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Rigth-Wingers & Republicans and their Media Echo Chambers at Fox News etc.Encouraging Violence

UPDATE: 12:01 PM August 9, 2009

Frank Schaeffer is interviewed on Rachel Maddow program.

Frank Schaeffer compares the mobs and hooliganism at the Town Hall Meetings of the anti-reform of healthcare Movement to Hitler's "Brown Shirts" before Hitler came to power. He argues that the fear mongering, hate and anger raised and hyped-up by Republicans will lead to violence & possibly assassinations of political leaders and possibly President Obama. These right-wing groups are anti-democratic and unAmerican.Unless the mainstream media and Obama administration and Obama supporters do more to expose these groups as extremists who are funded and backed by corporations which are really just out to protect their own interests than these groups will represent a real danger to America.

Are Fox News & The Republicans Trying To Get Obama KILLED?

August 7, 2009. This is a followup to yesterday's post. The rhetoric coming out of Limbaugh, Fox News, and the Town Hall Tantrums is only getting worse every day. We all know how this is going to end unless the Republicans tone it down and town it down FAST.

Is the Glenn Beck program only a bit of comedy? Is it supposed to be serious news and commentary program? Well in one show he douses someone with gasoline and pretends to light him on fire to represent what Beck believes Obama is doing to the United States.
Are Limbugh and Fox News and others in the media encouraging violence against Obama, the Democrats and their supporters.

"Hardball" Reaction To Rush Comparing Democrats To Nazis

Chris Matthews, Pat Buchanan and Bob Shrum comment on Rush Limbaugh pointing out what he says are similarities between the Democratic Party and the Nazi Party.

Shrum calls it "despicable drivel," adding: "Maybe he's back on whatever he was on before."

Exposing the PR Firms Behind the Fake "Grass Roots" Anti-Healthcare Movement
Propaganda of Fear Mongering , misinformation and lies , bullying and intimidation and threats of violence. They are covering up who is really behind the Faux grass roots movement. The people behind the PR propaganda machine are corporate funded PR firms and operatives. The people taking part in disrupting and shutting down Town Hall Meetings of Democrats are mostly people bussed in from outside the area and are either people who are connected with the Republican party or are recruited by these Public Relations Firms and Lobbyists organizations. Though there may also be a number of locals who have been ginned up by the propaganda, misinformation, distortions, lies and fear mongering.

These corporations are able through these PR firms and lobbyists are able to defeat legislation which may affect their profit margins. Profit and greed are their motivation not as they claim defending American democracy or the health and welfare of the average American citizen.

Here are some of the groups which Rachel mentions which are involved in this anti-health care reform campaign:

Recess, American Majority, RS: Red State, Sam Adams Alliance, Let Freedom Ring, Patients First, Tea Party Patriots, Americans For prosperity, Smart Girl Politics, Defiance Not Fear, Americans For Limited Government, Centuries Strategies, American Liberty Alliance, Freedom Works, The Net Right Nation & Michelle Malkin.

As Rachel Maddow suggest if you can check some these groups out on line to get a better idea of what they are about and who their board members are and who supports them and who provides much of the funding for these organizations. These organizations are far from representing the spontaneous grass-roots uprising against Health care reform or other policies of the Obama administration.

lobbyist Max Pappas who is a lobbyists but then tries to give the impression he is not a real lobbyist. Meanwhile his organization is orchestrating the use of angry mobs at Town hall Meetings . His organization is not interested in the 45 million Americans who are uninsured . Their attitude is that all Health insurance & health care needs to be kept in the private market palace and they would like to end any government sponsored Medicare program . Would they also privatize all Health care for Veterans - should Iraq war veterans be made to pay for their own health care. This would really please the Republicans and the conservatives and of course the Health care and health insurance industry.

Chris Matthews to "lobbyist" Max Pappas: "You Guys Are Frauds!" (08 06 2009)

(08 06 2009) Chris Matthews (Hardball MSNBC) to "lobbyist" Max Pappas (FreedomWorks): "You Guys Are Frauds!"

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