Friday, March 19, 2010

"Avatar " Spreading Satanism & Christian Taliban "God's Next Army" & Patrick Henry College Preparing For A Theocracy

It seems some us missed the main theme of the film Avatar which is that it is an anti-Christian blockbuster to win a whole generation to Demon worship. He equates any form of paganism and the Asianisms (that is the spiritual and wisdom teachings of Asian philosophers or priests).
So he attacks Paganism and all of Asia as being in the realm of the Demonic forces or something. So he insults Shintoism, Buddhists ,Taoist ( Lao Tzu ), Confuscius , Hinduism etc. This also means any American who are members of these religions whether born into it or by choice are teaching these pernicious lies to others and even to their children . These religion's theological, metaphysical, spiritual , and philosophical teachings are not just different or mistaken doctrine but are in fact working for the other side the Demons, Satan, the antiChrist & the principalities so need to be converted or what ? Killed or enslaved as the Old Testament preaches.
Sometimes these preachers they just make it up as they go along like Rev. Jeremiah Wright or Lou Engle of the Call etc.
AVATAR Most Demonic Paganism Advertisement Ever

Patrick Henry College an arm of the Republican Party and the Politically active Extreme Religious Right. Activist and Community organizer . 9the very things Uberconservatives / Tea Party Folks/Glenn Beck et al criticize President Obama for that his years spent as a community organizer.
Serving the Church and God and Nation last.

Creating Robotic Closed Minded Theocrats who can't understand why the United States is not committed to Biblical law or God's Law
Patrick Henry College is a continuation of the education/indoctrination for these young Christians . Most of the students at Patrick Henry did not go to the Godless Public Schools but were home-schooled. So Patrick Henry College has been set up to to ensure these students are not tempted by the corrupt culture and government.
All that they learn is just a means to an end that is to eventually make America into a Theocracy.These Christian student are being trained to be activist to push for the Evangelical Fundamentalist agenda.

For instance the science curriculum includes heavy doses of Creationism and Intelligent Design. As one student says there is a difference between "Good Science" -so far so good but then she goes on about how the earth was transformed a few thousand years ago by the Great Flood as told about Noah in the Bible. So because the Bible says there was a world wide flood therefore it is bad science and sacrilegious to argue otherwise. The Fossils are therefore only a few thousand years old but created by extreme forces caused the flood .

So Bad science we are told is anything which contradicts the Bible. The Islamic Taliban and other religious extremist would make a similar case. If it is not in Qur'an or the Hadiths then it is either untrue or unimportant to be bothered delving into. This of course is the opposite of what higher education and scholarly pursuits are supposed to be about.
The entirety of the colleges curriculum is colored by Uberconservative Evangelical Fundamentalism

Your brain on religion - God's Next Army 2 of 2 [Quick Doc - 16 mins]

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