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Fear Mongering Propaganda and Lies of Public Relations Firms Hired To Stop Health Care Reform and to Undermine The Obama Presidency

Gleanings from Right-Wing anti-Health Care Reform and anti-Obama websites set up by professional Public Relations firms hired to attack Obama and health Care reform. These websites employ sophisticated Propaganda techniques promoting various Conspiracy Theories , Hate & Fear Mongering appealing to Nativist & racist and anti-liberal tendencies .They appeal to those who are still outraged that a Black man is the president and that Republicans lost the election.

Above image from conservative anti-Obama anti-Health Care Reform website
And yes there are even Canadian websites promoting this sort of pernicious propaganda in which fear mongering is more important than truth.
The Canadian Sentinel Blog -anti-Global Warming , accuses Obama of setting up internment camps and doubts Obama born in America, calls him a socialist etc.

Image of Ignatieff leader of Liberal Party in Canada portrayed as anti-Canadian and as being An Obama Supporter

"Green Hell" a book found on Conservative anti-Obama websites revealing the leftist Conspiracy theories which promote erroneous notions such as Global Warming conservative
Gun Totting cat as a sniper shooting at "liberals" leftists , progressives and their political leaders including Canadian Liberal Party head Ignatieff and President Obama???
Cartoon hosted on Conservative anti-Democrat, anti-Health Care Reform and anti-Obama websites. Town Hall Meetings organizers have tried to find ways to control or stop those who are merely there to shut down such meetings by shouting and screaming and are uninterested in any sort of civil discourse (Ie people mobilized by Public Relations firms who are just in it for the money hired by the Health Care Industry)

Many of the people showing up at Town Hall Meetings have been mobilized by the Republican Party and the Healthcare Industry. This is not a spontaneous outpouring of a populist grass roots movement.

The Healthcare Industry and the conservative movement including their Media Echo chamber at Fox News and by individuals such as Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh , Michael Savage ,Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin.

These Faux Populist which are the product of the hired Public Relations firms have also set up a number of websites which all promote Big Business, the Free Market Place and the traditional Family Values and are Pro-Life and against women's reproductive rights and are anti-feminist and anti-Gay, anti-pluralism, anti-multiculturalism and want America to in their view return to its Christian roots as a Christian Nation etc. They are also anti-unions, anti-workers rights , anti-minimum wage, anti-taxes , anti-big government , anti-government regulations of businesses.

But isn't one the major reasons for the crash of the American economy a result of decades of deregulation. Of course facts and reality have little to do with Republican and Big Business propaganda.

They are fear mongering against Obama and the Health care reform calling him a socialist, a communist, a dictator and question whether he was born in the United States ie Birthers and that through illegal means in some fashion stole the 2008 election, they question his loyalty to America through arguments or innuendo that Obama is undermining America's economy, its traditional values and its security etc. For more see below videos list of organizations and some of their stated objectives and beliefs..

Keith Olbermann On Phony Grass Roots at Town Hall Meetings
August 8, 2009

Republicans sending republican workers & Aids to disrupt town hall meetings about health care. Claiming at each Town Hall meeting that they live in the area. In actuality they do not. They show up rallying local republicans with their own teams. Telling old people that this plan will have old people put to death along with handicapped . Their only goal is to stop health care from becoming reality for 48 million Americans and their children whom currently cannot get health care. Their goal is to see the nation fail if a republican is not in charge.

Obama Uses Jujitsu: Democrats Fight Back Against Townhall Mobs
August 5, 2009
Watch more at

Crooks and Liars Gretaa Van Sustern's program & Dana Loesch

From Greta Van Sustern's show Thursday night after the mess at Russ Carnahan's town
hall meeting. Dana Loesch claims she's just an ordinary person showing up at these town halls to speak her mind and no one told her or any of the rest of them to show up. Just one problem with that. She's one of the ones telling others to show up, actively promoting these protests on her web site, on her Twitter page, and she works for 97.1 FM Talk in St. Louis, Mo., which has a big flashing banner across the front of its web site right now on how to get more info on town hall meetings.

