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Anti-Islam & Islamophobia Replaces Anti-Semitism As The New Respectible Brand of Bigotry & Hatred

UPDATE: 12:41 PM, March 6.

Islamophobes & anti-Islam propagandists such as Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes, Wafa Sultan Noonish Darwish et al are calling for an all out state of war agains tIslam and all Muslims. All Muslims they argue are involved in a Jihad /Holy War either by way of physical violence , suicide bombers etc. or are working in the shadows in a stealth campaign to destroy American & Western Civilization. They depict Muslims as evil and violent and intolerant using similar erroneous stereotypes that were used against the Jews for 2,000 years . Part of this propagand against Islam is to motivate Americans and Europeans to stand up against this evil enemy which is entangled in an ongoing war between Israel, the Muslims, Arabs and Palestinians. We have seen how the West invaded and occupied Iraq destroying the infrastructure and killing over a million people so US private contractors from Halliburton, Kellogg Brown & Root and mercenaries such as Blackwater/XE Services could making hundreds of millions in profits. War for Americans is just another way to spread unfettered 19th century rapacious capitalism to the Middle East, Africa, & South America and especially third world countries who are too weak to face the American & Western onslaught.

Freedom Defense Initiative at CPAC: Jihad the Political Third Rail
from Pam Geller at Atlasshrugs 2010.

Freedom Defense Initiative at CPAC: Lt Colonel Allen West on Islam
From: atlasshrugs2000 | February 22, 2010

Wafa Sultan makes the point about Muslims who have memorized the whole of the Qur'an-don't some Christians also memorize the New Testament or even the whole of the Bible.
These anti-Muslim bigots call anyone who in their view are appeasers they refer to as Dhimmis. Dhimmis under Islamic law are those who are not Muslim living in a Mslim controlled country. Jews and Christians make up the majority of Dhimmis. Muslims refer to Jews and Christians as the peoples of the Book . Muhammad believed there was line of prophets which goes back to Jesus, Moses, Abraham. Noah etc. as found in the Old and New Testament. Muhammad saw himself as an inheritor of this tradition but that he is the last of the great prophets.
As we have discussed previously these anti-Muslims claim the Jews were treated better in Europe for the past thousand years or so. But this is not the case in fact based upon historical research the Jews were treated better under Islamic rule than they were under Christian rule in Europe or in the Middle East.

They demonize Islam by chacterizing it as a cult . As a cult the Muslims are not much different than Jim Jones People's Temple which ended with suicide/murder of over 900 of its members. they literally drank poisoned Kool-Aid which is where the saying comes from. So Muslims they claim are untrustworthy and fanatical and dangerous because their loyalty is to Muhammad & Islam first and foremost .

Using the old anti-Semitism Conspiracy theory they argue that each and every honest Muslim are expected to defend the faith and to die for it and invade and conquer non-Muslim nations making the people convert or die. They also argue there is the visible war where soldiers fight and die and their is the stealth campaign to control America & the West. His vocabulary is equivalent to that of rabid anti-semitism. For instance they believe that Muslims are slowly but surely taking over financial institutions such as the Banks The Jews were also accused of controlling the banks and controlling the media and the Universities and schools -the invisible Jewish hand was behind everything. They too were seen as untrustworthy &deceitful sometimes pretending to have converted to Christianity- ie The Spanish Iquisition & the Conversos - Conversion or death , hunting down Pagans and heretics ,invading the Middle East butchering Muslims ,Heretics was Jesus all God or half and half , part human part God and was God the only God or was there a Trinity made up of God The Father and God the son & the Holy Ghost or three separate Gods. And did Jesus utter this phrase or that or say nothing just before he died. The Christian Nations were either at war with each other wars fought over a few words in a holy book-as Swift says about the Liliputians who are engaged in a perpetual war over which end of an egg should you break it the big end or the little end.

"We have become so tolerant that we tolerate the Intolerant" referring to Islam. But Americans also tolerate intolerant people such as this speaker or Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michele Bachmann, Anne Coulter, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly or Fox News.

GOP Women's Group Promotes Anti-Muslim Hate

IMPORTANT NOTE: This video is from 2007, but just came to light.)

CAIR has located an online video of a virulent attack on Islam and Muslim by a speaker at a convention of the National Federation of Republican Women held in September 2007. The speaker, a leader of an anti-Islam hate group, is applauded loudly as he calls Islam a cult and says terrorists are honest Muslims

How Western anti-Muslim bigotry became respectable: The historic roots of a newly resilient ideology by ŞENER AKTÜRK & MUJEEB R. KHAN

As scholars who work on the centuries-old Islamic presence in Europe and the continent’s first post-Holocaust genocide against, not coincidently, the Muslims of Bosnia and Herzegovina, we were deeply disturbed but not surprised that an ostensibly tolerant and pluralistic Western democracy like Switzerland would vote by a margin of 57 percent to ban the religious symbol of 400,000 of its Muslim residents because they felt “threatened” by the grand total of four minarets that exist there.

The Swiss referendum was the tip of an iceberg reflecting both deep and age-old historic prejudice against a Muslim presence on the continent as well as a recent concerted ideological campaign to construct Muslims as the “other” on the part of rightwing racist movements in Europe and their fellow travelers in the neo-conservative and Southern Evangelical movements in the US. While secularism and constitutional safeguards for religious freedom are seen as hallmarks of the post-Enlightenment West, Europe and the West have traditionally been far more hostile to religious-cultural pluralism than Buddhist, Confucian, Hindu and Islamic societies, which historically viewed religious and cultural heterogeneity and pluralism as the natural order of things. This historic reality explains to a large degree why, in contrast to Europe, such religious diversity survived into the modern era in these societies, albeit not always harmoniously. Indeed, the famous thesis of the Belgian historian Henri Pirenne was that the very notion of “Christendom” or “the West” first emerged from the ruins of classical civilization in opposition to northern pagans and southern Muslim and Jewish infidels whose presence in Europe was actually coterminous with the spread of the Holy Roman Empire and Church in large areas of the continent.

How Western anti-Muslim bigotry became respectable


Sener Akturk is a political scientist and fellow at the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, lectures at the Department of Government, both at Harvard University. .

Mujeeb Khan is affiliated with the doctoral program in political science at the University of California Berkeley. He wrote a chapter in the book The New Crusades: Constructing the Muslim Enemy..

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