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Sunday Sermon Banned Super Bowl Ads Legalize It! and Mancrunch Tom Tancredo "Literacy Test For Voters" & Evangelicals Gay Bashing

And here's our Sunday Sermon of the week is Donnie Swaggart:

Pastor Speaks Out Against President Obama, Anti-Christian Leaders in Washington, and Islam

Donnie Swaggart exhorts the Church and speaks out against Barack Obama, other Anti-Christian Leaders and legislation, and the Religion of Islam.

CBS decided against running ads that they believe would be too controversial or partisan -so they axed a positive Gay ad for Mancrunch which is a dating service for Gays. They also axed a commercial that is pro-legalization of Marijuana. What makes this especially egregious is that a partisan anti-Abortion ad by Focus On The Family is going to be aired during the Super Bowl.
Change What Change ??? Super Bowl Banned Ads

Super Bowl 2010 Commercial ♦ Michael Phelps: "Legalize it!" (Banned Superbowl Ad- Legalize it)

ManCrunch 2010 Super Bowl Ad

Raging Grannies slam CBS Little old ladies lambaste the network for accepting Focus on the Family's antiabortion Kate Harding,,Feb. 5,2010

...CBS's decision to run Focus on the Family's antiabortion Super Bowl ad this year -- despite the network's having rejected ads from left-wing political organizations and, most recently, one for gay dating site

Florida Raging Grannies Rip CBS Super Bowl Ad

Tickets costs $500 for the Faux Populist Tea Party Convention -that says it all what sort of everyman average Americans can afford the price of a ticket on an airplane , and then a hotel etc.

Tom Tancredo revealed this week that the Tea Party Movement is not as populist as it is made out to be. Tom Tancredo says many Americans voted for Obama because they are illiterate and stupid. This reveals more about Tancredo than it does about Obama or those who voted for Obama . So Tancredo wants to re-institute a literacy test so that in his view those who voted for Obam would not be able to vote the wrong way again because they wouldn't be allowed to vote.

Meanwhile The Tea Baggers are at it again-they are under the delusion that they represent "Real Americans" but they really represent a lot of wealthy Americans , some extremists . The leaders of the Tea Party movement are are wealthy Americans who are more interested in passing legislation which would favor them (more tax breaks etc.) over all other Americans. They will use average Americans in order to push forward their own agenda.

Anyway Tom Tancredo was the headliner at The Tea Party Convention and he mistakenly revealed the sentiment of the leaders and some supporters of the Tea Party movement by arguing that President Obama only won the 2008 election because many Americans are illiterate and stupid and so voted erroneously for Obama who Tancredo claims is a socialist.

Tancredo opens Tea Party Convention in style President Obama elected by "people who could not even spell the word 'vote,'" former congressman says "at Salon Feb. 5, 2010

The Tea Party Convention that kicked offThursday at a Nashville hotel had, even before it began, been the subject of quite a bit of controversy. The opening speaker at the convention, former Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., did nothing to diminish that.

Tancredo -- best known for his vehement opposition to illegal immigration, if not immigration an immigrants generally -- stuck to the subject he really knows. Or at least thinks he knows.

The former congressman complained that "people who could not even spell the word 'vote', or say it in English, put a committed socialist ideologue in the White House. His name is Barack Hussein Obama." And he said the reason for this was that "we do not have a civics, literacy test before people can vote in this country."

Tom Tancredo Calls For "Literacy Test" For Voters!
& Republican senator holding 70 Obama Nominees "Hostage"

Thank God For Tom Tancredo! Keith Olbermann Quick Comment
Tea Baggers include a number of Americans who just hate-

Obama may feel the need to kow tow and play nice with Evangelical Christians by attending such functions as The Annual National Prayer Breakfast but they the Evangelical Christians and the ultraconservatives feel no need to pull any punches to appease Obama or his administration. They claim President Obama is working for the Devil /Satan & the dark principalities and might be the Anti-Christ or the precursor of the Anti-Christ while Glenn Beck and others believe Obama is as Evil as Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Poll Pott etc.

If one truly believes Obama is that evil or corrupt or has a hidden agenda to slaughter millions of Americans then what should a "real American" do-well start a new violent revolution , help to engineer a Coup or assassination etc. So isn't this treasonous actions inciting people to rise up in a violent revolution. So why would Glenn Beck, Limbaugh , Hannity, Ollie North Bill o'reilly even suggest that it is not just that they disagree with some of Obama's policies but that Obama is UnAmerican and wants to remake the country into a totalitarian state ? What is their agenda or is it just over the top rhetoric which is what they claim when they are called out on what they have said. There is something ugly and disturbing in their comments about President Obama and this may lead to real trouble for America down the road.

Jesus Was a Republican?
eequalsfb at Youtube
January 30, 2010
Pat Robertson making a fool of himself:

The point is that Evangelical Christian Fundamentalists are not content to have the freedom to practice their religion and to share the faith they have with others but are rather concerned with changing the faith and beliefs of those who are not Evangelical Christian Fundamentalists. They are aggressively proselytizing and promulgating their beliefs to push forward their own religious, theological,ethical, philosophical,and political agenda.

They are not content to just condemn the actions of others of which they do not approve but want to make these activities not just socially unacceptable to all Christians as being sinful behaviors but rather to make such actions as homosexuality, abortion, divorce, adultery, pre-marital sex etc. criminal offenses. So they want America's courts, its federal government and state legislators to acknowledge that as legislators as politicians as judges etc they are the servants of God and that they will pass only legislation and laws which are in accordance with the Bible and God's Law as the Evangelical Christian Fundamentalist perceive it ..

Preacher Engles of The Call says the Gay agenda is more dangerous than godless Islam-(for Engles that's saying a lot since we have come across him in the Rifqa Barry affair and the Anti-Islam gathering of Evangelicals when Muslim Americans marched on Washington for a day of prayer for their community and for America)

The Call: Spiritual Warfare in the Field of Martyrs

San Diego (11/01/2008) - Lou Engel and 33,000 followers at a twelve-hour spiritual warfare rally in support of Proposition 8. A 'call' to martyrdom concludes the rally.

at the root of the Conservative and Evangelical anti-gay movement is the notion that homosexuality is a sin and that one has a choice-that is homosexuality is not natural but a learned behavior and so Gays in their view can be cured. According to scientific studies Homosexuality is built into the genetic make up of the individual & therefore is not a choice.

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