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Haiti: Aid Too Slow & Humiliating Haitians & US Soldier Jailed For Protesting Stop-Loss & US Preparing For Unnecessary War Against Iran

UPDATE: 12:02 Feb. 3, 2010
Beware Graphic language- In America swearing four letter words not allowed- but killing Iraqi civilians men women children who are innocent of any crime is Okay
Marc Hall Rap Stop-loss song

Please help Marc Hall and other soldiers who are either imprisoned in the Army or jailed due to the unconstitutional Stop Loss program, by visiting the link below.

Lets END the Wars NOW!

Courage to Resist

HUMANITARIAN AID - still not getting to the people
and aid distributed in a manner which insults Haitians-tossing food on ground for crowds to jostle over-


“From a military that has us, while we’re jogging, chant in cadence about killing babies, to then come down on someone for writing an angry song, is ludicrous,” Hurd added, “Marc is just expressing the anger that 13,000 soldiers are feeling right now, because there are currently that many who are stop-lossed. All he did was make his opinion heard.”

"How to Save the Obama Presidency: Bomb Iran
Circumstances are propitious, and the American people would support it." By Daniel Pipes ( Neoconservative, Islamophobe)

US soldier
Do US citizens lose all their rights once they join the military? Is there no recourse to justice ?
US soldier jailed because of song written criticizing US military
For all their talk of support the troops the public appears unconcerned about stop-loss or other abuses of soldiers.
Preparing for war:US military and Missile deployment expanding in the Middle East and Eastern Europe

UPDATE ON HAITI HUMANITARIAN AID - still not getting to the people- US still overly obsessing on security issues which have been exaggerated by the US government and its lackey, Quizzling Mainstream Media . Is America there out of altruism or are they planning on staying and occupying a sovereign state to get at its cheap labor, whatever resources it has left and to use it to set up more military bases which it has been planning to do for some time now.

February 1, 2010
Haitians will defend their sovereignty

Ronald Charles: Providing aid like this is a way to humiliate us and many Haitians will not accept it from The Real News Network

More at The Real News

Haiti PM says US group knew it was wrong to take Children... MUST SEE!
Al Jazeera's Jonah Hull with the latest on the US church group accused of trying to smuggle children out of quake-ravaged Haiti (02 Feb 2010)

And they call it the land of the free -yes if you are rich or a big corporations - Big Corporations are now deemed US Citizens so they have the right to free speech and freedom bear arms and freedom from Hate Speech etc.

Note in ABC report how they are far more critical of the soldier in comparison to their implicit defense of the US military and ignore the fact that the invasion and occupation of Iraq was unnecessary and illegal and immoral as a War Crime because it was a War of Aggression. Part of the issue is that if Iraq is an illegal/ immoral war of Aggression then it merely compounds the error and criminality of the war and its policies by forcing individuals to serve beyond their term if they are insistent on leaving the US military. There is no nobility or honor in killing innocent civilians and then killing the people in those communities for retaliating.
What if soldiers came to your door in the middle of the night in comfy suburbia and beat your spouse or rape your daughter or just trashed your home while insulting members of your family while threatening to kill everyone knowing that these soldiers could do that and would not just get away with it but possibly be given a medal for it.American soldiers are trained to see all Iraqis as the enemy and part of some world wide terrorists organization. But why shouldn't they be allowed to defend their families and homes and communities and their nation from outside modernized well fed well armed American and British Barbarian Hordes who have invaded their country and who show no respect for the citizens of that nation..

And unfortunately unlike in Vietnam deserters could escape to Canada but our government and citizens are just as eager to blow innocent people up in Iraq, Afghanistan Pakistan etc. to prove that we in the West are better than those outside the Western Empire .

ABC Report on Raper Soldier Jailed

US military unjustly imprisons a soldier for writing a protest song about the US gov't's Stop-Loss policy. The Stop-Loss policy is at the least unfair and violates individuals rights by adding an unconscionable rider to the contract for enlisting in the US army. And now to add insult to injury the military claims that it is forbidden to publicly complain about it and can lead to military arrest.

So killing innocent civilians known as collateral damage is not an issue for the US military. Nor it appears is it a concern of most US citizens who regard all other peoples as somewhat less deserving of "life ,liberty or the pursuit of happiness".

"US Army Imprisons Iraq War Veteran Over Song :Marc Hall jailed for recording song that expresses his anger over US Army’s stop-loss policy." By Dahr Jamail Feb. 02, 2010 "Information Clearing House"

-- - WASHINGTON -- Army Specialist and Iraq war veteran Marc Hall was incarcerated by the US Army on December 11, 2009, in Liberty County Jail, Georgia, for recording a song that expresses his anger over the Army’s stop-loss policy.

Stop-loss is a policy that allows the Army to keep soldiers active beyond the end of their signed contracts. According to the Pentagon, more than 120,000 soldiers have been affected by stop-loss since 2001, and currently 13,000 soldiers are serving under stop-loss orders.

Hall, (aka hip hop artist Marc Watercus), who is in the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division, was placed in Liberty County Jail for the song, in which he angrily denounces the continuing policy that has barred him from exiting the military.

