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Right Wing Media and Hate Radio Attack Obama Still Spewing their Lies and Propaganda and Fear Mongering

Anyway let's begin with some outlandish attacks on President Obama by Fox News ala Glenn Beck Sean Hannity & Rush Limbaugh. To the ultra conservatives and the Republicans and the Religious Right President Obama is the worst thing in their view that could happen to America. They characterize Obama as being a wolf in sheep's clothing a secret Muslim or they fear Obama might be a communist or the Anti-Christ or that he is out to destroy the White Power structure in America.

Sean Hannity attacks President Obama his supporters and the media for treating Obama with some respect and for not attacking him during the inauguration. Limbaugh and Hannity go on about Obama being in favor of Big Government and evil Socialism. Hannity and Limbaugh bring up Ayers ACORN and the Chicago Way ala " The Untouchables "- and so continue their smear campaign against Obama. Limbaugh refers to Obama's fringe kook base but isn't Limbaugh part of the Republicans Kook base of racist, nativist who claim that there is a conspiracy against white Evangelical Christians as it were. These are the ones who use the issues such as illegal immigration as a cover for spewing their racist hatred and fear mongering and talk about the demise of America and American values. . They fear that soon white Americans will become a minority and lose their power and status in America. Once upon a time their predecessors went about fear mongering about Irish Immigrants or Italian Immigrants or Asian Immigrants or Jewish Immigrants etc. now its the Latinos and Mexicans and Arabs that they fear.

FOX News: Limbaugh Cuts Loose On Obama with Hannity, Pt. 1

Glenn Beck highlights his own ignorance and racist view- According to Glenn Beck one is never to mention race especially if you are black while a black president is being sworn in. Beck says he has been praying for Obama to succeed or is he afraid Obam's agenda is not going to stick with the status quo. Does Beck really forget the anger of the Republicans at their rallies during the election and all the accusations that Obama was a secret communist, terrorists, or anti-American or not a "Real American " and that with Obama as President America was heading for disaster.

Glenn Beck outraged at Rev. Lowry's Benediction: 'Can You Imagine Anyone Else Saying Something Like That?!'

And Beck claims that he wishes Obama well : if so what does this video say about that. if this isn't racist fear mongering I don't know what is.

Glenn Beck presents the Obama National Anthem-Oct. 6, 2008

This next video is even more offensive for it suggests that President Obama is going to lead America into a totalitarian state. This seems odd since it was the Bush Cheney Regime which acted without considering the views of average Americans . As Cheney and Bush said when confronted with the people's disapproval of their policies they said So! They claimed to be doing what was necessary for America's security which is just what Hitler argued in 1933 after the burning of the Reichstag.

Warning I am posting this video for educational purposes to illustrate the level of hatred and fear of Obama for the Conservatives and Republicans in America & many may find it offensive-

President Obama Inauguration Ceremony, Washington D.C.-
Uses images of Hitler to compare Hitler's popularity to that of Obama's popularity

as the YouTube user says about it:

The fight has just begun, yes we can!

God bless President George W. Bush for doing what is right even in the face of disloyal liberals across this country.

I want every single person who voted for Obama to remember that vote proudly over the coming years. After all, you are one of the many who brought upon the nightmare that will hurt all of us regardless of color, religion or politics.

More videos below showing the constant nasty outrageous inflammatory attacks on Obama going back almost two years. These videos also illustrate how out of the touch these members of the Far Right are from mainstream America which is a little to the left of center. But first my take on all this and a little rant as it were.

Issue : Propaganda , Lies ,Racism, Bigotry and the Purveyors of Hate

There is another issue which it is difficult to discuss and that is what seems to be a resurgence in the United States of the most vile forms of racism sometimes merely disguising itself as justified criticisms of President Barack Obama. During the Bush administration the mainstream media and the ultraconservatives and the Far Right defended bush at every turn and claimed he was one of America's greatest presidents. They also complained about those they perceived as being " liberal" or " progressive " from Bill Moyers to Arianna Huffington to or Air America, People For The American Way ,The Southern Poverty Law Center and Human Rights Watch & Amnesty International. org to Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow to Amy Goodman at Democracy Now etc. as being disloyal Americans or even as traitors to criticize the president in a time of war. and that it didn't matter if that president were a Republican or a Democrat .

