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The Tea Party & Rightwing Extremist "Oath Keepers" Organization Feeding Paranoia And Encouraging Acts of Violence In America

UPDATE: 6:39 PM ,March 1, 2010

Focus on Paranoid right-wing extremists "Oath Keepers"
Click to enlarge images : Front Page of Oath Keepers website

Note on the front page of Oath Keepers website they now feature members who are African American we assume to prove they are not animated by racism or Nativism.
Yet their members talk in terms of International Bankers which is often seen as code words for the Jewish Conspiracy . They also suggest the country is being changed by legal & illegal immigration do they mean those who are not white or who are not Christian .The founder is a Constitutional Lawyer who does try to be careful about how his ideology and agenda are worded.One can only assume Oath Keepers are talking about "Real Americans " how ever that is defined.

This post is an update on a previous post in October 2009 in which I examined the Oath Keepers organization . See:
"OathKeepers: The Local Sheriff The Last Defense For Freedom & American Sovereignty" Oct. 26, 2009 at

Given the climate of fear and paranoia that has been stirred up by the Tea partiers and by self-serving snake-oil salesmen like Glenn Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity & Fox News it is becoming the perfect storm for paranoid right-wing Americans to come out of their bomb shelters and safe rooms to commit violent actions either as individuals or as part of formal or informal organized groups. Such as individuals in various groups social networking finding extremist paranoids like themselves who are then emboldened by the rhetoric which fills the media and the Net to take action believing there are millions who would support their actions.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in its investigation of the Tea party Movement found that the movement in general is a legitimate movement which does not support acts of violence or violent overthrow of the US government or the administration of President Obama. But the SPLC adds the caveat that there are extremist groups which have arisen out of the Militias and militant Patriot groups such as The Oath Keepers within the Tea Party movement which are using the Movement to recruit more members and to connect up with other extremists organizations across America. The fact that they take part in Tea Party gatherings and protests means that they can present their extremist views as being just another part of this mainstream Tea Party movement. Their ideology can then be seen as more legitimate and acceptable to a larger group of citizens. They are then able to camouflage & conceal their extremist ideology which is steeped in a paranoid fear of government which they believe has an ongoing active agenda to rob American citizens of their rights in order to achieve some sort of authoritarian or totalitarian system . They promote various conspiracy theories about the so called New World Order which is working with the United Nations to destroy the sovereignty of America and other nations.

In the video below by the Oath Keepers we are informed about their mission and their belief that American citizens rights are in jeopardy. The video is a rather slick piece of Propaganda created by the Oathkeepers organization . It is at once an advertisement and recruitment video for Oathkeepers. The video uses the Katrina disaster as an example of what government is capable of doing using the disaster as a cover or excuse to strip away the individuals rights. So was Katrina an example of a major government failure or from a more paranoid point of view the government used the disaster for a trial run on how to establish martial law and control large numbers of the civilian population.

The gist of this video is that Marshall law could be enacted at any moment as it was during Katrina and the police and the military would then be permitted to confiscate the weapons held by individual citizens. The government could then round up individuals whom the government believes to be a threat in some way to National Security or to the community or to themselves ie preventive internment . These prisoners could then be placed in the so-called FEMA Camps. The FEMA camps as such are an invention of the fevered minds of the more paranoid extremists on left or right. The Oath Keepers organization was created to inform and organize those who have taken an oath to defend not the president or government but to defend the US Constitution . The Oath Keepers are therefore trying to recruit members of the US military, the National Guard, the Coast Guard, police , firefighters and other first responders. The organizations mandate is to inform and educate these individuals that is to remind them of their "oath" and to be ready to take part in an insurgency or armed rebellion .

Oath Keepers Orders We Will NOT Obey Full Length Video

FAR-RIGHT THREAT?: Mark Potok & Bill O'Reilly on Oath Keepers

Bill O'Reilly Interviews Mark Potok About the extremist Oath Keepers Group - 02/17/10

Bill O'Reilly fulfills his promise to interview the founder of the Oathkeepers. O'Reilly in this clip appears as an almost rational voice on this issue. The Oathkeepers characterize the government whether under George Bush or President Obama as an ongoing threat to average American citizens.

Bill O'Reilly Interviews Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes 02 18 10

Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes on Bill O'Reilly. Responds to the interview from the previous night with Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center SPLC.

FAR-RIGHT THREAT?: Mark Potok & Bill O'Reilly on Oath Keepers

Stewart Rhodes On MSNBC - Hardball with Chris Matthews Part 1 of 2

Pt 2/2 Oath Keepers' Stewart Rhodes On MSNBC Hardball with Chris Matthews

also see piece on CNN about the Oath Keepers and their critics

Oath keepers Featured on CNN Guardians of The Republic

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