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GOP & Tea Partiers Vow Revenge Over Health Care Bill & Using Talking Points From Extremist Lyndon Larouche

Update:1:55 PM
March 23,2010

Republicans & Tea Partiers and their elitist racist friends hurl insults, epithets at Congressmen as they stir the pot hoping for Civil War or What???
Will Obama learn from this experience that the Republicans never wanted to cooperate from day one of Obama's Presidency. So he had the choice to accomplish what he promised or remain a lame duck president. Time for Obama to stop all this nonsense about bipartisnism and realize these obstructionists the Republicans see him and his administration as the Enemy. George W. Bush just ignored or viciously attacked those who disagreed with him calling them traitors..
The Young Turks Tea Party Protestors Hurl Racial and Sexual Slurs at Congressmen

According to polls at least 60% of Americans were not happy with the status quo of the Health Care & Health Insurance Industry yet Republicans claim this fact is not true or is of no interest to them since they don't represent the people as much as they do Corporate America. They are not in favor of anything that might cut into the profits of Corporate America including the Health Care and Health Insurance industry.

Cenk Yugur of The Young Turks pokes holes in the arguments of the Republicans concerning the Health Care bill passed on Sunday.
Next it should be pointed out that when Bush & Republicans were in power they rammed through one piece of legislation after another and anyone who objected was deemed to be unPatriotic or Un American so many Republicans and some Democrats lined their pockets with Bribes from the thousands of Lobbyists in Washington.

Republicans Strike Back on Health Care

"Tea partiers vow revenge over health overhaul" By BRENDAN FARRINGTON (AP)

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Tea party activists aren't just angry that Democrats passed a major health care overhaul, they are out for revenge.

They do not see passage of the landmark reforms that usher in near-universal medical coverage as the end of the debate. Tea partiers instead vow to support attorneys general who plan a lawsuit seeking to declare the law unconstitutional. They are demanding the bill be repealed or not funded and want to kick out of office all supporters of the measure.

So far, the nascent movement has almost reveled in its rebellious and grass roots nature and has avoided becoming as much a part of the establishment as the Republican and Democratic parties. But some tea party organizers see the health care debate as a galvanizing force that could stir its followers to greater action and something to rally around with midterm elections this year.

In states across the country, tea party groups planned protests and vowed to target any congressional member who supported the measure passed Sunday night.

"There's going to be a whole, all-out effort for an Election Day onslaught," said Michael Caputo, a public relations consultant who works with tea party activists on the national level, as well as in Florida and New York. "The health care process has been an incendiary issue for the tea party organizations since Day 1. Losing that vote is going to inflame them more."

reposting yesterday's post March 22 which is now part of today's post March 23 in case you missed it - Making sure everyone has time to reread about the insanity of the Tea Party Movement the Neocons , the Far Religious Right and Their would be Furher Glenn Beck.

Another Racist Sign Attacking Obama's Health Care Reform Bill
The conservative pundits, tea Party organizers , Fox News report no such signs were seen by them nor did they hear racial epithets and other insults hurled at Democrats & the pro-health care demonstators-These Uberconservatives lie with no problem at all since they argue they are in the right they will defeat or undermine Obama every chance they can.

NOTE: My Server was doing maintenance last night which may have resulted in my blog being inaccessible & it affected my editing--

"It is not necessary to wear brown shirts to be a fascist," LaRouche once wrote. "It is simply necessary to be one!"

...The extent to which LaRouche's ideas actually penetrated mainstream politics.. is evident in the 1986 California battle over Proposition 64. Although the LaRouchian-sponsored proposal to quarantine AIDS patients was ultimately defeated by voters, the measure--which...echoed Hitler's Mein Kampf proposal to quarantine syphilis patients--successfully reframed the mid-1980s debate about AIDS.

"People called it a 'humiliating defeat' for LaRouche,I regard it as a stunning victory: Over 2 million people voted to quarantine a hated minority--and they did it knowing the measure was sponsored by dangerous extremist Lyndon LaRouche. It showed the radical right how to make previously unacceptable ideas palatable--how gradually to make an unacceptable idea discussable and entirely conceivable."
From: The LaRouche legacyAUTHOR LIFTS VEIL ON LYNDON LaROUCHE Traces extremist's rise to power and influence By SARA FRANKEL, San Francisco Examiner, Sunday, August 27, 1989

Screen shot of Lyndon Larouche website note the attacks on President Obama -Obama as Hitler- question of the day Did Lyndon Larouche anti-Obama conspiracy theories pre-date Glenn Beck's attacks on Obama.
It is now difficult to distinguish between the extremist like Lyndon LaRouche and the GOP , the Republican Party, the Tea Partiers, the Patriot groups and the Minutemen and groups such as "The Army of God".