And no one has ever said that the majority of the people showing up at these protests are not really genuinely angry Americans. We've just pointed out who the ones are whipping them into a frenzy with misinformation, like you, your radio station, Fox News, right wing blogs, and your Tea Bagger organization.

Exposing the PR Firms Behind the Fake "Grass Roots" Anti-Healthcare Movement
Propaganda of Fear Mongering , misinformation and lies , bullying and intimidation and threats of violence. They are covering up who is really behind the Faux grass roots movement. The people behind the PR propaganda machine are corporate funded PR firms and operatives.
The corporations are able through these PR firms and lobbyists are able to defeat legislation which may affect their profit margins. Profit and greed are their motivation not as they claim defending American democracy or the health and welfare of the average American citizen.

Here's a list of some of the organizations behind the inciting anger & violence at Town Hall Meetings and against the Obama administration in general and attacking Obama .



RS: Red,

Sam Adams,

Let Freedom Ring,


Tea Party,

Newt Gingrich's American

Americans For prosperity,

Smart Girl

Nationwide Tea Party

American liberty Defiance Not

Tea Party

a site on which conservatives trash ACORN and lebel it a socialist UnAmerican organizationwww.Acorn

Net Right

Americans For Limited

The Washington Examiner

American Liberty,

Dick Armey Freedom,

T-Shirt ad at Zazzle conservative T-Shirts has T-Shirts with violent anti-Obama messages on them.

One of the anti-health care reform videos goes way over the top showing in their view what ordering a pizza under Obama in the future will be like because even the local pizza shop will have access to all of the info on each individual including their medical records and credit rating etc.

video What ordering pizza will be like if the health care bill passes…Posted by Admin in Recent Posts on August 5th, 2009 at Breakdown of America

And yes there are even Canadian websites promoting this sort of pernicious propaganda in which fear mongering is more important than truth.
The Canadian Sentinel Blog -anti-Global Warming , accuses Obama of setting up internment camps and doubts Obama born in America, calls him a socialist etc.

Let Freedom,

About Let Freedom Ring, Inc.

Let Freedom Ring is a non-profit, nonpartisan public policy membership organization, with a three-pronged mission statement.

Our mission is to promote:

* Constitutional government
o Original intent of the Framers of the Constitution
o Limited (Federal) government
o Separation of powers (Judiciary not legislating, etc.)
* Economic Freedom
o Free enterprise and equal opportunity
o Social Security Reform -- to achieve financial independence, not dependence
o Profit as an economic incentive
* Traditional values
o Family as the basic building block of society
o Sanctity of life
o Religious liberty, not restraint of religious speech

American Majority

American Majority specifically advocates for a reversal of the seat of government power and a return to true federalism, wherein states and localities hold the great majority of everyday government exercise. We desire to see greater:

* Freedom for Individuals
o Property rights strengthened through the reduction or elimination of property taxes is an example of this principle advanced.
o Educational freedom expanded and the power of the unions reduced or removed from our schools is an example of this principle advanced.
* Freedom in the Marketplace
o Lower corporate taxes are an example of this principle advanced.
o Reduction of government spending and waste is an example of this principle advanced.

RS: Red State,

Believe Global Warming or any such environmental concerns are just ways for the left or for the New World Order to take over all at the behest of the Illuminati or some other imaginary organization which has been operating behind the scenes for decades if not centuries.

For example a book review on their site reveals a great deal about the motivations and the conspiratorial thinking at work- Its as if they were channeling the likes of Alex Jones and other rather far out Conspiracy Theorists.

“Green Hell” - A Review

Steve Milloy's new book is a frightening story....

You might have noticed that Al Gore has recently been saying some very immodest things about anyone who dares to disagree with his views. Of course, when someone like Mr. Gore says things like that, it tells us more about his views than about those of his opponents.

