Monday, February 15, 2010

Glen Beck's FunHouse of Conspiracies & Inciting Rebellion & Insurgency

UPDATE: 1:07 PM Feb. 15

Over at Twitter Mondays are Music Mondays-so here's a little tune by Leonard Cohen in which he indulges in wishful thinking about America.

Democracy is Coming to the USA
USA: "The cradle of the best and the worst"

And now for funny things politicians say category:

Quayle: 51-Vote Senate Majority 'Not What Our Founding Fathers Had In Mind'

Now You Decide- is Glenn Beck just nuts or nuts and influential and possibly dangerous.
as Fox News says:

Joe Klein On Bill o'Reilly 's program calls Glenn beck A dangerous nutter
o'Relly once again claims Beck is just a comedian and anyone who takes Beck seriously is out to lunch.Beck he argues is the most popular media personality in America.

Glen Beck on Joe Klein- Beck's Funhouse of Horrors

So is Beck trying to prove he's just a comedian like Jon Stewart , Jay leno doing all these funny bits with the various Accents poking fun at academics and other members of what Beck believes to be the liberal elite.
This is rather a ploy to show he's not that dangerous. But given the fact that he presented a serious documentary connecting all liberals and progressives to the ideology and actions of Stalin, Hitler & Mao etc.

Here's the first part of Glenn Beck's Revolutionary Holocaust.

Beck does not look or sound like a comedian-he puts on his glasses as a prop to show he is being serious looking like an academic or serious researcher. Beck attempts to straddle his pose as comedian & his posing as a serious journalist.
Beck and friends argues the Progressives/ liberals are equivalent to Hitler and the Nazis.

In the documentary Beck and friends act as if for instance anti-Semitism was invented by progressives in the 19th century which is just as ridiculous and historically untrue as to argue Hitler invented anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism was an ongoing embedded prejudice encouraged by the Christian Churches for some 2000 years . You'll notice he doesn't talk about the anti-Semitism of the Catholic church and the Popes or that of Henry Ford or Father Coughlin or Bishop Sheen. He also doesn't mention that Martin Luther the founder of Protestantism was a rabid anti-Semite as were most of the population of Europe at that time.

For instance Beck speaks as if there were no Jewish Ghettos before Hitler but the Churches were involved in passing antiSemitic laws including the creation of the Ghettos which were areas walled in and locked at night and was the only place in the cities where Jews were allowed to live.

Note part of the title is Live Free or Die which is rather inflammatory -that is if Americans or The Real Americans want to be free they must be willing to die for their beliefs.

Part 1| Glenn Beck Documentary: "The Revolutionary Holocaust: Live Free...Or Die" - 01/22/10

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