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Obama Attending Prayer Breakfast Sponsored by "Doug Coe & The Family Who Support Brutal Dictators &Linked To Kill Gays Law IN Uganda

Jeff Sharlet book exposing "The Family" aka "The Fellowship"
Doug Coe of "The Family" with former president Bush senior

Time: 25 Most Influential Evangelicals

The Stealth Persuader: Many people think Congress is the host of the gala annual National Prayer Breakfast, which takes place this week. It is not. The breakfast is organized by 33 members of Congress who belong to a well-connected but secretive Christian group called the Fellowship Foundation, which is run by Douglas Coe. Coe, 76, has been called the "stealth Billy Graham." He specializes in the spiritual struggles of the powerful.

Several members of Congress live in rooms rented in a town house owned by a foundation affiliated with the group. Coe and his associates sometimes travel (on their own dime) with congressional members abroad and—according to investigations by the Los Angeles Times and Harper's—have played backstage roles in such diplomatic coups as the 1976 Camp David accords. Yet Coe also befriends dictators. "He would still hold out hope that these people could be redeemed and try to work through them to help the people over whom they have authority," says Richard Carver, president of the Fellowship's board of directors. Some skeptical Evangelicals criticize Coe's indiscriminate alliances and his downplaying of Jesus' divinity in favor of his earthly teachings—which allows Coe to pray with Muslim and Buddhist leaders. But few turn down an opportunity to confer with him.

Hitler among the People admired by Doug Coe (The Family) the organizer of the Annual Prayer Breakfast in Washington- Why doesn't conspiracy theory expert Glenn Beck take a shot at these guys. Well no because their a Christian group. Yet he went after Obama appointees for admiring certain qualities of Mao or Stalin or Hitler.

UPDATED:11:31 AM Feb. 4, 2010

Blair hails ‘God’s love’ in extraordinary speech as he stands alongside Obama at prayer breakfast February 6, 2009

.Obama Attends Prayer Breakfast, Orders Review Of Faith-Based Groups PHILIP ELLIOTT | February 5, 2009, Huffington Post

Obama & The Family AKA The Fellowship,"C Street" Cedar Street Extremist Evangelical Christian organization with deep ties to the US government and a number of foreign governments.Their leader Doug Coe preaches that those who are rich and powerful are the Chosen of God and can do as they please. He claims to find inspiration in attitudes of people such as Adolph Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao Pol Pott etc. The Family's version of Jesus is that of a warrior and someone who had little time or patience for the poor but preferred the successful and rich.

For those who haven't heard of this group run by Doug Coe who is the man behind Christian extremists and elitist organization - sounds like a conspiracy theory but this is not the case since there is current information on the group.
And of course Hillary Clinton claims she doesn't belong to the Family they are not supposed to brag about it. But one should wonder Why Obama also believes he must kow Tow to Doug Coe & "The Family" aka The Fellowship.

Douglas Coe Theocracy in America

So who is Doug Coe? He shuns almost all interview requests. But in hours of audiotape and videotape recordings obtained exclusively by NBC News, he frequently preaches the gospel of Jesus to followers and supporters. In one videotaped sermon from 1989, Coe provides this account of the atrocities committed under Chairman Mao in Communist China: "I've seen pictures of the young men in the Red Guard they would bring in this young mans mother he would take an axe and cut her head off. They have to put the purposes of the Red Guard ahead of father, mother, brother sister and their own life. That was a covenant, a pledge. That's what Jesus said."

In his preaching, Coe repeatedly urges a personal commitment to Jesus Christ. Its a commitment Coe compares to the blind devotion that Adolph Hitler demanded from his followers -- a rhetorical technique that now is drawing sharp criticism.

The Family-Theocracy in America Exposed [part I]

But some of the doctrines and its theology is not really as unusual as some seem to think as I have mentioned ad nauseum that a large proportion of what we can refer to as Americanized Evangelical Christians Conservatives have similar attitudes that is they have little sympathy for the poor and believe all those who refuse to accept Jesus are doomed to Hell or in fact should not be tolerated in a Christian Nation.They also believe America is a chosen nation by God. They also believe in unfettered capitalism .

But they even go further and are dismissive and suspicious of those who are not in their view "True Christians" or "Real Americans" such as liberal Christians who welcome Gays, feminists, pro-abortionists, socialists and others into their houses of worship. These "True Christians" believe liberal Christians are part of the "liberal" Secular Humanists conspiracy to undermine America's values and traditions and are working to destroy "Real Christianity" The conservatives put a negative spin on any group if its policies don't agree with theirs such as those liberal Christians who work with non-Christians and even atheists following a form of social gospel by which it is the duty they believe of all Christians and all those who are of good will to help those in need and to back public policies which will lead to a more just society for all and not just Christians or a wealthy elite.Martin Luther King Jr. for instance to the conservative Evangelicals and to "The Family" was an upstart who twisted they believe twisted Christian precepts to fit his own social and political agenda.

