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Obama Takes On The Health Insurance Industry And Town Hall Mobs Being Manipulated Into The Acceptance of Violence

UPDATE: 12:08 PM & 3:44 PM August 16, 2009

"Make no mistake. We as Bible-believing evangelical Christians are locked in a battle. This is not a friendly gentleman's discussion. It is a life and death conflict between the spiritual hosts of wickedness and those who claim the name of Christ. It is a conflict on the level of ideas between two fundamentally opposed views of truth and reality. It is a conflict on the level of actions between a complete moral perversion and chaos and God's absolutes. But do we really believe that we are in a life and death battle?" (31, 32).

"Do you understand now what the battle is about in the area of culture and ideas? In the last sixty years the consensus upon which our culture was built has shifted from one that was largely Christian (though we must say immediately it was far from perfect) to a consensus growing out of the Enlightenment: that is, to a consensus that stands in total anithesis to Christian truth at every point- including the denial of the supernatural; belief in the all-sufficiency of human reason; the rejection of the fall; denial of the deity of Christ and his resurrection; belief in the perfectibility of Man; and the destruction of the Bible. And with this has come a nearly total moral breakdown. There is no way to make a synthesis of these ideas and Christian truth. They stand in total antithesis," (35,36).

Above Quotes from Francis A. Schaeffer architect of the Religious Right from website: The Great Evangelical Disaster at Church

This is how Francis A. Schaeffer saw the battle between True Bible believing Christians and Secular Humanism or Godless Liberalism and the Liberalized Christian Churches which were not keeping God' Word and were bending Christian principles to fit with cultural changes and trends and by so doing rejecting True Christianity which holds to a belief in the Bible as the literal inerrant word of God. He depicts the battle as between Absolute truths and principles and laws and that of cultural and ethical and theological relativism.

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In case you missed it here is Frank A. Schaeffer exposing the lies , misinformation and propaganda tactics of the Religious Right in the United States and their ultimate goal of creating an authoritarian Bible based Theocracy in which God's Laws would be enforced and all other religions would be repressed or the believers deported or jailed or killed.The Bible says to kill them all & their livestock -

Sunday's Sermon on the dangers posed by the Religious Right on American Civil Society.

Rachel Maddow &
Former Christian Activist Frank Schaeffer son of the chief architect of The Religious Right

The Religious Right by joining the Neoconservatives and Big Business and a significant portion of the super wealthy they use various propaganda techniques to appeal to the worst motivations of those who feel disenfranchised by the the election of President Obama. It is as if the Bush era were some sort of Golden Age which has now been lost and undermined by Obama and his supporters who were deceived in their view by Obama's charismatic personality which obscured his real but hidden agenda to completely transform America into an authoritarian or dictatorial state which is seen as anathema to the founding principles and ideals of the American enterprise .
Once this sort of conspiracy theory in its numerous variations is adopted by Obama's detractors it becomes next to impossible to convince them that they are mistaken in their analysis and their view of recent American history.

The response of those who are fearful and anxious about the Obama administration is based upon misinformation , lies and propaganda and is wholly irrational. Their response as it were is on an emotional and visceral level by which they are more than willing to believe the most absurd lies told to them about President Obama and his administration.

Obama health care town hall question

Obama argues that he wishes to reform the Health Care system in America but he will not allow the Health Insurance Industry and others who are more concerned about their profit margin than the health of average American to stand in the way of this reform. He says at the moment the Health Insurance Industry is trying to hold the American people hostage so that they will attempt with all of their resources which are enormous to stop health care reform legislation which may negatively impact on their profits.

Obama health care town hall question Visit:

Dr. Warren Hern who performs late term abortions and has received numerous death threats over the years is alarmed by the harsh and strident and violent rhetoric used at the Town Hall Meetings. He saw this progression take place in the anti-abortion groups and individuals which went from violent rhetoric of the Radical Religious Right which then moved to violent acts including assassinations of abortion doctors. He wonders who will be their next targets.

Use of the term "abortion doctors" on the one hand and the use of the term Pro-Life which means the doctors are anti-life and the pro-life people are therefore justified in taking the lives of these doctors and those who are part of their staff in their abortion clinics. He also notes that many of the people who are in the so called Pro-Life movement often see no difference between abortion and birth control ie the pill or even condoms. Defining the world as being either or life versus non-life the Pro-life movement uses a slippery slope argument which leads to the creation of the Zygote as being 'Precious in God's eyes and as being pre-ordained by God. If God has the idea of the creation of a particular life then any interference into that plan is therefore by definition anti-God, anti-life and evil.

The point is that the Religious Right and the conservative movement sees everything every event every public policy proposal as being one of Good versus Evil, God versus Satan or the Demons or the Anti-Christ. So from issues such as abortion, prayer in the public schools to teaching evolution to gun control to Universal health care or fighting terrorists or invading Iraq and Afghanistan to building more nuclear weapons to defend America to the banning Harry Potter from the local library all these issues are important & are part of the Battle against Godless Liberalism, or Humanism or Marxism & atheism.For them there is no distinction as these are all important fights in the cosmic battle against Satan, the Devil and evil. This is why there can be no compromise and therefore no rational discussion with those who see the world in these black and white terms. What the Republicans and other self-interested groups or those representing Big Business and the super-wealth are doing is using the Tea Partys and Town Hall meetings for is to use these Religious Right members and other extremists to further their own self-serving agenda. If they thought appealing to Godless Liberals or Humanists or atheists would help serve their interests then that is who they would try to reach out to.

Anti-Abortionists and Pro-Life Movement began using stident & violent rhetoric in the 1970s which then increased including death threats and attacks on clinics staff Doctors and patients . The radical right has accepted the practice of bombing abortion clinics and assassinating doctors who perform abortions. As for the recent case of Dr. Tiller many pro-life leaders and supporters in their attempts at distancing themselves from violent acts then went on how Dr. Tiller paid for living an ungodly life by murdering innocent babies.

{Rachel Maddow} "I Am The Mob" -- Part II

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