And what is the real agenda of Mr. Gore and his fellow-traveling greenshirts?

If you want to find all of that scary information in one place, read “Green Hell: How Environmentalists Plan to Control Your Life and What You Can Do To Stop Them,” by Steve Milloy.

...The green agenda is just the most recent recycling of a deeply misanthropic agenda – and the greens have adopted – from whole cloth – much of the prior agenda items of earlier misanthropes.

In the world of energy, the greens profess hatred of all carbon-based forms of energy – and want to end the use of oil, coal, natural gas, etc. as soon as possible as an act of moral hygiene. However, the green energy agenda – like communism – is fatally-flawed with a large number of irreconcilable contradictions; these contradictions end up amounting to trying to prevent everything.

...The greens’ pathological hatred of motor vehicles remains as virulent as ever. One of the latest green-coercion plans is the wish to require mileage metering in all vehicles, so that drivers can be taxed based on how many miles they drive – and if necessary regulated to “permitted mileages” and punished for exceeding mileage quotas.

Mr. Milloy describes the bizarre jihad against bottled water (a new green fetish), and the green schizophrenia about farming; in the latter case, greens can’t decide if farming is good (the farmer is a “little guy”) or bad (farms use chemicals, and produce both run-off and greenhouse gases). This is an extension of the extremely destructive and long-running campaign against DDT – even though we know from good studies that DDT can be used very well in small, targeted doses, and was never nearly as dangerous as the late Rachel Carson implied. The green insistence on allowing no DDT use whatsoever is costing thousands of lives (mostly of children) every year.

Red State propaganda film- anyone who dares question the policies begun under the Bush administration regarding The War on Terrorism or the War in Iraq or Afghanistan is not a real American and is anti-American and pro-terrorist. We've been hearing this sort of propaganda since 9/11 in which the horrors of 9/11 are used to shut down any criticisms of these policies. So if Obama and his supporters decide to change these policies it is because they are anti-American. The issue is that it is difficult for many patriotic Americans even now to accept the fact that they were lied to by the Republicans, the Bush Regime and much of the media about the necessity to go to war against Saddam and Iraq.

And another organization "Smart Girl Politics" makes the same old Religious Right and extreme right conservatives as were made in the 1980s about secular Humanists or in the 1964 Goldwater campaign or during the McCarthyism era in the 1950s. In this sense at least one could say these conservatives are in favor of a bit of recycling of tired old right wing Conspiracy Theories .

Smart Girl Politics

Smart Girl Politics is a grass roots organization that promotes the opinions and principles of conservative women. We are dedicated to the advancement of conservative women in all levels of government. Men are more than welcome to join.

Smart Girl Politics (SGP) started as a blog in July of 2008. In November of 2008, Stacy Mott, Founder and President of SGP, placed a help wanted ad on her blog asking for conservative women to join her in a new conservative women's movement. Within a week, she had 60 emails from women who wanted to get involved.

Once the group decided to stick with the name that started it all, Smart Girl Politics, they grabbed the name in every form they could find on the internet. Finally, a home was found here on the ning site where one of the fastest growing and hottest organizations on the internet began to take shape. Many of the women in leadership positions for SGP were some of those first to respond to the ad, including Co-Founder and Executive Director, Teri Christoph.

1. To strengthen support for those political candidates demonstrating a keen and unapologetic commitment to our conservative values.
2. To support individual and collective efforts that improve our local, state and national conservative communities.
3. To debate and develop clear positions that encourage conservative activism and consumerism in order to counter the negative or injudicious activity of popular culture via the mainstream media.
4. To strengthen our community economic development in ways that reflect fiscal conservatism and responsible capitalism.
5. To empower and educate women on the important role they play in the future of our country.
6. To celebrate our differences and challenge our paradigms through accountable and responsible thoughts and actions.

and so it goes,

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