The main issue at the moment is that the Family and its members are tied to politicians in Uganda who have passed a bill which will allow for the incarceration and possible execution of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Trans-gender individuals if they are found out. Any Ugandan citizen who protects such persons can also be incarcerated . These laws are little different from those of Nazi Germany in regards to the GLBT community.

History also tells us that once a government moves in the direction of an eliminationist/extermination policy it can be adjusted eventually to apply to other groups of people such as Pagans and Wiccans or witches or Jews , Gypsies, Slavs, socialists, communist and liberals and certain religious groups such as the Jehovah Witnesses, Bahai .The other oddity about such extremist Christian mentality is that it is not much different than the extremists Islamists who also are dismissive or even hostile to non Muslims and also favor a strict form of Sharia Law which allows for physical punishments such as flogging, bodily mutilation, stoning , execution of members of the GLBT community. as well as abortionists, feminists and executing a woman for adultery or for being a victim of rape.

Obama & The Family

The Rachel Maddow Show:Prayer Breakfast Reflects Poorly on Obama -Tuesday, February 2, 2010
Melanie Sloan, executive director of CREW, explains to Rachel Maddow why President Obama should not attend the National Prayer Breakfast hosted by the secret religious sect, The Family.

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Christian Evangelical Totalitarianism
CBN supports Extremist Family Cult -anti-gay, anti-unions anti-social programs
FAMILY VALUES - Part 15 - Christian Broadcasting Network Backs Money Cult

If your Republican Religious-Right politician rapes a little girl, he's not a monster, he's simply chosen by God and whatever he does is right because he's rich. least that's the secret Amoral Money-god cult teaching behind the Republican "Religious-Right" in Washington DC.... which CBN "Applauds"

Right-wing Supports Uganda "Kill the Gays" Law

Neoconservative Bill Kristol who helped the Bush Regime get America into the mess it is in today is still promoting his neoconservative agenda. So in his latest broadside preaches that homosexuals can serve in the military if they do not tell anyone they are gay. Implicit in his argument is that of the ultraconservatives, neoconservatives and the Religious Right who think minority groups should not be given equal rights especially the right to their own pursuit of happiness .

Gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender US citizens are supposed to be grateful they are no longer imprisoned or executed merely because of their sexual preferences. They are to be thankful that they are allowed to attend schools and universities and work in the various professions . But now Kristol and others are upset that in their view it is rather ridiculous that these groups with unnatural inclinations dare to insist on equal rights with all other US citizens. The Conservatives secular and religious cannot fathom the audacity of these minority groups demanding that they be treated fairly and justly and that their sexual, religious preferences or the color of their skin shouldn't be held against them.

The conservative argument is that first it was Black and Hispanic Americans and then women and now Gays who want equal rights and equal opportunity -that is the right to freedom of speech, of movement, of the right to bear arms.,the right to vote, and the right to defend their country their right of their own pursuit of happiness . But especially white male conservatives such as William Kristol and his ilk believe there should be limits placed on GBLT individuals. So it isn't just gay marriage that is seen as outrageous and as an attack on the institution of marriage which is they believe an assault on American Judeo/Christian values and traditions.

So in regards to serving in the military Gays can serve but only if they keep their sexual preferences a secret . But if they are found out they are to be discharged from the US military. Over the last few years over 13,000 Gays & Lesbians have been forced out of the military. The figure by the way is interesting since as we discussed in the last post there are now 13,000 US soldiers who were against their wishes redeployed to Iraq or Afghanistan in the stop-loss program. If those who were discharged for being Gay or Lesbian had not been discharged the stop-loss policy would either not be needed or fewer soldiers would need to be redeployed so the stop-loss policy wouldn't be as big of an issue as it is.

Kristol and other conservatives argue that Gay and Lesbian soldiers make heterosexual soldiers uneasy or worse pisses them off that Gays and Lesbians would even be permitted into the military. Kristol appears to defend the bigotry of the heterosexuals and their homophobia . He other conservatives make these arguments but the reality is that most soldiers don't care about with different sexual orientations as long as the person does their job and is there for them when needed in a crisis.

We can assume that William Kristol would be making similar arguments when the US military was forced to integrate African-Americans Hispanics and other persons of color or those who were not Christians. Yet the military has been able to integrate Blacks and Hispanics into its organization without a major drop in morale. But for decades if not over a century the military brass had great difficulty accepting as equals Blacks, Hispanics, native Americans and others such as Japanese Americans etc.It was during the American civil war when the first African Americans were allowed to serve in the US army as an all Black unit but the brass treated the whole affair as a bad joke and as an effrontery to white Christian soldiers.

The US military is also supposed to be accepting of American citizens who are of various faiths besides Christianity. Yet we are told from the brass down in the US military there is a great deal of prejudice against those who are not Christians or who have no faith at all. These non christian soldiers are the victims of verbal and physical harassment and find themselves not being promoted or at a much slower rate than their Christian counterparts with whom they are equally capable.
We know that in the US military all those who are not part of the Evangelical Christian majority are treated unjustly and unfairly and not as equals to the Christian soldiers. Bill Kristol probably sees nothing wrong with this because people have their prejudices and to force integration by race, color, religion ,cultural differences is just more Socialistic /Communististic social engineering .

