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Will Obama & Democrats Honor Ted Kennedy By Insisting On Universal Health Care As A Right

Senator Ted Kennedy fought for Universal health care and as people watch clips of his speeches & interviews hopefully this will give more Americans a better idea of the fear tactics used over the years by Republicans & the Health Care Industry over each & every reform proposed and that these fears did not come true.

The scare tactics and fear mongering is just a tactic used to convince people that a particular proposal would do the country untold harm or do untold harm to them personally even though this is not the truth of the matter. So they will lie and misrepresent facts to win people over rather than using a more reasonable approach . But they can not do this because they know their arguments against Universal Health Care are flawed. The only people who benefit from keeping the status quo for Health Care in America are those involved in the private health care industry including the Health Insurance Companies & the pharmaceutical companies etc.

Given Democrats clear majority in both houses and combined with the emphasis now put on the goals which Sen. Ted Kennedy had over the last thirty years especially as he said that Health Care should be regarded as a Right for all Americans this should encourage Obama and the Democrats to pass a real substantive health care reform bill.

Republican survey suggests Gov't run health Care is a plot to kill off Republicans
besides pulling the plug on Granny

Steele claims even though Medicare is poorly run he doesn't want to mess with it.
Steele claims no Republican has been using scare tactics, fear mongering , lying or misrepresenting the facts.
Steele Falls Apart, and Rep. Anthony Weiner-Rachel Maddow

Ted Kennedy and the Missing National Conversation Arianna Huffington at Huff Post ,Aug. 26,2009

...For over four decades, Kennedy, in his words and his actions, forced us to question how we, as a nation, were treating the poor, the forgotten, the working families struggling to make ends meet. He gave voice to the voiceless, refusing to let us forget about their plight.

"Programs may sometimes become obsolete," he said during his stirring speech at the 1980 Democratic convention, "but the ideal of fairness always endures. Circumstances may change, but the work of compassion must continue... The poor may be out of political fashion, but they are not without human needs."

As our economic crisis -- yes, the one that has come to an end for Wall Street but not the rest of America -- threatens to turn the American Dream into a living nightmare for millions of our citizens, those human needs are more pressing than ever. And the work of compassion more necessary than ever. There is a newfound urgency to Ted Kennedy's message.

His best speeches always spoke to our idealism, calling us to tap into the better angels of our nature. The passion that Kennedy brought to the fight for America's underprivileged reminds me of the story of abolitionist Wendell Phillips, who, after making an impassioned speech condemning slavery, was asked, "Wendell, why are you so on fire?" Phillips looked at his friend and said: "Brother, I'm on fire because I have mountains of ice before me to melt."

Kennedy was all about melting the icy mountains of indifference. And he set about doing it both with fiery rhetoric and hard-fought legislation.

Below Fox news promotes the notion that the health care reforms would include death panels in which disabled, old or feeble would be encouraged to just go ahead & die. Goldberg & Fox News then continue with their lies claiming this is the return of Nazi Eugenics.

First it is not true. What the Bill includes is the right of a consultation paid for by Health Care services with a doctor concerning "Living Wills" so patients/clients can decide beforehand if they wish to on what action is to be taken if they are in a situation such as a coma or vegetative state what measure do they want medical staff to take ie keep the person breathing etc by machines indefinitely or to stop taking heroic measures & allow nature to take its course. Patients are not being required to take part in these consultations -
So should all efforts be mad to keep someone alive who may no longer have brain activity or be in a coma over an extended period or similar type circumstance ie chronic severe pain which can not be aliviated - Health insurance industry has been involved in Living Wills and end of life decisions for decades this is nothing new. Conservatives & Republican officials know this and yet are exaggerating the the situation to discredit health care reform.
In a living will those who wish to can decide before hand how these circumstance should be handled in their case & it is therefore a personal decision,

In Canada we have had Universal Health Car for some forty years & doctors are not instructed by the gov't to terminate patients just to save money. Doctors take all the measures they can to sustain life no matter what the circumstances . But some people have definite ideas about how these extraordinary circumstance in their case should be handled whether ceasing treatment or continuing with treatment .

More lies from Fox News-

Goldberg Compares VA Pamphlet to Nazi Eugenics

Another Faux Populist organization created by anti-Obama anti-Health Care Reform lobbyists being put under scrutiny by CREW: Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington-

The organization is
U.S.Citizens Association

Check out link for videos at U.S. Citizens Association & interviews of British MP Daniel Hannan who has been criticized for his extremist anti-Government run health care & for his radical views on others issues.
The U.S.Citizens Association on TV

CREW Urges MSNBC to Pull Misleading and Delusional Health Care Ad

WASHINGTON - August 27 - Today, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) sent a letter to MSNBC President Phil Griffin asking that MSNBC stop airing an ad sponsored by the U.S. Citizens Association. The ad, which ran at least once on August 27, 2009, during Morning Joe, violates Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations and NBC's advertising policy.

According to its website, the U.S. Citizens Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to, among other things, informing "the public on the fallacies of the information being spread by the liberal socialist organizations and the facts on capitalism versus socialism." The ad, which can be viewed on the organization's website ( opposes healthcare reform and includes the following statements:

"# Government can tax and print money, which will eliminate private healthcare and impose socialized medicine.
# You will wait months and years for treatment. Many people will not get treated at all.
# You will pay for free healthcare for over 20 million illegal aliens."

In its letter, CREW noted that some of the ad's claims are ludicrous, for example, the U.S. has been taxing citizens and printing money for over 200 years, without any obvious impact on private healthcare. Other claims, such as that healthcare will be rationed and 20 million illegal aliens will receive free healthcare, have been debunked.

The FCC expects broadcasters not to air false or misleading ads and NBC requires a "reasonable basis for the claims" made by an advertiser and that claims "fall within the bounds of reasonable debate." By airing U.S. Citizens Association's ludicrous advertisement, MSNBC appears to have violated both FCC and NBC policy.

CREW Executive Director Melanie Sloan stated, "The ad goes beyond misleading and well into delusional. There is no reasonable explanation for airing an ad that irrationally argues because the government can tax and print money, private healthcare will be eliminated. MSNBC should be embarrassed this one got through and pull it immediately."

and so it goes,

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