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Song "A Hundred Years Behind" Lamenting The Mindset Of The Republican Tea Partiers & The Growing Threat Of The Militia Patriot Movement in The USA

UPDATE: 2:28 PM , March 31, 2010

Here's a great song characterizing The Tea Partiers and Republicans as being at least a hundred years behind the times. They want to turn the clock back to when whites did not have to compete with Blacks or when they could insult black Americans and other non-whites or non-Christians without any fear of the consequences or "blow back".

Posted on YouTube March 30, 2010.
A Hundred Years Behind

Chris Caswell, Lyrics
John Lee Sanders, Music & Video Production. ©2010
ASCAP, Swampmeister Music

It was a Sunday in the park
When you uttered your remark
That kind of thinking might appeal to some
But it only made me realize just how far
That we haven't come

You complain and ridicule like you're something special
And when it comes to ignorant you are
Can't understand how anyone can think like you
As a human being you have lowered the bar
You can take what most would think to be a normal day
And turn it in to something dark and cruel
You color it with bigotry and think you know it all
And all you know is how to play the fool

What scares me is you can't see beyond the vision you created in your mind
It's been going on too long
You couldn't be more wrong
You're putting hope a hundred years behind

I've never released this song, because I wasn't quite sure where it would fit in the scope of my musical landscape. When Barack Obama won the Presidency, there was dancing in the streets for justice, freedom, tolerance, and a new spirit of Hope in America.
As the Party of No continues to endorse racism, intolerance, threats of violence and does nothing to curtail the extreme terrorist remarks of it's leaders and the spread of fear, lies and I realized I could no longer be silent. The final straw was the Texas School board deleting Thomas Jefferson from the history books.

Militia group membership is up 240%, one group was just arrested the day before I am writing this.

...We originally wrote this song as a condemnation of racism, but I realized that in these politically correct time, racism often hides in carefully coded words, used by the right wing media, and our elected representatives. The images used in this video are used to expose racism for what it is, much of it is targeted in fear against a black president, whose policies are not radical at all, but transparent, respectful of all sides, and bi-partisan.

A posting on NPR concurs: "From what I have observed, the election of the first [B]lack president has made it impossible for those who were sort of able to contain their feelings on race, almost impossible for them to do so. I do believe much of the anger and hatred expressed at the town hall meetings during his campaign, and at the political rallies now, and in the rhetoric of entertainers like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and others, and in the protestors waving signs with racial slurs, all of it, is the same mentality that did allow people to call [B]lack people n****rs, and allowed segregation and discrimination, allowed lynching and the acquittal of the murderers, and allowed open Klan rallies, and allowed Klan members to serve in Congress and on the Supreme Court, and allowed cops to command their dogs to bite or turn their fire hoses on people. How we see it being manifested today may be different, but the motivation is the same"

Militia members sound the Alarm and spread the news via radio and internet that they are all possible targets. These raids of the past weekend are seen as a vindication for their paranoia and their twisted conspiracy theories.

Group Think or "Cult like Thinking " can also be characterized by "Cultural Cognition" in which like-minded individuals gravitate towards one another or to organizations reflecting their beliefs and values

Militia groups issue an alert for all militias and Patriot Groups across the US. They were busy spreading the news while the raids were taking place. This could be an issue if these warnings or alerts are issued in a timely fashion it is possible that some extremist group could then elude the police , FBI Homeland Security etc.

In the below clip this particular individual or group use the film "Red Dawn" to alert their members that the federal US government and its agencies is on a witch hunt possibly to shut down all Militia and Patriot groups even those that are law abiding . The movie "Red Dawn" depicts a future America which is under siege by the Soviet Union or other Marxist anti-American nation(s). In the film Soviet or Nicaraguan troops are parachuted into America's Heartland where they are aided by a fifth column of American communist, leftist, progressive sympathizers and traitors.
This is their greatest fear whether reality based or not that the government may go after these organized groups first and then go after any individual gun owners. This they believe would be the first stages of a national enforcement of martial law under the cover of some real or invented national security crisis.

What the clips below show is how well organized these groups are at least in alerting all Militias , Patriot groups and individuals when some action is taken by the FBI or Homeland Security etc. This also leads one to conclude that these organizations may have developed an effective means by which to rise up simultaneously across America in short order if they believe it is necessary to do so.

