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Glenn Beck's Hero Henry Ford Was A Rabid Anti-Semite Who Praised Hitler Part 1.

Glenn Beck has time and again referred ti Industralist Henry Ford as a great American Hero. Yet Beck ignores the fact that Henry Ford became a rabid anti-Semite. He used his publication "The Dear Borne Press " to spread the outrageous lies and conspiracy theories about the Jewish people. He also corresponded with Hitler praising his ideology and policies. Hitler later gave Ford a medal for his service to the Nazis both financial and moral by defending Hitler and Nazism in his publications.

What is interesting and disturbing is that Glenn Beck and others who are part of the Conservative movement have borrowed heavily from these earlier examples of anti-Semitism and the International Jewish Conspiracy but have replaced the Jews with Secular Humanists, liberals, Progressives, Feminists, the "Homosexual Agenda", arguing that they are a virtual Fifth Column which is joined with Muslim Americans and Non-European immigrants both legal and illegal.

Glenn Beck is following in the tradition of Joseph McCarthy, the John Birchers , segregationists and the pivotal writings, lectures and films of Francis A. Schaeffer the founder of the Religious Right in the 1970s & 1980s.

Glenn Beck for instance agrees with Francis Schaeffer that America and Western Civilization are under attack not by the Jews but by liberalism, or Secular Humanism. It is Schaeffer's and Beck's belief that liberals and progressives have been involved in a take over of the United States since at least the time of Teddy Roosevelt. They believe much of this attack has been done through stealth and deceit. "Secular Humanists"., Liberals Progressives have bit by bit taken over America's main institutions including the Mass Media, the government, the Judiciary, the Universities, the schools and even most churches in America.

Many of the Churches in America Glenn Beck has recently said are committed to some form of "Social Justice" which he equates with Communism and Nazism . These churches are involved in their own pernicious form of Social Engineering according to Beck and other Conservatives ie feeding and clothing and providing shelter for the poor while putting pressure on all levels of government to provide these services to the poor the infirm, the lame, the blind, the sick even the leper as part of the government's duty to help create a more Just Society.

Glenn Beck says that any government involvement in helping the poor the sick the blind the mentally or physically disabled goes against everything America and the Founding Fathers and the US Constitution stand for. This is why he and other Conservatives, the Religious Right, the Neocons are against any and all forms of Health Care being paid for by the government. If you are born disabled this is not Glenn Beck's or any other Americans' concern. Part of what is odd about this is that Glenn beck has a child born with a disability that is Autism. Of course he could afford the best professionals, the best hospitals etc. for his kid. But hundreds of theousand of other Autistic children are not born into families who could afford all of the expensive treatment needed from Psychologist who are specialist in Autism and the Speech Therapist and others needed to help such a child develops as far as they possibly can. So why would Glenn Beck want to deny other parents the medical and psychological help needed for the child and often some counseling is also need for the parents of Autistic children or other special needs child.

These conspirators have even attacked the institution of the Family and marriage through easy divorce, abortions, birth control, equal rights & opportunities for women and homosexuals openly proclaiming who they are while insisting they be permitted to marry and to raise children.


Anti-Semitism -Henry Ford & The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
& the Dearborn Press etc.

And at Crooks & Liars "To attack Obama's New Deal, Beck invokes Henry Ford -- the Nazis' friend" By David Neiwert Thursday Feb 12, 2009

That's a picture of Ford receiving the Grand Cross of the German Eagle, the highest honor available to non-Germans, on July 30, 1938, his 75th birthday.

That would be the Henry Ford who in 1920 began publishing The International Jew -- one of the most infamous anti-Semitic screeds in history. This text first raised to national prominence the notorious Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion hoax -- and indeed may have been responsible for its subsequent wide distribution in Hitler's Germany as well.

Speaking of Hitler, here's what he had to say about the speculation in 1923 that Ford might run for president:

I wish I could send some of my shock troops to Chicago and other big American cities to help in the elections ... We look to Heinrich Ford as the leader of the growing fascist movement in America ... We have just had his anti-Jewish articles translated and published. The book is being circulated in millions throughout Germany."

As the ADL notes:

Though Ford apologized for The International Jew and closed the Dearborn Independent, he later accepted the Grand Cross of the German Eagle from Hitler's Nazi government in July, 1938.

Ford also probably did more than any American to help build the Nazi war machine in the 1930s. As Christopher Simpson describes in his book The Splendid Blond Beast, Ford invested heavily in German jobs during the Depression rather than American jobs, setting up a Ford auto factory in Cologne and investing elsewhere as well. At one point, Ford's German division made plans to purchase an 'Aryanized' firm called Stoewer-Werke AG -- part of the Nazi program to convert former Jewish-owned companies into fully 'Aryan' operations. Ford's cooperation was touted by the Nazis as proof of the "global reach" of the worldview behind Aryanization.

Ford also invested in proto-fascist organizations in America. It was reported (but never proven) that he was a secret investor in the German-American Bund, which turned out after the war to have had an abundance of Nazi connections, including being basically underwritten by the Nazi Party; and he was a major supporter of America First, whose leading members after the outbreak of war held a gathering where they planned to lead the Vichy-style occupational government after the Nazis inevitably defeated the U.S.

The Religious Roots of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Twelve Steps by A. Orange Chapter 18: Henry Ford and Anti-Semitism

The International Jew was translated into sixteen different languages, including Arabic, and printed worldwide.

