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Racist Hate Monger Geert Wilder Permitted to Speak In America

Anyway as we have seen the US military has a significant number of Evangelical Fundamentalist in the chain of command who are influencing policies and attitudes of US soldiers. Some within the US military believe that they are on a mission from God to defeat Islam and to help spread Christianity. These Christians believe that their religion is superior to any other and therefore have a negative attitude about Islam .

This is what passes as acceptable speech in America and much of the West when it comes to referring to Islam.
Anti-Islam Hate Applauded at Florida Synagogue

From: May 05, 2009
Nazi-Like Hate Speech Applauded At Synagogues By Yusuf Khan May 1, Courtesy Of The Examiner at Free Thought Manifesto

This is one of those kinds of news (items) that would be too ridiculous to be true, if it actually wasn't true.

Geert Wilders, a fanatical politician from the Netherlands was recently on tour in the US.

Banned in the UK for his never-ending anti-Muslim hate rants where he perpetually endeavors to instigate violence against immigrants, Wilders was shamelessly welcomed in the US by Rep. Adam Hasner (R-FL).

But you'd be surprised to learn the venue where the atheist Wilders and his vitriol was most warmly received: in synagogues - both in Florida as well as in Massachusetts.

Geert Wilder because of his extremist statements is not allowed to enter Great Britain but he is permitted in the US to spew his vile hate Speech.
Geert Wilder tells U.S. audience in a Synagogue that America and Europe should stop all immigration from predominately Islamic countries
If they are in America or Europe if they commit a crime they should be sent back to their country of origin
Islam is a religion which preaches in favor of a totalitarian system of government

Geert Wilders isn't merely talking in theoretical or theological terms but claims that Islam is an evil religion which preaches totalitarianism. Of course if one reads the Old Testament of the Bible one would come to similar conclusions about Christianity & Judaism. By cherry-picking the Quran or the Bible one can prove that either religion is pro-violence or pacifists or are in favor of The Just War Doctrine ..
For instance the 9/11 attacks were not justified according to the Quran. Whereas the invasion of Iraq even under the Just War Doctrine was not justifies.. The abuse and torture of prisoners by the Americans and British was also not & is not justified - -
Wilders goes further promoting a public policy of not allowing Muslims into America or other Western countries. As for those Muslims who have immigrated to the West he asks that they be repatriated to their country of origin. If a Muslim commits a crime he says they should be deported even if they are US citizens. So this would just be a matter of finding an excuse for deportation. Does he require the same for all Hindus, Buddhists , Catholics or will that come later etc.

Wilder's attitude is just the same as those who are anti-Semitic. Americans and Europeans seem to forget that a vicious and often violent form of anti-Semitism was prevalent throughout Europe for centuries long before the rise of Hitler. Hitler to a great extent was just playing on a deep seated hatred and suspicion of all Jews which was prevalent in Germany & Austria and Poland and France and the Soviet Union. The head of Immigration in Canada between 1933 to the 1950s did everything in his power to prevent European Jews from entering Canada . When asked how many Jewish refugees Canada should accept he infamously said "None is Too Many" so that's part of our Christian anti-Semitic Heritage. But Canadians still deny that we were ever an anti-Semitic nation. But historical facts mean nothing to those who want to re-write history to claim that only the NAZIs were anti-Semitic. If we accept the truth then we have to try to come to terms with our rather ugly past.

And now it seems many Europeans, Canadians and American's feel justified in hating all Muslims and all Arabs . This has become one of the more acceptable prejudices in our society since 9/11. That's why the killing of 500,000 to 1,000,000 Iraqis means nothing to us and in fact many in our society seem to take great pride in the massive deaths of Muslims and Arabs and Afghans etc. The only good Arab it appears is a dead Arab. What our Europeans ancestors once did to native Americans we are now doing to the peoples of the Middle East .

Anyway here's the first part of Geert Wildeer's film- Some may find it disturbing and or offensive
I am posting this for the purpose of education and critique
it is a sleek piece of racist propaganda-
Fitna The Movie: Geert Wilder's documentary about Islam

and now a similar video on Christianity.Shows the brutality of Western Soldiers in Iraq combined with footage of the infamous film"Jesus Camp" in which childredn are taught to be warriors of God and that one day with enough Evangelical Fundamentalist involved in politics that Washington will become dominated by them though some believe it already is.

RE: Fitna - Schism (The Bible version of Fitna)
Western Soldiers( UK) beating the crap out of Iraqi children we are told is justified besides these children are not Westerners or even Christians -
Christian children should be taught to become warriors for God to spread by Force if Necessary Christianity to the world.
" We (the Christians ) have the Truth "

The Bush Regime and the Pentagon & the Armed Forces promoted Evangelical Fundamentalism and believed that the War on Terror was a War for Jesus and against the False Religion of Islam
"My God is Bigger Than His " General William Boykin
Christians are permanently involved in a Holy War
RADICAL AMERICAN CHRISTIANS want to convert the whole world
in German and English

and so it goes,

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