reform Bill as a result of their pressure. The Public Option or any move towards government run Universal Health Care which other western capitalist countries have no problem with such a socialist style policy. Its the same as objecting to free public schools as if education was just a privilege or an option when in fact education is absolutely necessary for the individual and for society or the nation and for a healthy democracy. For some Americans there is no way it seems to inform them what may have been considered radical in the 19th century today we take for granted ie free Public Schools, social assistance, food stamps, welfare or giving assistance to the physically or mentally infirm.

DESPICABLE! Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) won't denounce racial & homophic slurs

Media Matters' Eric Burns on MSNBC: "Glenn Beck is the single most dangerous person in this country" March 26, 2010
From the March 26 edition of MSNBC's The Ed Show:

Rachel Maddow interviews Congressman Anthony Weiner about America post -Health Care Bill - On the do nothing GOP and the danger of Tea Partiers & other conservatives becoming too stirred up by the ginned up rhetoric of the Republicans which may lead to violence. Glenn Beck and Limbaugh etc. are speaking in terms of a violent uprising, a new civil war to in their parlance to take back America from Obama's Tyrannical Totalitarian Rule.

Part 1 - The Rachel Maddow Show - Friday 26th March 2010 (26/03/2010)

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