...“It really frustrates me that they [military] are reacting in such an excessive way,” Hurd, a member of Iraq Veteran’s Against the War, told Truthout, “When you are talking about communicating a threat, a threat has to be at something or someone. If you listen to Marc’s song, he’s not saying he wants to kill someone in his chain of command, he makes broad artistic expressions of anger. The military likes to keep a lid on things, and it’s now very frustrating they are taking such extensive measures to save face, and they are afraid after the Ft. Hood shooting. So as a result of Ft. Hood, they have persecuted Marc, and now he’s incarcerated.”

Hurd also feels the case underscores an underlying hypocrisy within the military.

“From a military that has us, while we’re jogging, chant in cadence about killing babies, to then come down on someone for writing an angry song, is ludicrous,” Hurd added, “Marc is just expressing the anger that 13,000 soldiers are feeling right now, because there are currently that many who are stop-lossed. All he did was make his opinion heard.”

According to Hurd, who has been speaking with Hall regularly via telephone, Hall told him that how the military has handled his case “really got me thinking about the whole situation, and how we acted like thugs over there [in Iraq]. In good conscious I could not go back over there and do it again.”

Jeff Paterson, the founder and director of the soldier advocacy group Courage to Resist, which is assisting Hall, told Truthout, “Marc’s case is unique in that the military hasn’t shown a propensity to go after these political speech cases for several years. Here, since he’s an angry man who recorded a song, they are making him a target for having expressed his anger in an artistic way. We think this is an important case because it could set precedent for free speech rights for those in the military.


Conservative Islamophobe Daniel Pipes urging President Obama to bomb Iran- first because he believes it is necessary and will be popular and help save Obama's presidency. If anything the president should not follow Daniel Pipes advice since he is a hawk and sees the War on Terror as a Clash of Civilizations and a Christian Crusade against Islam.

Daniel Pipes in an article in the National Review argues Obama should bomb Iran which would eliminate Iran as a threat and save Obama's presidency. In this article first Pipes trashes the Obama presidency and Obama's "poor performance" and goes on "He failed to deliver on employment and health care, he failed in foreign-policy forays small (e.g., landing the 2016 Olympics) and large (relations with China and Japan). His counterterrorism record barely passes the laugh test...This poor performance has caused an unprecedented collapse in the polls and the loss of three major by-elections..."

There are some essential problems or flaws in Daniel Pipes argument . Unfortunately in 2003 Americans were sold on the war in Iraq through the use of lies half truths and a brilliant propaganda machine run by Cheney, Rumsfld, Karl Rove , Condoleeza Rice and used the usually reliable thoughtful and sincere Colin Powell as front man to sell what were lies but as far as we know Powell was not aware of how flimsy the case was against Saddam & Iraq. Now the right wing and its media flunkies are out selling an attack on Iran. And the American people having the memories of gnats are buying into the propaganda once again.

Pipes uses five major public opinion polls to bolster his belief that the American people want to blow the shit out of Iran without actually invading. But these polls are based upon peoples perceptions of Iran which were sold to them by the right wing and even the mainstream media. Iran they have been told wants to obliterate Israel and attack American troops and civilians in the middle east and if possible drop nukes on America. So what we have again is another loop created by the propagandists-

Even when they talk about sanctions its just a way to collectively punish Iranian citizens for not getting rid of the present regime.The same method was used in Iraq by crushing the country with utterly draconian and inhumane sanctions. Once the country was softened up and was falling apart America invaded . The result 5,000 US soldiers dead and 650,000 or more Iraqis murdered- because if the War was a War of Aggression and therefore illegal and immoral then each death it led to can be considered murder and a War Crime.

And unfortunately Obama has surrounded himself with the old guard who are and were in favor of bombing Iran.
No matter how many times International agencies investigate and report the Iranians are not building atomic weapons the Conservatives and the Hawks in the Democratic Party argue that these international agencies are all part of conspiracy to help Iran and undermine America 's security and it's position in the world .

Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran:

How to Save the Obama Presidency: Bomb Iran

"How to Save the Obama Presidency: Bomb Iran Circumstances are propitious, and the American people would support it." By Daniel Pipes February 02, 2010 "National Review"

-- I do not customarily offer advice to a president whose election I opposed, whose goals I fear, and whose policies I work against. But here is an idea for Barack Obama to salvage his tottering administration by taking a step that protects the United States and its allies.

...This poor performance has caused an unprecedented collapse in the polls and the loss of three major by-elections, culminating two weeks ago in an astonishing senatorial defeat in Massachusetts. Obama’s attempts to “reset” his presidency will likely fail if he focuses on economics, where he is just one of many players.

He needs a dramatic gesture to change the public perception of him as a light-weight, bumbling ideologue, preferably in an arena where the stakes are high, where he can take charge, and where he can trump expectations.

Such an opportunity does exist: Obama can give orders for the U.S. military to destroy Iran’s nuclear-weapon capacity.
...Just as 9/11 caused voters to forget George W. Bush’s meandering early months, a strike on Iranian facilities would dispatch Obama’s feckless first year down the memory hole and transform the domestic political scene. It would sideline health care, prompt Republicans to work with Democrats, and make the netroots squeal, independents reconsider, and conservatives swoon.

