Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Haiti Aid Michael Jackson & The Environment Mountain Top Removal, Tar Sands & PM Harper Proroguing WTF!!!

Haiti Tribute song -REM's Everybody Hurts

Helping Haiti - Everybody Hurts - Radio 1 premiere

Here's the original official video of REM 's Everybody Hurts

Michael Jackson 3D Tribute at 2010 Grammy Awards

The audience of the Grammy's get all teary-eyed listening to Michael's "Earth Song" but are they willing to make the hard choices to save the Earth from exploitation. Recycling doesn't amount to much in a consumer based society . The big projects such as Mountain Top Removal Mining in the Appalachian Mountains. Some 475 mountains have been blown to bits by a million tons of dynamite. And this some call progress.

Aerial footage at the coal river mtn treesit -Jan. 29,2010

Mountain-Top Removal Mining Raping Mother Earth

For more videos, go to http://news.discovery.com/videos/disc... Mountaintop mining causes permanent damage to the environment and exposes people to serious health risks, says a new report by a leading group of scientists. Jorge Ribas reports.

and some music for Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Democracy if you don't like it just Prorogue IT.
Which is what Harper did to avoid the hard questions about Canada's mission in Afghanistan and if Canadian soldiers are involved in detainee abuse themselves or by Proxy. Harper also wants to avoid questions on the Tar Sands/Oil Sands in Alberta considered one of the worst environmental disasters in the making.

Dirty Oil-Alberta Canada

Saudi Arabia North - Oil Reserves second only to Saudi Arabia - and with none of the pesky energy security problems plaguing the Middle East. But many say it's destroying the environment and the Native way of life. We were ahead of the game with this story - and negotiated access in, despite the oil companies disinterest (to say the least) in foreign media

World's Dirtiest Oil: Stop the Tar Sands

Greenpeace activists deployed a massive banner reading "World's Dirtiest Oil: Stop the Tar Sands" and attempted to temporarily stop the flow of toxic waste water into a 2km wide tailings lake used by Syncrude's Tar Sands operation in Northern Alberta.

I'm On A Break - "CENSORED" PM Stephen Harper Proroguing Parliament parody

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