Also note that William Kristol accuses Obama and liberals for dealing with the issue on an abstract basis but it is Kristol who sees this as some sort of intellectual debate when in fact it is about people and how they are discriminated against by the majority. Kristol seems oblivious that the GLBT community or other minorities should be treated fairly and justly and that their human rights and their human dignity are not being respected or taken seriously and so don't count for much in his notion of what is or is not a democracy ie only the rights of white Judeo-Christian men should matter.

"Don’t Mess With Success
Is now the time to overturn Don't Ask, Don't Tell?"
BY William Kristol February 8, 2010, Vol. 15, No. 20 Weekly Standard

But the repeal is something that Obama campaigned on. He believes in it. But with all due respect to his sincerely held if abstractly formed views on this subject, it would be reckless to require the military to carry out a major sociological change, one contrary to the preferences of a large majority of its members, as it fights two wars. What’s more, it isn’t a change an appreciable number of Americans are clamoring for. And even if one understood this change to be rectifying an injustice, the fact is it’s an injustice that affects perhaps a few thousand people in a nation of 300 million.

But, “It’s the right thing to do,” said the president.

Here is contemporary liberalism in a nutshell: No need to consider costs as well as benefits. No acknowledgment of competing goods or coexisting rights. No appreciation of the constraints of public sentiment or the challenges of organizational complexity. No sense that not every part of society can be treated dogmatically according to certain simple propositions. Just the assertion that something must be done because it is in some abstract way “the right thing.”

Saudi Cleric: Punishment for Homosexuality is Flogging

What Evangelical Christians and Islamic Radicals have in common-hatred of gays
Kuwait Uganda & US Conservative Evangelicals such as Rick Warren in favor of Public Executions of Gays or rather he refused to condemn the Ugandan Death Penalty for Gays.

Arabized Fox News - And what does this prove that in America they have Fox News Glenn Beck and his ignorance and bigotry put on display five nights a week and in the Middle East they have a similar network and this guy. So both cultures as such have their own smiling joking deceptive bigots
Note how this guy sound like the Glenn Beck in Arabic making wisecracks about gays I expected An Arabic Ann Coulter on next. But it is a disturbing message he is preaching or pontificating about. His reasoning is as twisted as some the nuttery that comes out of Glenn Beck.

Kuwaiti Islamist: Homosexuals Should Be Tortured in Public Squares

Ugandan Bill for imprisoning and executing Gays sponsored by members of The Washington Based Bill Coe's The Family who it appears make & break people in Washington & around the globe-is Obama also a secret member- You see you don' need to bring in non-existent organizations such as Illuminati

The Family -Doug Coe the power of Rightwing radical evangelicals

Obama Religious Adviser Wants President to Speak Against Ugandan 'Kill the Gays' Bill at Prayer Breakfast by Adele M. Stan,February 3, 2010 |

At a press conference where a gay Ugandan was too frightened to show his face to the media, a member of Obama's religion council and other clergy threw down the gauntlet.

After Thursday, the National Prayer Breakfast may never be the same again -- that's if President Obama takes the advice of a panel of clergy members, including one of his own advisers, and uses the breakfast podium to denounce a murderous law endorsed by two of its overseas members. At issue is a law proposed in Uganda that would severely criminalize lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender behavior, and carry the death sentence for gays who commit certain acts.

And that's just the result of the current cultural climate. The Anti-Homosexuality bill proposed by David Bahati, one of the Family's "key men" in Uganda, would require Ugandans to report suspected "homosexuals" to authorities under penalty of law -- and Moses could easily find himself sentenced to death.

"Tax documents from the Family show millions of dollars have gone into programs run by ...Bahati," Knox said in a press statement for the American Prayer Hour. "With that kind of influence, we call on the head of the Family, Doug Coe, to publicly speak out against the proposed anti-gay bill."

Although Bob Hunter, who serves as a sort of de facto spokesman for the Family, has stated his opposition to the bill, no public statement has been issued by the group as a whole, although some high-profile members, such as Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., and Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, belatedly made tepid comments in opposition to the bill. (Although both have been advocates for Uganda, they did not demand that Ugandan leaders withdraw the bill; they simply said they "hoped" it didn't pass into law.)

State Department pressure on Ugandan dictator Yoweri Museveni has him retreating a bit from the legislation, but not moving to kill it. Instead there's talk of reducing the death sentence to a mere 20 years in prison.

Moses said he sees little distinction between death and a 20-year sentence. "The life expectancy of Ugandans is 51," Moses explained. "That means imprisonment is a death sentence in itself." One suspects the life expectancy of Uganda's prison population may be a bit lower, especially for its gay denizens.

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