But the chance to do good and do well is fleeting. As the Iranians improve their defenses and approach weaponization, the window of opportunity is closing. The time to act is now, or, on Obama’s watch, the world will soon become a much more dangerous place.

"Strengthening US 'Defense' In Gulf A Step To War" By Stephen Sniegoski Feb. 02, 2010 "Information Clearing House"

-- An article in the New York Times by David E. Sanger and Eric Schmitt states: "The Obama administration is accelerating the deployment of new defenses against possible Iranian missile attacks in the Persian Gulf." It continues that this move "appears to be part of a coordinated administration strategy to increase pressure on Iran." Since there is about a zero chance that Iran would dare to launch a first strike on the US or its Arab allies, the US would only need to strengthen its missile defenses in order to deal with an Iranian counterattack after the US had first bombed Iran. This is a very dangerous development. It will likely cause Iran, in expectation of a possible attack, to increase its defenses. The US will then claim that Iran is threatening its neighbors and increase its military force even more. The mutual increases in military forces will mean a spiraling arms race.

...The Israel Lobby, media Right, and the Republican hawks would likely pillory Obama for allegedly being weak in the face of aggression. While Obama probably doesn't want war with Iran, he would be affected by political considerations. With the economy in the doldrums and the American people angry, Obama and his political advisers would see significant political benefits in taking a hard-line stance toward Iran. Such a move would enable the president to co-opt the criticism of the rightwing and pro-Israel war hawks and, as a leader against an allegedly dangerous foe, regain the support of the overwhelming majority of the American people. The US would issue ultimatums to Iran to reduce its allegedly aggressive defenses, providing Iran with the choice of surrender or war. Any little incident would spark war and with US land and naval forces almost surrounding Iran, the chances of such an incident would be very high.

See also Transparent Cabal

Transparent Cabal Website:

and now let's take a look at the Neoconservative record on Iraq by way of the Iraqi Inquiry being held in Britain

From Times Online
"LIVE: Clare Short at Iraq inquiry" by Nico Hines, Feb. 2, 2010

Well, Claire Short, the former International Development Secretary, certainly did not pull any punches. She told the Iraq Inquiry today that:

- Tony Blair lied in the build up to war

- He deceived her about his commitment to UN involvement

- The Cabinet never had meaningful debates about Iraq (or, indeed, anything else)

- The House of Commons was just a rubber stamp

- Britain could have exerted influence over America but we "humiliated ourselves" instead

- The Attorney General misled Cabinet over the legality of the war

- She warned Mr Blair about the threat of a humanitarian catastrophe but he did nothing to delay the war

- Britain and America failed to meet their obligations under the Geneva Convention by ensuring the security of Iraq while they were occupying powers

...Ms Short says she is sure of one thing – that Tony Blair was sincere in his desire to bring peace to the Middle East and that he though invading Iraq was the best thing to do.

“I think he was absolutely sincere,” she says. “He was willing to be deceitful because he thought he was right”

She says that Mr Blair and Mr Straw got worried at the start of 2003 when Hans Blix, the chief weapons inspector was sayig that progress was being made in Iraq.

"They were terrified about the success of Blix because then their casus belli was gone," she says. “They were scared of Blix being successful and they started to smear him.”

...Ms Short says the final strategy was “blame the French” by saying they would veto a second resolution no matter what. “In my view that was a lie – a deliberate lie.”

“It was one of the big deceits," she says. "And remember the Americans stopped buying French fries and all of that.”

She says that despite all the talk and all the willingness to go through the UN, in the end Britain decided: “We can blame the French and concoct the legal authority and off we go.”

She sounds emotional as she laments that Britain did not dare stand up to the Americans “to our deep eternal shame”.

...“I don't think there was substantive discussion of anything at Cabinet.”

She says Tony Blair would always “cut off” any discussion when they got interesting.

Preparing to go to war with Iran or other countries will help improve profits for American arms industries and other companies which are associated with the Military industrial Complex. So thank God the arms dealers are not going to be affected by recession or depression.Military budget under Obama will continue to grow.

"U.S. expanding missile defenses in Gulf" Reuters Jan.31,2010

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States has expanded land- and sea-based missile defense systems in and around the Gulf to counter what it sees as Iran's growing missile threat, U.S. officials said.

The deployments include expanded land-based Patriot defensive missile installations in Kuwait, Qatar, UAE and Bahrain, as well as Navy ships with missile defense systems within striking distance in and around the Mediterranean, officials said.

General David Petraeus, who as head of U.S. Central Command is responsible for military operations across the Middle East, said this month that the United States has stationed eight Patriot missile batteries in four Gulf countries, which he did not identify.

The buildup began under the Bush administration, but has expanded under President Barack Obama, who is pushing for a new round of sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program.

"Poland agrees to rules for hosting U.S. armed forces Reuters Nov. 27, 2009"

WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland and the United States have agreed the legal details of deploying U.S. troops in Poland after lengthy negotiations, Deputy Defense Minister Stanislaw Komorowski said on Friday.

and so it goes,

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