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Glenn Beck "Social Justice" Fail & Attacks Bruce Sprinsteen For His UnAmerican Commie Song " Born in the Usa"

UPDATE: 12:05 PM March 18, 2010

Militant Christians using the rhetoric of war but do they mean business if you watch Lou Engle & Ron Luce etc. they sure are exited by the coming religious war or is it already here. Engle and Luce believe that this younger generation is the last generation before a total world-wide war will be fought as Christianity takes its true place as the worlds only true religion . At other times these preachers who seem to know God intimately all God's private thoughts are known to them. There's no great mystery if there ever was or are these preachers more in tune with their God because its near the Biblical prophecies are fulfilled.

Odd that the kids arm movements remind one of Madonna or Michael Jackson or Britney Spears-using and adapting parts of the culture to in the end undermine it -there will only be songs and art which reflects the love of God (add German accent here.) Taliban anyone.

First here's a music video from The Army Of God "On the March Again"

Glenn Beck twenty years after the fact discovers that Bruce Springteen's song Born in the USA is a critique of America and does not praise America . The song is centered around a Vietnam vet who finds he cannot get proper treatment for his psychological problems brought on by his experiences in war torn Vietnam. He finds most Americans are indifferent to his experiences or his needs.

And of course as we know from the experience of Vets coming from Iraq are often treated no better than they were over twenty years ago returning from Vietnam. Conservatives get really upset when anyone dares to tell the truth about the Vietnam War or the Iraqi war & occupation of the country by the USA. Conservatives wear their patriotism on their sleeves and are always insisting everyone support the troops.

But it is a different story when the troops insists they should be getting a salary which reflects the value they are to their nation. Conservatives again become more concerned with the bottom line to be spent helping them when they are returning to civilian life or to have their physical & psychological needs taken care of then those soldiers who complain suddenly Beck et al turn on them saying they are ingrates & whiners and UnAmerican for they are not according to Glenn Beck et al "Real Loyal & Patriotic Americans".

Or as Glenn Beck would say that the government has no responsibility to look after these soldiers because that would amount to socialism, as in "Social Justice" which is code for communism and Fascism. So if thousands of Vets are homeless and live under bridges or kill themselves or others that's just too bad because what do they want handouts like those given to soldiers after the Second World War in the 1940s and 1950's GI Bill that's just code for communism. THe GI Bills helped vets to return to school or University and for other retraining programs plus money to help them purchase a decent house. Glenn Beck says anyone giving out that money or receiving it is a Commie who should have been arrested or lynched or kicked out of the United States.

Does Beck realize that a large portion of the people who later did well for themselves were given that boost up by what he calls the Evil Commie Governments of Harry S.Truman, ( # The GI Bill (passed in 1944) provided assistance to veterans for college tuition and to buy houses with low-interest mortgages.
# Eighty-five percent of new houses were constructed outside of central cities.
# Automobiles and highways became essential for the "American Dream." )

This would never have happened if Glenn Beck had his way. The suburbs would not have grown and flourished- men without work would be left with nothing after unemployment and inflation sky-rocketed .
It's unfortunate that most Americans forget that government interference lessened the hardships for the whole country. But Beck only cares about the highly successful not those who spend their lives who work at one sort of mind numbing job or another or who are paid considerably less than what they are worth to a business, company corporation or even government.

The thing of it is is that there is only so much pie to go around and if ten percent have 80% of the pie everybody else has to fight over what's left the 20% of the pie. As for trickle down economics it is as we now see just nonsense to keep average Americans from fighting for what they deserve.

Glenn Beck Attacks Bruce Springsteen

Does Glenn Beck think the Churches were wrong to come out in support of abolishing slavery and abolishing child labor or later fighting Segregation & for Equal Rights. Does he pine for the good old days of segregation or making Lynching a crime in America in 1949 or bring back slavery or reintroduce serfdom. We know the Uber-Conservatives are always bringing these up as undue interference in the State's Rights or a town's rights and the rights of individuals.

Glenn Beck Original Clip on Social Justice and Churches from March 2, 2010

Beck and his defenders argue Beck was not saying that Christians shouldn't help the poor and needy but that they shouldn't put pressure on the government to create policies to help the poor and needy creating a government financed and or run program. But Christian Churches who are speaking out against Glenn Beck's insensitive & ignorant remarks on the subject argue that it is a central duty of churches to fight for "Social Justice". They believe contrary to Beck's view of Jesus and the Bible that social justice is a central tenant of Christ's message - Blessed are the poor etc.

And because the problem as such in order to be dealt with must involve an understanding of how the system allows these people to fall through the cracks and that it isn't all their fault and this is doubly true in hard financial times when people are losing their homes because of the insensitive greedy Banks and other financial institutions. How can it be someone's fault as an individual if the plant or company they work at has given pink slips to hundreds or thousands of employees. If there is no work then there is no work.

Meanwhile people like Glenn Beck, Limbaugh, Michael Savage et al have this this view that people receiving finacial help from the government are lazy deceitful people with no shame as they insist that they need help. So these Uber-conservatives are now treating all those who are unemployed and have lost their homes as if it was all their personal responsibility.

It 's like the problems with health insurance over the last year has gotten worse and of course Beck is on the side of Corporate America and the Health Care industry not on the side of someone who has been diagnosed with some crippling disease which will in America cost whatever the corporations want to charge which many individuals can not afford .Beck says if you don't like it just drop dead or go to another country if you have such a low opinion of America. In America it is the land of opportuity and if you don't make you can crawl into ditch and starve to death or die from exposure or commit suicide. Glenn Beck and the Neocons and the Religious Right see nothing amiss in this . Odd because I seem to remember a story told by Jesus about the Good Samaritan who didn't just toss the injured stranger a few pennies but got him into a hotel and left money to pay for his room and board till the stranger would be capable of going on his way. That's a bit more than dropping a dollar in a beggars bowl or hat. Jesus point was that this is the Christians duty and not something to debate and split hairs about. Jesus also in the story makes the helper into a Samaritan because Samaritan at that time were the "other" hated just for being Samaritans. So even one who is treated unjustly by others still feels it is his duty to help even strangers in need. If all Christians took this seriously and went that extra mile there possibly wouldn't be such a great for Government involvement. Or on the other hand if Corporations and the Health Insurance industry was run as Jesus believed than they would be more compassionate with their customers instead of playing every angle they can to rip people off by over charging for their premiums and hiring an army of attorneys to write contracts which are completely in the company's favor.

Of course Beck is against such altruistic acts because corporations and individuals like himself are guaranteed the right to make whatever profits they can without considering ethical, moral, or their religious duties as Christians. The society Glenn Beck wants is just the opposite to what Jesus preached in The Sermon on the Mount.In fact his ideology as such is closer to Ayn Rand and Machiavelli and Leo Strauss and the Neocons.

Christians BOYCOTT Glenn Beck Over 'Social Justice' Slam

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