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The Two Dicks: Cheney & Armey at CPAC Denounce President Obama -Bipartisan Not So Much & Movement ToDraft Cheney as Presidential Candidate 2012 (OMG)

UPDATE:12:18 PM,1:09 PM &2:32 Feb. 19

Dick Cheney at CPAC Feb. 2010
The American fundamental principles Cheney touts are propaganda not truth; injustice v Justice ;
War is more profitable than Peace
So once again Cheney gets to rub Obama's nose in it
Dick Cheney Makes Surprise Appearence at CPAC 2010

And there is a growing movement among Conservatives & Republicans to have Dick Cheney Run for president in 2012

Dick Cheney's bold proclamation: Barack Obama's 'a one-term president' February 18, 2010 CPAC LA TIMES

Former Vice President Dick Cheney made a surprise appearance this afternoon at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference gathering in Washington after a speech by his daughter, Liz Cheney. And a surprise proclamation.

He was greeted by cheers and chants of "Run, Cheney, Run!"

To which Cheney responded: "A welcome like that almost makes me want to run for office -- but I am not going to do it."Former Republican vice president Dick Cheney greets the crowd briefly at CPAC meeting Washington 2-18-10

The former representative, White House chief of staff, secretary of Defense and VP then stopped by the hall to chat with an old friend of his and The Ticket's, Scott Hennen, probably the Heartland's most prominent conservative talk-show radio host.
and in an article at Salon discusses the ramifications of Cheney running for president since Cheney would have to defend his record during the Bush jr. years in power.

Dick Cheney: Best Zombie Ever by Saturn Smith at Feb. 18,2010

There's apparently a faction that wants to Draft Cheney for the 2012 election:

Chris Barron, organizer of "Draft Cheney," emails this morning that he's organizing a write-in vote for the former Vice President at the CPAC straw poll.

“We urge the grassroots conservatives who will be attending CPAC to join us in sending a powerful message about the future of our party, by writing in the name of the only person with the experience and conservative credentials necessary to lead our party in 2012 – write in Dick Cheney,” Barron says.

Dick Armey one of central figures behind the Faux Populist Tea Party Movement tears into President Obama during his speech at CPAC. Dick Armey's speech and that of Dick Cheney and others at CPAC meeting is proof that they are not interested in working in good faith with Obama on almost any issue.

Armey calls Obama arrogant romantic unrealistic with no real substance beyond his ability to make speeches.
Now for some insane reason Obama wants to play nice with Conservatives in his bid for bipartisanship which he has now wasted the whole of the last year trying the impossible. Dick Armey and other conservatives ignore whatever good Obama may have done-as far as these ideologues are concerned Obama is one of America's worst presidents and whatever he does they are against it as Groucho Marx would say.
Obama should listen to what these conservatives are saying at this conference would he then come to realize he has been wasting his time trying not to upset the Conservatives.

By trying to be bipartisan and a friend to everyone he is losing his support from progressives and anyone be to the left.

Obama seems to have forgotten that organizations such as were able to get the votes out for him. His supporters had hoped for real change. So by not standing up to the Republicans & conservatives Obama has wasted a great opportunity for real change . Instead Obama appears to be borrowing far too much to the Cheney/ Karl Rove Neocon playbook.

Obama would not be losing support if he had pushed through real substantive reform of Health Care for instance or began a serious investigation of the Bush Regimes War Crimes and Crimes against humanity- or if he for instance scaled back on military spending such as closing down a couple of hundred US foreign bases or if he scaled back on the number of troops in foreign bases.Unfortunately from early on in the first couple of months of his presidency Obama said little about Israel's attack on Gaza and in fact since then he has defended Israel even though human rights groups etc. condemned Israel's invasion of Gaza. Obama has done nothing to help the people in Gaza who are now being slowly crushed by the Israeli siege.

CPAC: Dick Armey Is No Fan of Barack Obama

Here's bit on Dick Armey & Conservatives
Reagan & conservatives believe America has bee turned into a tyrannical government once Medicare was adopted as policy in 1981 or earlier.

Rachel Maddow exposes Dick Armey and Republicans who want to repeal medicare.
Arianna Huffington says it is useless to try to get Republicans on board for any reforms.

RACHEL MADDOW vs DICK ARMEY...gotta see this!!!

On Meet the Press, Rachel, working from notes for quotes, rattles Texas (R) Dick Armey. He stammers and studders, raises his voice, even overpowering the Host, at times, on the defensive!

A speaker at CPAC Conservative Political Action Conference says referring to Conservatives said Our Women (that is conservatives) are beautiful- Liberal or progressive women not so much WTF then goes on to makes fun of Obama's prior use of Cocaine-
Conservatives seem to forget that George W. Bush was an admitted alcoholic and drug addict til he became born again so all was forgiven
When the singer Pink referred to Bush's drug abuse these guys went ballistic.

Young America Foundation Spokesman Tries Obama-Cocaine Joke at CPAC 2010

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