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Glenn Beck & His Blackboard Give Keynote Speech at CPAC HATEFEST Joined By Fellow Travelers Ann Coulter & Newt Gingrich & Musical Monday Blame Canada

UPDATE: 2:44 PM & 3:05 PM ,Feb. 22, 2010

First a musical bit: Blame Canada

Glenn Beck recently claimed Canada believes in promoting Euthanasia to save money & that therefore Canadians whom he sees as Commie scum are among America's Enemies.
Its odd how Canadians refuse to believe what Americans actually think about Canada or any other nation.
Stephen Harper the current Prime Minister of Canada is more in tune with the crowd at CPAC in the United States than he is with ordinary Canadians.
-But then again I believe the leader of the Liberal Party in Canada Michael Ignatieff would also be more comfortable among this crowd than with ordinary Canadians

The participants at this conservative conference again and again are dismissive of the rights of people who are not Americans or further not real Americans-other nations they tell us should bow down to America -
They also are dismissive of any other religion besides Christianity- or what can be referred to as Americanized Christianity which combines an Evangelical Fundamentalism with the American ideals -so it is religion wrapped in the American flag.

What is disturbing is no matter how insane and dangerous these Conservative American Intellectuals sound other nations including Canada seem still to be in "AWE " of America & Americans -

Ann Coulter does her stand up comedy act at CPAC
Even making fun of Ted Kennedy & his death
His death for Republicans & conservatives they see as a good news item.
These characters have no shame & if they represent "Real Americans" then the peoples outside the United States should take these American conservatives seriously
- they are for civil liberties & rights only for "Real Americans" -they are at heart Fascists who believe that corporations should do as they please and that the rich Elite know what's best for America
-They claim that America is the only country which has been blessed by God and its destiny is being directed by God-
- They are anti-Gay, anti-Unions anti-Medicare , anti-Welfare or social security and want a literacy test for all potential voters-
-so how can they be in favor of spreading democracy and civil liberties if they also believe "only Americans have been given such rights by God"
-Calling Anderson Cooper or other liberals or progressives "Gay" is one of the worst things one can say about someone-so if they retake the Whitehouse tomorrow or in 2012 we can expect anti-Gay legislation

Coulter Mocks Ted Kennedy, Anderson Cooper at CPAC

CPAC loons want to turn back the clock to the Golden Age in the past however they define it the 1950's Leave it to Beaver crowd or the Roaring Twenties or the 1850s before the Slaves were freed etc.
Glenn attacks progressives and leftists (Communists) whom he believes have been involved in taking over America and changing the American political system and American society.
He explains to his dim witted audience that Obama and his administration is really a secretive Communist administration out to destroy traditional America.

And yet Obama keeps talking about the Big Tent & bipartisanship etc. but these are die hard ideologues for whom there is no chance to bargain with or to make compromises.

Glenn Beck Hate Monger gives keynote Speech at CPAC

Blame Canada Glenn beck TYT Eugenics & rounding Up Conservatives
He says Canadians are evil because they want to kill off the infirm the old etc.

In fact what Canadians are discussing is the importance of living wills & such so deciding to pull the plug or not or leaving instructions about going to extremes to save someone in a vegetative condition. It is then an issue decided by the individual rather than by others

The Young Turks -Feb. 17, 2010
Glenn Beck Inciting Violence w/ Blatant Lies & Fear Mongering

CPAC Speaker - Liberals Ugly, Obama Snorts Coke-
Feb. 18, 2010- The Young Turks

The Young Turks-Feb. 18 -CPAC
CPAC Clowns Make Obama Telemprompter Jokes

As the Liberal Viewer argues below that Republicans & conservatives seem to believe only Americans are worthy of rights . So I would add that it is no wonder these conservatives are hostile to giving any rights to POWs /detainees or even the average Iraqi or Afghanistan citizen.
I would also add that Sarah Palin said "Americans who are worthy of rights" meaning that not all Americans are worthy of rights and some are not. Was this just another badly or poorly worded statement or did she let the cat out of the bag-that is as the John Birchers or a conservative such as William F. Buckley and more recently others have for instance called for a literacy test for would be voters or a test dealing with the their knowledge of how the American political & judicial & legislative branches of government work.
As Glenn Beck points out America is not a democracy but has a republican form of government . So only certain people should have the right to vote or have other civil liberties. So Beck like the Tea Party crowd are in fact in favor of an elite though they claim to be a populous movement.

The Liberal Viewer-
Sarah Palin Says Only Americans Worthy of Rights?

The recent Republican talking point that US constitutional rights are only for Americans citizens was nowhere so jingoistically and hypocritically expressed as it was by Sarah Palin in her appearances this month on "Fox News Sunday" and at a national Tea Party Convention, as I show in this video.

The clip I use of Sarah Palin appearing on "Fox News Sunday" comes from the segment broadcast February 7, 2010, available online at

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