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Lest We Forget:50 War Criminals By David Swanson at & List of Previous Blog Post Related To Torture & Cheney & Obama

UPDATE: 2:49 PM Feb. 18

Dick Cheney Admits to Torture Conspiracy

If the U.S. had a functioning criminal justice system for the powerful, former Vice President Dick Cheney would have just convicted himself with his Sunday comments.

Observes Robert Perry in his article on Cheney Dick Cheney Admits to Torture Conspiracy Consotium News via Feb. 15

Entertainment For Torture Lovers Bush & Cheney
their Motto You can torture just don't swear no four letter words
Is this the USA'sLegacy to the world lots of torture and wars but no swearing or pre-marital sex & just shoot anyone you don't like-all those silly liberal laws about no killing?

Dick Cheney admits he pushed for torturing POWs/detainees and yet the Main Stream Media is either uninterested or still in love their favorite Heroes of the Bush Regime.Remember the Media played along with each and every illegal dirty trick including the use of torture and the Unnecessary invasion and occupation of Iraq. The Mainstream Media and Fox News are part of large corporations the CEOs and greedy stockholders who are not in favor of anything which might diminish profits. As we have seen the Iraq war maybe a drain on the American government but it and other war are quite profitable . So the more war the more conflict the better-it sells newspapers & tv air time plus American made weaponry sold to either side. This is the armaments industries bread and butter selling weapons for profit. And these corporations see nothing wrong or amiss with over-billing the US government for arms or supplies etc.Unfortunately it appears President Obama has sold out to these Death Merchants.

Keith Olbermann: Did Dick Cheney Confess To War Crimes? - 02/16/10

A year ago Keith Olbermann and others tried to convince President Obama to proceed with sincere diligent investigations with possible prosecution of these war criminals . Instad Obama has cozied up to those Democrats & others such as Nancy Pelosi & Hilary Clinton who supported or enabled the Bush Regime for two terms. That some of these people are now befriending Obama so they will not themselves be made to explain their actions or inactions during the Bush Regime is one of the reasons Obama is fearful of going ahead with investigations & prosecutions followed by prison sentences or if one were to take the Republicans seriously they would all be tortured and then summarily shot. (as Glenn Beck believes all of Americca's enemies or critics should be dealt with- not Beck of course because he is that rare thing "The Real American"

Lest we forget about the Bush Regime's or the Dark Lords Regime the Dick Cheney here is a list of the 50 top USA & British War Criminals . From an article by David Swanson at .

50 Top U.S. War Criminals Submitted by davidswanson on Thu, 2008-05-29 15:10.
Note: contains some graphic gruesome pics of dead in Iraq & Afghanistan & some torture victims - Cheney & others try to make it a fact or is planting a false memory into the American psyche -that his Regime was the best in US history they were forced to go to war and the WMDs were hidden by American liberals and that the thousands of inmates/detainees who were tortured are mistaken since it is just a matter of semantics and poof Torture is not Torture and 2+2=5 welcome to the Monkey House-



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Check out ACLU Petition at Stand with the ACLU. Ask Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint an independent prosecutor to investigate the interrogation of detainees in the war on terror.

Bush Memos aka The Torture Memos read memos at ACLU RELEASED: The Bush Administration's Secret Legal Memos: On April 16, 2009, the Department of Justice released four secret memos used by the Bush administration to justify torture.

Torture Memos Released at breakthematrix

The Bush Admin's Secret OLC Memos Accountability for Torture


"The Bush White House's Appalling and Evil Legacy: Now We Know the Whole Story" By Frank Rich, The New York Times. April 27, 2009.

and The Green Light by Philippe Sands at Vanity Fair May 2008

also see the five part series by McClatchy Newspapers Report on Prisoners at Guantanamo : Guantanamo Beyond The Law June 2008

also see: "Guantanamo Bay: Recent Developments "AloysiaB, Amnesty International, 20 March 2009

also see: " The Torture Timeline " By Annie Lowrey, Foreign, April 2009

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