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Glenn Beck ' "Social Justice" Code For Both Communism and Nazism" & Maddow :Insurance Company's Record Profits

Is this the American dream :

* At least 50 million people are ill-fed -- up from 37 million just a year ago -- including 17 million children. Hunger in America is now at an all-time high,

* 30% of the nation's 50 million homeowners own a home whose value is below its mortgage balance, and this number could rise to an almost unbelievable 50% by year-end 2011.

* Despite the truly dismal 'real unemployment' figures with which most everyone now agrees -- a staggering 30 million workers and 19% of the labor force .

... for every earned income level except the top 10%, average household income hasn't changed a bit for 10 years, and that for the bottom 60% of wage earners it hasn't changed for more than 20 years. ... 90% of workers in America have been standing still earnings-wise.

Above quote from Our Dirty Little Secret:Who's Really Poor in America? By Leo Hindery Jr., Huffington Post March 9, 2010 "Alternet"

First here's a clip of Rachel Maddow talking about Health Care Reform and the outrage and fear mongering , death panels and now tossing Bill Clinton into the mix. I want you to compare what Maddow says with that of Glenn Beck on this topic One is a human being the other a cyborg. His whole philosophy or rather elitist mindset lacks humanity . He believes like Ayn Rand in not a workers paradise but a world which rewards the greedy the pushy the schoolyard bully forcing everybody else to do their bidding . How many millions does it take to keep these people satisfied -Beck makes 20 million a year .

Media matters Beck: Nazis and communists both backed "social justice" March 02, 2010

Short Version: :Glenn beck Social Justice-Code for Communism & Nazism
On his program aired march 2

Longer version if you can stand it -but he is either mad as a hatter or the master of Propaganda.
Glenn Beck clears up the mystery of Michael Moore's Politics headlines et al Michael Moore outed as a progressive communist or Progressively Liberal Communism ???

OMG!!!Beck discovers what was well known there was a popular Nazi party in America in the 1930s -he doesn't mention the half-million Klansmen march on Washington or that Henry Ford his hero was an rabid anti-semite who received a medal from the Nazis or that segregation and Jim Crow and lynchings were popular and women had just received their rights as American citizens though there was little protection from spousal abuse and prejudice and bigotry was quite acceptable so Jewish Americans were discriminated against as were Asian Americans and Latinos etc.

So Beck has added another rationalization or excuse for would be domestic terrorists in the United State to commit acts of defiance, civil disobedience and violence and if they do it is the responsibility of the Obama UnAmerican administration.

To most people the concept of social justice is a positive goal which leads to a more just society never perfect but always striving to do better. Most of us conjure up certain images when we hear the phrase "Social Justice' such as the abolition of slavery, the ending of the poll tax or that only men with land could vote or only white men that is and not women and not the poor, the ending of child labor, creating safer working environment for workers, the right to unionize and the right to collective bargaining, free public education for all citizens not just the rich or the middle class, the extending civil rights to all Americans no matter their gender, their color or status or religion or lack thereof or their sexual orientation etc.

For instance Glenn Beck implies that Martin Luther King Jr. and other social reformers are unAmerican and at heart are communists who must be exposed for who they really are and the pernicious ideology which they support.
In his view anyone who believes that the average consumer has rights when purchasing goods and that companies, corporations, advertisers must be held accountable if they sell shoddy or even dangerous goods. According to Beck for instance if one buys a car if it turns out to be defective too bad-"Caveat Emptore" let the buyer be ware.

Beck argues that the term "Social Justice" may sound good but it is he believes a concept which is used as a tool or ruse to deceive the naive unsuspecting masses to buy into a pernicious ideology which can undermine America's traditional values and its political system as it was conceived by the architects and founding fathers of America as a sovereign entity. Beck therefore argues that the concept of "Social Justice" leads to bigger governments which are then involved in all aspects of a citizens life and this leads to the destruction of individualism , self-reliance , personal responsibility. Glenn Beck equates "Social Justice" (or conflates it) with Progressivism, liberalism, secular Humanism which all lead to Communism and Nazism- the twin children of evil Progressivism.

According to Beck and his revisionist history Karl Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pott, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara , Ho Chi Min, FDR, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King JR., President Johnson, Robert Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, Hugo Chavez, the Clintons,and President Obama have all played their parts forwarding their "Social Justice Agenda" which is really code for creating an overarching Totalitarian state. Beck believe America is on the verge of becoming such a state if the "Real Americans" do not wake up and take action against the current regime.

Glenn Beck tells his audience they must be more vigilant to root out this great evil by any and all means necessary. So get ready for the Revolution or is it the Counter Revolution. To begin he says if they hear their pastor or rabbi or other religious figures use the term "Social Justice" in a positive manner during services or on the church's website it is their duty to complain about and if nothing is done they must leave that evil pernicious church.

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