Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Glenn Beck And The Uberconservatives In Pictures

From Ayn Rand Devotee Pam Geller at her website Atlas Shugs
She is anti-Muslim and one of the leading Islamophobes
Geller and others believe it is the greatest insult there is to label Obama or anyone a "Muslim" it is in their minds equivalent to calling him a Nazi, Communist or the Anti-Christ.

The Nazarene aka Jesus Christ Son o'God The Way Conservatives Imagine Him
Glenn Beck, Pam Geller , Newt Gingrich, Michelle Bachmann , Rush Limbugh, Col. West and other Uberconservatives and Republicans and members of the Religious Right the Evangelical Pentecostal Christian Fundamentalist & the third Wave argue that even Jesus Himself would be against Health Care Reform and if America went to a system of Universal Health Care God would SMITE them and destroy America.
Doug Coe the head of the Christian Fascist anti-Democracy Bizarre religious group The Family admires Hitler, Stalin, Mao ,Pinochet, Pol Pott and other dictators who know that liberals and progressives can only be neutralized by as Glenn Beck says Eradicating Them!!!

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