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Exhaltation of Violence Rachel Maddow -Beck Fights Beck on Health Care

UPDATE: 11:42 AM , Aug. 15, 2009

Extremist & Fringe groups talk about violence is now sounding as if it were a real & rational political action & response by the Republicans and Fox News and other anti-Obama media personalities and networks . They appear to be in a mind set in which they feel so desperate to protect the status quo that violence is seen as a rational response to Obama's attempts at reform of health care and other issues ie abortion, taxes,bail-outs, National Security, Guantanamo etc.

So Big Business including the Health Care Industry, Health Care Insurance & Big Coal and Big Oil and all the Big Corporations who fear Obama's reforms or changes are not shy about stirring up the conservative base even to the point of violence in order to defeat the Obama Administration.

The acceptance of violence as a political response is all too likely when it is combined with misinformation, fear mongering and constant alarmist talk about the Obama administration attempting to destroy traditional America. Glenn Beck cries and shouts that Obama and his cronies are out to push a radical leftist Communistic, collectivist, Fascistic agenda . Odd though how the same people defended Bush's agenda of creating a bigger government and adding whole new departments such as Homeland Security and draconian acts such as the Patriot Act.

Maddow on The Exhaltation of Violence

Rachel maddow -I am The Mob 1-Aug. 12, 2009

Olbermann Fox News Glenn Beck fighting himself on Health care the best or worst in the world depends on what his handlers tell him or what will raise his ratings or will fit in with his current agenda- Newt Gingrich contradicting himself-

Keith Olbermann: "Fox suffers from Beck backlash" - 8/14/2009

Bureaucrat between American citizens at present is the Health Insurance Industry

The Truth About Healthcare Public Option -- Howard Dean
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Stories by Average Americans about the problems & outrageous costs of Health Care

Outrageous Costs Of Health Care Insurance & Medical Care


Organizing for America has collected hundreds of thousands of personal health care stories. The grassroots effort is building support in communities across the country for a plan that adheres to President Obama's three principles for reform: lowering costs, preserving patient choice and increasing access to quality care.

Sharon has worked in the food industry for 18 years. For 10 years had a family health insurance plan that cost about $200 a month, then in 2001, her employer cut benefits (as so many smaller firms have done in recent years) and started offering a new health insurance plan with less comprehensive coverage. Figuring having some health insurance was better then having none at all, Sharon enrolled. But after a trip to the doctor and subsequent tests and procedures - including a mammogram, sonograms and a stereotactic biopsy to remove two precancerous growths - Sharon unexpectedly found herself thousands of dollars in debt because her insurance plan only covered a small fraction of the costs. She tried to apply for financial assistance, but because she technically had insurance, she wasnt eligible for help. The fine print of insurance policies are notoriously difficult to understand, and often result in confusion over what is and isnt covered. Sharon set up a payment plan and eventually paid off her medical bills, but not before being harassed by bill collectors asking her to send more money.

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