UPDATE: 2:18 PM, march 22, 2010

NEWS FLASH: hot off the wires Glenn Beck looks like he's going show us an example of "Spontaneous Combustion" he's so angry.

and Beck responds to the passage of the health Care Bill with lots of anger violent rhetoric shouting & frothing at the mouth telling Progressives to bring It On claiming the Obama administration and The Progressives have now crossed a line and now the silent majority have been awakened and will take back their country from these usurpers:
Beck & Fellow Travelers are not going to allow for Health Care Reform that might actually help out those in need. Glen basically say s F*** the poor, the lame, the sick, the blind the lepers
Glenn Beck: We're gonna do some old fashioned ass kicking come November March 22

Rep. Nunes spreading the lies and propaganda attacks President Obama arguing that it is Obama's fault that the Tea Party crowd is unruly and calling Dems N***R & F**T and spitting on them because Nunes claims Obama is in fact using Totalitarian Tactics to pass the Health Care Reform bills.

Rep. Nunes On Epithets: When You Use Totalitarian Tactics, People Act Crazy

and so the GOP & Tea Party show their hatred and disdain for anyone in favor of Health Care Reform even if they are lame or crippled by a disease .
So we see what they do when confronted by someone negatively impacted by the Health Care system as it now exists in the USA. Odd since they complain that Obama was going to kill old people and the lame & the sick .Instead their solution is just to deny health care to those who need it most . Is there a line which these crazies will not cross .

And who said it first Glenn beck or American Nazi Lyndon LaRouche

Glenn Beck on Progressivism Part 4

In attempting to understand Glenn Beck and other Rightwing Media personalities we need to understand the Radical Right & Religious Right or currently the Republicans since these groups have become mixed and interchangeable . Is this for lack of a better term Uberconservative movement on the rise in the US or is it in its last desperate death throws and so lashing out before it becomes inconsequential.

Given the on going ratcheting up of the rhetoric in just the past couple of weeks I don't believe it is a dying movement but rather it is if you like morphing into something else which may be more focused and more dangerous.

These voices have become more strident combining their fear and hatred of Big Government which they see expanding combined with what they see as the crisis of illegal-immigration and America going in the wrong direction as its traditional values are being undermined and replaced by UnAmerican and anti-Christian Values of the "Liberals", "Secular Humanists", the Radical Left and Socialists and Feminists and the Gay agenda so their America is under siege and action must be taken but the concern is can they wait until the November election 2010 or the general election of 2012.

Relation between American Eugenics, socialism, Hitler ,Nazi & Obama
Public health in Nazi Germany
Life unworthy of life
Glenn Beck: Eugenics, Progressives, Hitler, The Economy & Barack Obama [1/2]

And for educational purposes I have posted this video made by Lyndon LaRouche

The ideology and conspiracy theories of the radical Lyndon LaRouche it seems have found fertile ground in the GOP and their fellow travelers. So there is almost no distinction to be made between the GOP and the most radical conservatives . And more recently they have also openly embraced the the radical John Birchers who are still anti-floridation of water as a plot against American citizens by the Reds..

see; LaRouche Political Action Committee

watch a bit of the video first five minutes but can you see any difference between what Glenn Beck is spouting the same invented conspiracy theories a bit shock and awe propaganda rabble rousing. He also borrowed some of his schtick from Father Coughlin or Henry Ford .
Obama's Health Care Policy: Hitler's T-4

The "health care reform" of President Barack Obama is an exact copy of Adolf Hitler's Nazi T-4 board, set up to deny care and kill off undesired sections of the population. This policy must be stopped... even if that requires Obama's impeachment for crimes against humanity.

See earlier post at Gord's Poetry Factory on Glenn Beck & Lyndon Larouche and the Tea Partiers & the GOP.

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Glenn Beck 's Hate Project: "Madman" " Prophet Of Doom" or " Professional Agitator" Part 2

This is becoming part of politics and business as usual in the United States. Name calling signs that say a gun could take care of the Democrats and president Obama. Yes this is a lot like what happened during the Civil Rights movement first disrespect for the government in Washington and for anyone who disagrees with them which might lead to violence or at least a nasty campaign.

anyway things have gotten ugly in the US over health care so this is a good time to revisit a blast from the past by Rachel Maddow talking about the crazy conspiracies promoted by the GOP and their radio and TV propagandist are hatching to see which ones have legs .

Republicans Invent "Obama Plans to Kill Old People" Anti-Healthcare Conspiracy Theory
July 29 2009

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note Beck also attacks the song "This Land Is Your Land" by Woody Guthrie as a Commie propaganda . He fails to mention that Woody Guthrie and other folk singers of his time were blacklisted because he dared to question America's values.

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