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K.D. Lang "Hallelujah" Olympics and Israeli / US War Crimes -White Phosphorus & Cluster Bombs & Revenge Killings

UPDATE: 3:43 PM Feb. 14

It's Sunday so here's one of my favorite Gospel/Spiritual Hymns which K.D. Lang sang at the Vancouver Olympics opening ceremony
K.D. Lang sings Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah
K. D. Lang a Canadian sing Canada's own Leonard Cohen song Hallelujah

First The Sermon for the week
Funny bit about our friend Pat- a hoot and a half
Pat Robertson, Secret Member of Watchtower Governing Body

Response to: TheocraticResearch's video Pat Robertson discusses the Divine Name:

JWitnessNews' video "HAITI | Government Of The Devil, By The Devil, And For The Devil":

and our friend Pastor John Hagee on Israel and America
Hagee: God Will Unleash Terrorists on U.S. for Israel Policy

US & Israel War Crimes are similar to those committed by the United States and Great Britain and even NATO- Has Canada also taken part in War Crimes? We don't know and our Neoconservative George Bush admirer Prime Minister Harper refuses to set up a public inquiry ?

Questions- Why are we and NATO in Afghanistan ? The reputation of the US is so bad in these countries that by associating with them we are giving tacit approval to whatever the US does from Renditions to summary executions, abuse and torture of so called "Detainees" to bombing villages just like the good old days in Nam -these old guys share their fond memories not so fond to the 2,000,000 two million dead Vietnamese. According to the most reliable independent pollsters there are at least 650,000 six hundred & fifty thousand dead Iraqis since the US invaded . For killing Iraqis the US has outdone Saddam. We can't really count the Iraq-Iran war since Saddam only fought that war because the US insisted and they provided him with various weaponry but the German & French gov't also made money off of Saddam to fight His war -a proxy war for the US and then everyone somehow wonders why Iran has been building up its military and they attempt to sound tough and the US takes advantage of the hyperbole  and so it goes as nations are talked into expanding the war.

Canadians like Americans and Brits at the moment argue anyone who doesn't support our Afghanistan Mission unconditionally is anti-the troops and is Uncanadian -Real Canadians support the troops & the Dept. of national Defense without question.It is similar to how day in and day out we are told not to criticize the Mounties, CISIS or your local police force because as "First Responders" they are heroes and - so this is why so many Canadians are shocked and upset and angry that we have a top ranking General who may in fact be a serial killer or at the least someone who like to bully and beat up female soldiers. I was only shocked that such a scandal became public -the spin masters must have been asleep at the wheel.The reason I am not shocked is because I can appreciate what our soldiers do but I also am aware they are only human and so make mistakes or can also be evil SOBs sometimes.

The rules of engagement are such that under international law a country's military isn't supposed to engage in acts of violence just for revenge and especilly not against the Civilian Population. At the Battle of Fallujah it became crystal clean that the US gov't and its military was out to revenge the killing of several American contractors.

Fallujah was bombed and reduced to rubble because 4 US Mercenaries /private contractors of Blackwater/XE Services were killed- it was a matter of revenge and massive indiscriminate killing at Fallujah led to an increase in the so called insurgency in Iraq- yeah the Iraqis dared to defend their families their homes their land their cities and their country- They believed the Americans were lying to them and that the Americans were a foreign occupying force which wanted to add Iraq to its growing Empire. Once Saddam had run away and was no longer in control the Iraqis believe the US and its allies would help rebuild the country instead the US acted as if they had conquered Iraq and were now occupying it not in the interest of the Irai people but in the interest of America and various corporations which hoped to make some big money in Iraq and get some sweet heart deals from the Iraqi Puppet Regime which was controlled by the US.

M825A1 155mm White Phosphorus Artillery Shoot Fallujah
Operation Phantom Fury, Second Battle of Fallujah in November 2004.

Fallujah massacre WP

White phosphorus 'burns to the bone'
It causes skin to melt away from the bone and can break down a victim's jawbone, but white phosphorus - known in Vietnam as Willie Pete - is still used by sections of the world's military.

Similar to Napalm, the chemical substance is used in shells and grenades, igniting spontaneously at around 30C to produce an intense heat and thick pillars of smoke.

"These weapons are particularly nasty because white phosphorus continues to burn until it disappears. If service members are hit by pieces of white phosphorus, it could burn right down to the bone."

Amazing Footage White Phosphorus Gaza-January 14, 2009

White Phosphorus bombs into Gaza
Fallujah massacre WP
White phosphorus 'burns to the bone'
It causes skin to melt away from the bone and can break down a victim's jawbone, but white phosphorus - known in Vietnam as Willie Pete - is still used by sections of the world's military.

US war crimes in Iraq- & the suspicious deaths of journalists in Iraq
Fallujah Documentary 1 warning graphic-
White Phosphorus from Vietnam to Fallujah
Fallujah was a free fire zone-everyone is labeled an enemy

Cluster Bombs
CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)  primetime news "the National" takes a look at the effectiveness of cluster bombs

Evidence of Israel using white phosphorus bombs in Gaza (The Gaurdian)

This video shows an Egyptian doctor reporting what he says is evidence from the patients who have been admitted to Egyptian hospitals says that the burns suffered by patients are 3rd degree burns .

white phosphorus is not an illegal weapon it as it used in open feilds whereb it acts as a smoke screen for on coming tanks and military artillary. As it explodes a large bang will create many smaller bomb pallets which will explode and cause smoke to be created which in a matter of minutes will spread very quickly.

Human Right watch states that Israel has committed war crimes since using white phosphorus in densely populated area such as the Gaza Strip will spread and as a result civilians men, women and children are the casualties not the fighters themselves.

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