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Suicidal Pilot A Fan Of glenn Beck & other rightwing Nutters & Maddow Slams CPAC

UPDATE: 4:01 PM, Feb. 23 2010

Anyway American conservatives secular & religious came together at the annual CPAC: Conservative Political Action Conference last week and it has become painfully obvious that the attendees have moved further and further to the right.

Interesting how they criticize Obama for being too far to the left and they claim they want Obama to be more centrist in his policies and be more bipartisan while at the same time the conservatives are encouraging legislators & Judges to embrace more far right-wing positions on policies. So if Obama takes a step towards the right the conservatives will demand that Obama move even further to the right. These conservatives don't just want to defend the status quo but in fact want to turn the clock back to an earlier time-ie 1950s or the 1920s prior to FDRs "New Deal". Part of this desire is nostalgia for an imagined false memory of a simpler time before Blacks, Gays, women and other minorities had the same rights as white American males. When men were "Real Men" and women and everybody else including women, blacks, Gays & Lesbians and the poor knew their place and accepted it.
Instead these other disenfranchised groups decided to take American ideals of Democracy seriously and to demand equal rights and a more level playing field in which to compete.

Here's Senator DeMint summing up the Conservative Movement's Agenda

Sen. DeMint Sums Up The CPAC Agenda
February 18, 2010


And here's their somewhat divided opinion on Gays having any rights-
Your Homophobic CPAC Moment, Featuring Ryan Sorba

Meanwhile the message overall was that they had to keep fighting what they refer to as "The Gay Agenda" by which they argues Gays and lesbians are out to recruit young children into accepting the Gay life style.

CPAC: Gay Marriage Will Lead to a Generation of Violent Criminals [RightWingWatch.org]

Glenn Beck sympathizes with Terrorist Suicide Bomber Joe Stack who crashed his plane deliberately into IRS building in Austin Texas-

Glenn Beck Dodges Incoming Plane at CPAC by Leslie Savan at The Nation, 02/22/2010

As CPAC opened its annual convention last Thursday, the same day that computer engineer Joe Stack flew his Piper Cherokee into an IRS office in Austin setting it ablaze, the consensus about his violent anti-tax attack was remarkably sanguine.

On Friday Human Events editor Jed Babbin introduced Grover Norquist, the nation's most rabid anti-tax activist, with a little joke: "I was just really, really glad that it was not him identified as flying that airplane into the IRS building." Laughter all around. Then Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty strained to hit a Southern-sheriff note of populist threat by suggesting, rather oddly, that conservatives were cuckolded wives who, like Tiger Woods's spouse, should "take a 9-iron and smash the window out of big government in this country!"--thereby managing to invoke both the wall of shattered glass windows at the Echelon Building and the marital troubles that may have contributed to Stack's anger.

It didn't help the damage control when conservative pin-up Scott Brown said of the attack, just hours after it happened, "I don't know if it's related, but I can just sense not only in my election, but since being here in Washington, people are frustrated." Which is scary close to saying Stack's terrorist act came from the same set of emotions and attitudes that put Brown in office (talk about saying "No"!).

But by Saturday evening, after CPACers had given Dick Cheney a standing ovation, straw-voted for Ron Paul as their next presidential candidate, and shouted down anti-gay natural law fan Ryan Sorba, a clumsy instinct for damage control seemed to assert itself. Just how much wreckage had Joseph Stack inflicted on the anti-tax Tea Party passions when he flew his single-engine plane straight into the heart of their rage? Was the GOP, and in particular its spokeschannel Fox News, edging a bit too close to a rightwing equivalent of the 1968 riots in Chicago, when a majority of Americans turned against the Democrats because of the violence they saw on TV?

Glenn Beck via Media Matters & The Nation

Beck: White House and progressives are "taking you to a place to be slaughtered" November 03, 2009

and the article at Media Matters adds what appears as a strange coincidence as Glenn Beck uses the metaphor of being on a plane with a suicidal pilot while just last week a suicidal pilote flew into IRS building in Austen:

"So, as he tells you to reject violence, pay no attention to the man over there who said that Obama and Democrats are vampires "going after the blood of our businesses," suggesting we "drive a stake through the heart of the bloodsuckers."

And draw no Holocaustal, or plane-crashing, conclusions when he exhorts us, like a later day Elmer Gantry, to "find the exit closest to you and prepare for a crash-landing because this plane is coming down because the pilot is intentionally steering it into the trees!... We will thrive--as long as these people are not in control. They [the White House and progressives] are taking you to a place to be slaughtered!"
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