From France to Russia, anti-Semitic and nationalist groups eagerly bought up the publications of the famous American. A prominent Jewish attorney, after completing a world tour in the mid-1920s, stated that he had seen the brochures in the "most remote corners of the earth." He maintained that, "but for the authority of the Ford name, they would have never seen the light of day and would have been quite harmless if they had. With that magic name they spread like wildfire and became the Bible of every anti-Semite."

If The International Jew was the Bible, then to the Nazis Henry Ford must have seemed like a god. His anti-Semitic publications led many Germans to become Nazis. Baldur von Schirach, leader of the Hitler Youth movement, stated at the postwar Nuremberg War Crimes Trials that he had become an anti-Semite at the age of seventeen after reading The Eternal Jew (title of The International Jew translated for the German editions). "You have no idea what a great influence this book had on the thinking of German youth," von Schirach said. "The younger generation looked with envy to the symbols of success and prosperity like Henry Ford, and if he said the Jews were to blame, why naturally we believed him."15 One of Hitler's lieutenants, Christian Weber, boasted that Ford would be "received like a King" if he ever came to Munich.
Hitler's admiration for the auto magnate, the New York Times reported, was made obvious by the large picture of Henry Ford on the wall beside Hitler's desk in the Brown House. In an adjoining room there was a large table covered with books, most of which were copies of the German translation of The International Jew.

Henry Ford Unmasked at Last!! at Reformation.org

Henry Ford was no Oskar Schindler
Ford Motor Co. and the Nazi War Efforts ,Corporate Watch

The following is excerpted from a report printed by the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary in 1974:

The activities of General Motors, Ford and Chrysler prior to and during World War II...are instructive. At that time, these three firms dominated motor vehicle production in both the United States and Germany. Due to its mass production capabilities, automobile manufacturing is one of the most crucial industries with respect to national defense. As a result, these firms retained the economic and political power to affect the shape of governmental relations both within and between these nations in a manner which maximized corporate global profits. In short, they were private governments unaccountable to the citizens of any country yet possessing tremendous influence over the course of war and peace in the world. The substantial contribution of these firms to the American war effort in terms of tanks, aircraft components, and other military equipment is widely acknowledged. Less well known are the simultaneous contributions of their foreign subsidiaries to the Axis Powers. In sum, they maximized profits by supplying both sides with the materiel needed to conduct the war.

During the 1920's and 1930's, the Big Three automakers undertook an extensive program of multinational expansion...By the mid-1930's, these three American companies owned automotive subsidiaries throughout Europe and the Far East; many of their largest facilities were located in the politically sensitive nations of Germany, Poland, Rumania, Austria, Hungary, Latvia, and Japan...Due to their concentrated economic power over motor vehicle production in both Allied and Axis territories, the Big Three inevitably became major factors in the preparations and progress of the war. In Germany, for example, General Motors and Ford became an integral part of the Nazi war efforts. GM's plants in Germany built thousands of bomber and jet fighter propulsion systems for the Luftwaffe at the same time that its American plants produced aircraft engines for the U.S. Army Air Corps....

Ford was also active in Nazi Germany's prewar preparations. In 1938, for instance, it opened a truck assembly plant in Berlin whose "real purpose," according to U.S. Army Intelligence, was producing "troop transport-type" vehicles for the Wehrmacht. That year Ford's chief executive received the Nazi German Eagle (first class)....

The outbreak of war in September 1939 resulted inevitably in the full conversion by GM and Ford of their Axis plants to the production of military aircraft and trucks....On the ground, GM and Ford subsidiaries built nearly 90 percent of the armored "mule" 3- ton half-trucks and more than 70 percent of the Reich's medium and heavy-duty trucks. These vehicles, according to American intelligence reports, served as "the backbone of the German Army transportation system."....

Henry Ford wrote letters to Hitler supporting him and gave Hitler and his Nazi Party financial help. But Ford went further by using his newspaper the Dearborn Press to spread the lies of the notorious anti-semitic forgery " The Protocols of the Elders of Zion " . Hitler claimed Henry Ford,s views & articles in the Dearborn Press attacking the Jews inspired him.

Henry Ford was in fact fanatically anti-Semitic. Besides financing Hitler and the Nazis in Germany he also helped the fanatical anti-Semitic popular radio personality Father Coughlin who used his radio-program in the 1930s to spread the most vicious lies against the Jewish people .

For most people in Western Civilization Anti-Semitism up to recent times was just part of one's upbringing it came with their mother's milk as it were. To not be anti-Semitic at least to some extent was seen as odd. In the same way racism of all sorts and sexism and homophobia etc. were just part and parcel of our so-called enlightened civilized society.

What European Civilization cherished was tradition and conformity and the belief that Europeans & their ancestors were & are superior to all other peoples . This was and is an arrogant view of a narrow minded people.

Power, Ignorance, and Anti-Semitism: Henry Ford and His War on Jews by Jonathan R. Logsdon at ©The Hanover Historical Review 1999 Business & the Holocaust

Anti-Semitism has been described as being a disease of the soul. It is a prejudice that has gained particular notoriety in the 20th Century- the century of Treblinka and Auschwitz. However; this phenomenon of hate has not just been confined to the continent of Europe. In 1920, a small newspaper in Dearborn, Michigan began publishing a series of articles entitled: "The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem." The newspaper was owned by the famous automobile manufacturer; Henry Ford. Through a combination of influence, power; and ignorance, he was able to unleash the largest and most damaging campaign against Jews ever waged in the United States.

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