Michigan Militia HLS/FBI/JTF Raid Special 3/28/10 Intel Report Pt 5/6

Orange Alert! Michigan Militia Raided By Feds. C.R.E.S.T. is Reactivated
Date: Sunday, March 28, 2010, 2:34 PM

Dear CREST members, supporters and friends.

I just received word this morning that there are raids being conducted in Michigan and that militia members are being arrested.

Google: militia militia raids , for more news

The CREST has been reactivated. Time to prepare to gear up if you haven't already. This could be the spark that we've been waiting for.

This is only an alert, not a call to action. You will know when it is time to act. The CREST doesn't have a leader or commander so don't wait for any orders. Tune into the news and let comon sense guide you.
If you haven't prepared your bug-out bag yet, now would be a good time. Lot's of good info on our site on how to prepare one also http://www.thecrest .org Check out the Preparednes and Resources pages.

I will Post any updates on this situation on my YT Channel.

In this clip a Militia member or sympathizer alerts his audience to the FBI raids . He is concerned this may end up a Waco style confrontation or the first signs of the Government getting ready to enforce Martial Law across the country.

Urgent!! FBI Waco style raid being carried out in three states!! Martial Law Coming?

Massive raids being conducted on militia groups! Michigan, Indiana and Illinois militia groups being raided. No details on the why and how of this news. Could we see another Waco style event happen here. Your Liberties are being taken!

ALERT !! FBI Conducts Raids On US Militias UPDATED!!

The disenchanted disenfranchised have a tendency like other societal groups to gravitate towards those who are like minded. In this way the individual's beliefs based upon facts or perceptions or fears are reinforced by the group's basic beliefs whether based on reality or misperceptions. To fill in the blanks the group mind or group think creates if necessary conspiracy theories and an us versus them mentality. In times of real economic hardship for the country such group thinking can lead to a sense of powerlessness apathy or resentment and anger which can be fueled by joining a like minded group or organization.

We could also see this as "cult like thinking" by which any facts which contradict the beliefs of the group are either discounted as unimportant or just ignored or are reevaluated and sifted through a further adaptation of an accepted conspiracy theory.

March 29, 2010 Carnage Along the Path: the Rise and Fall of the Tea Party/Palin/Christianist Movement and the Violence in its Wake at The Democrat Deal blog.

The socio-political monster that is the Tea Party/Sarah Palin/Christianist movement must first rise for it to be slain. The result will be a more vibrant, constructive and civil political environment. But at what cost? If the last two weeks are a precursor of what is to come, it won't be pretty...

While often characterized as such by the left, the TPPC's are neither wholly insane or racist (though arguably some of the former and much of the latter may be found). What may be said of those in the movement as a whole is that they share significant frustration, are motivated by deep-seated beliefs and are nearly entirely misinformed.

This is not just a matter of believing false or misleading information from talk radio, the internet, Fox News or one another. It is also a matter of gravitating towards and accepting as legitimate information and ideas that reflect deep seated beliefs, fears and prejudices. This phenomena, known as cultural cognition, makes beliefs specifically and perspective of reality in general impervious to fact or reason.

Topical examples abound. Climate change, for instance, is accepted as fact by nearly every element of the scientific community. Yet, there are those who wholeheartedly believe otherwise. The so-called "Birthers" believe Barak Obama is not a U.S. citizen. There are those who believe homosexuality is a choice made by the individual rather than the natural development of an individual's biology as shown in every major study on the issue. And there are those, as we covered in previous articles, who would claim America was founded as and intended to be a uniquely "Christian nation" despite the overwhelming contradiction of the U.S. historian community. In each of these instances, there are two clear factors. The belief in question is met with an irrefutable body of evidence to the contrary while it simultaneously reflects the cultural beliefs and perspective of the individual.

also see: The Cultural Cognition Project

The Cultural Cognition Project is a group of scholars interested in studying how cultural values shape public risk perceptions and related policy beliefs. Cultural cognition refers to the tendency of individuals to conform their beliefs about disputed matters of fact (e.g., whether global warming is a serious threat; whether the death penalty deters murder; whether gun control makes society more safe or less) to values that define their cultural identities. Project members are using the methods of various disciplines -- including social psychology, anthropology, communications, and political science -- to chart the impact of this phenomenon and to identify the mechanisms through which it operates. The Project also has an explicit normative objective: to identify processes of democratic decisionmaking by which society can resolve culturally grounded differences in belief in a manner that is both congenial to persons of diverse cultural outlooks and consistent with sound public policy-making.

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