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More Leo Strauss American Manifest Destiny or Divine Providence

UPDATE: 9:58 PM Feb. 26

Michael Morgan in his book Lost History quotes from what is considered Muhammad's "last sermon,... Muhammad... sets out some visionary and progressive concepts with which men will struggle for a thousand years to come, such as the following on racial and ethnic equality:

All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over a black, nor a black has any superiority over a white-except by piety and good action.

And Abu Bakr the first Caliph of Islam is quoted as saying in his first speech to the Ummah:

O Men! I have been assigned the job of being a ruler over you while I am not the best among you. If I do well in my job,help me. If I do wrong ,redress me. Truthfulness is fidelity, and lying is treason. The weak shall be strong in my eyes until I restore to them their lost rights, and the strong shall be weak in my eye until I have restored the rights of the weak from them.

Abu Bakr first Caliph of Islam -Found in Lost History by Michael Hamilton Morgan ,p. 12 pub. 2007.

In this video Scholar Anne Norton presents a basic outline of the political philosophy of the father of the Neocons Leo Strauss. According to Strauss the masses ordinary people are ill-equipped and unable to rule themselves and so should be ruled by an elite. In order for the elite to rule the masses they must create various myths about the nation to give it a cohesiveness. So for instance America is characterized as having a special destiny / Manifest Destiny and that America is God's chosen nation. So American expansionism is either a result of natural selection and evolution or a matter of divine providence. Neoconservatives will use religion to give a foundation to these myths if necessary even though the Neoconservatives like Leo Strauss are not religious . Religion is used by Neocons to better or to easier control the nation. So whatever America does is a result of natural forces or divine providence and therefore beyond reproach.

Leo Strauss and the Politics of the American Empire 2007

Anne Norton ,born in 1954, is an American professor of political science and comparative literature. She currently holds a chair in political science at the University of Pennsylvania.

Norton's central intellectual interest has been the meaning and consequences of political identity. In the video, Norton defines the nonconservative political identity.

Some scary stuff a belief in an elite which by birthright are entitled to their wealth & their authority
The leader decides as Bush said he was the decider
There is a need for a persistent enemy which has a secret agenda.
They borrow the language of Anti-Semitism.
It is not just that there are Muslim extremists but rather the religion of Islam preaches world dominance /hegemony
-odd it is the Neocons who want a New World Order
In the Mass media or at least on Fox the idea of being anything but a Christian isn't just unfortunate(ie To be Reborn) but that the religion is the very opposite to Christianity-they claim that the holy book the Qur'an preaches war and hate of all non-muslims .
Islamophobes such as Pam Geller; Atlas Shrugs -a follower of uberconservative Ayn Rand & Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch(Neocon)they go further in making stupid racist hate filled little jokes and tirades attacking the prophet Muhammad calling him a deceiver a liar a sex-addict a pedophile and a murderer and butcher -
They further pass off as common knowledge that there has never been any advances made in science or mathematics that Islam encourages backwardness
-Islam did have its golden Ages poetry, philosophy ,architecture, algebra etc.

Robert Spencer's Islamophobic Propaganda at Fox News
Spencer & his friends at Fox promulgate lies about Islam
According to Robert Spencer & others of his ilk make the erroneous claim that Islam invented Anti-Semitism.
They erroneously claim that Christianity and Judaism are religions of peace and have never committed acts of violence.
For instance as has been discussed in this blog numerous times history shows that Anti-Semitism has been part of Christian doctrine from the time of Jesus til the present.

So the massacres and slaughter and pogroms against the Jews by Christians is ignored.
Anti-Semitism was not a part of Islam until the 19th century. Jews in Islamic dominated countries were overall treated better than they were in Christendom.
Hitler's anti-Semitism is rooted in historical Christian anti-Semitism.
The infamous forgery "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" was created by the secret police of Russia in 1905 to connect the Jews with the revolutionaries and reformers in Russia.
Spencer and others also act as apologist for Christianity and in particular make excuses for the bloody Crusades which they believe were a response to attacks on Christendom by Islamic armies. But in fact it is the Christians who are primarily responsible for the Crusades. Now don't get me wrong Islam like Christianity and other religions has been less than peaceful or peace loving at times. It, religion that is, has been used as an excuse or rationalization for various acts of violence over the last 2,000 years.

This merely shows that human beings are universally violent by nature and will use religion or racism or ideology to wage war to oppress their fellow man.
Whether or not Robert Spencer wants to accept it or not Christians have besides killing Jews have also killed other Christians in Holy Wars whom they label as Heretics besides the mass murdering of the peoples of the Americas for instance.
Christians have also conquered and oppressed other nations & peoples.

And for instance from right-wing extremist Pam Geller at her blog Atlas Shrugs is upset that Obama would host a meeting with secularists, agnostics & atheists. She promotes the erroneous notion that president Obama is either a secret Muslim or at least promotes Islam and not Christianity or Judaism. She & her minions erroneously believe that any criticisms of Israeli policies is by definition anti-Israel and anti-Semitism.According to her view if Israel dropped a couple of Nuclear war heads on Gaza killing a million citizens or so that is Israel's God Given Right . Similarly she & other Neoconservatives & fellow travelers believe the United States of America has the right to wipe out whole cities or kill a half-a million or more as the USA has done in Iraq because the USA is God's chosen nation & whatever it does it is by definition sanctioned by God. Odd in a way that a devotee of atheist Ayn Rand would be so concerned about these religious issues . But Ayn Rand also believed as do the Neocons that religion could be used to control and motivate the citizens of America even if they themselves in private are dismissive of religious beliefs.
Pam Geller doesn't bother to mention that President Obama took part recently in the annual Christian Prayer breakfast hosted by Christian supremacist Doug Coe & the infamous "The Family " aka "The Fellowship".

Now besides accusing Obama of being anti-Semitic and anti-Christian she like Glenn Beck adds that Obama is a secret Communists who intends on redistributing the wealth and making America into a collectivist state ala Stalin & Mao Tse Tung. There is no evidence of course of any of this.

What Obama had supposedly wanted to do was to reform the medical system in America so that everyone would have equal access to medical care. This infuriates conservatives since they believe that Medical care is available by means of the free market place and if you can't afford it you are left to suffer and die but at least you would die a free person in a free country.

In the same way they believe if you are unemployed or underemployed or part of the working poor or disabled or whatever then society owes you nothing and if you starve that is God's will or a matter of Natural Selection. Geller also ignores the fact that Israel itself has more far reaching social programs available to all Israelis than the USA has for its people. But even though the Catholic Church since at least 350 AD aprox. continued to promulgate the most vicious and libelous forms of Anti-Semitism up until the last decade or so when the Pope finally gave a begrudging half -assed apology for encouraging anti-Semitism.

One of the main reasons the Spanish Inquisition was set up after the Reconquista of Spain by the Christians was to root out Jews who had converted to Christianity who were suspected of still being practicing Jews.The Jews had been told to convert or leave Spain which had been their home for over three centuries. The Spanish Muslims of Andalusia were simply told they had a month or so to pack their things and leave or be killed or sold into slavery. For some unknown reason Pam Geller & her Islamophobic Christian apologists ignore this history or claim that it is not real history but part of Islamic Propaganda.

The first mass killings of the First Crusade and later Crusade was the massacre of tens of thousands of European Jews. When the Crusaders reached Jerusalem they murdered all the Muslims and Jews and most of the Christians living in Jerusalem and in other parts of the Holy Land.

"Islamic Supremacist Obama Hosts Catholic Bashers " By Pam Geller & Catholic League president Bill Donohue (a professional Catholic Apologist who defends pedophile Catholic Priest and the massive wealth of the Catholic Church and its 1600 years or so War against the Jews) at Atlas Shrugs:

It is Obama's intent to "radically transform." He promised us this. What is becoming increasingly clear is that apart from the move to socialism and collectivism, government control over free market forces and free men, he also intends to transform the culture from a Judeo-Christian ethic to an Islamo-Christian one (though I have yet to see an Christian population thrive in any Islamic culture -- ask the Copts.)

We have watch(ed) Obama beg, grovel, bow and pay untold jiyza to the ummah (global Muslim community.) We have witnessed his antisemitism firsthand in his contempt and harmful policies towards the Jewish homeland. Now this.

Would the muhammadan president ever host Islam bashers? He appoints jihadists to the highest positions in his administration.

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