But this argument was abandoned and everything seems to have changed overnight once Obama was sworn in as the new president for the ultraconservatives and the Mainstream Media treat Obama with little respect as in part they are incredulous that a black man who is also considered a liberal has become president. This fact taps into their worst illogical and irrational fears about blacks and liberals.We saw this in the Republican's campaign against Barack Obama which way beyond a bit of over zealous rhetoric but rather became the spewing of hate and racism in all its forms.

Even now on the internet and elsewhere there are those who act as if it were the end of the world that a black man is now the president of the United States. These purveyors of hate compare President Barack Obama to the Anti-Christ or to Adolph Hitler as if President Obama had some nefarious plan to radically change America in various ways to institute some sort of Communist Regime or Fascist Regime or that he intends to treat White Americans as second class citizens . Much of this is as psychologists point out is a form of projection on the part of White Supremacists or radical ultraconservatives who if they were to take power they treat various groups as second class citizens ie non-white Americans and non-white immigrants or the Jews or Muslims or some other religious or ethnic group which they despise, hate and or for whatever reason irrationally fear.

So these racists and purveyors of hate look inside themselves and consider what they would do if they had total and absolute power and so see President Barack Obama as having in their view similar irrational hatreds and fears . So they picture a worse case scenario and post films of the Nazis and Adolph Hitler with some sort of voice over mimicking phrases from Obama's speeches about change etc. What they fear in their twisted messed up heads is that President Obama will decide its payback time for the hundreds of years in which blacks in America have suffered injustices at the hands of White Americans. Because in their hearts if they had suffered so they would feel the need to make those they believed to be responsible for their suffering to be made to suffer. This is why in part the racist lashes out at some group or other instead of trying to resolve their own pain and confusion and sense of victimization.

It is unfortunate that such racists and hate mongers still exist in America in fairly large numbers. What is worse is that there are those who under the guise of legitimate criticism also spew such venom sometimes overtly or most of the time with more subtlety. These are those Ultraconservatives who fill the airwaves as plain talking no spin zone types of AM Radio talk shows or are even invited on Faux News TV shows and networks where they talk in code constantly attacking minorities or Immigrants legal or illegal who stoke the flames of ignorance and bigotry because they are bigots themselves or promoting a certain agenda and they will appeal even to the worst bigots to get their support or to improve their ratings or just to sell more books. They appeal to the Lowest Common Denominator and get a kick out deriding anyone who does not buy into their bigoted or racist conspiracy theories or their simplification of complex issues into good versus evil or us against them. And who is "Them" or "They" they are the other whom these purveyors of hate have demonized and dehumanized .

We see this hatred and disdain for the Other in the babbling and convoluted and circular and unfounded arguments and twisted logic of people like Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham ,Bill O'Reilly,Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Michael Savage or Glenn Beck to Lou Dobbs and FOX News- their voices range from the bombastic to the extremely angry to the syrupy guy who reminds one of Mr. Rogers to the shrill cackling of someone who thinks they are as funny as Oscar Wilde. In the end it is still the same vicious over the top rhetoric of a bigot who 's arguments are baseless and who thinks by making a smart-ass remark or quip or by shouting and banging a table with their fist they will clinch the debate because in their mind no matter what their half-baked conspiratorial views of the world are right and no facts will ever deter their passion and certitude.

We hope in the future these voices will become more muted and that they are challenged in a reasonable manner by those with whom they interact in the Mainstream Media or when they show themselves to be intolerant witless hate-mongers that this is pointed out in no uncertain terms because they can not that easily be ignored- it is better to shine a light on their hate mongering no matter how eloquent they may seem to be - a racist is still a racist for all that and all that- And to ignore them is to do so at our peril since they will continue to spew their nonsense and will eventually find fertile ground in the the disenchanted or disenfranchised or those who see themselves as victims of unknown dark forces as it were.

So anyway let's see what these supposedly fair-minded Bush supporters were saying about Obama during the election and to the run up to the election . So lest we forget here's some video footage of these ultraconservatives real views on Barack Obama. So you tell me how much of this sounds like " fair and balanced " and intelligent journalism To me it just appears to be a mud-slinging match and fear mongering and the most hateful and divisive kind of so called political commentary. It also shows why the Republicans lost since they were unable to focus on the issues which were seen as important to average Americans who just wanted the Bush Nightmare to end .

He's a smoker, his middle name is Hussein, went to a Madrassa?

Fox News! Obama-Part 2. March 14,2008
Obama not a patriot, associated with a racist church, anti-American, compare to Mao & Hitler
Sounds like Hitler- the only reason he's a big deal is because he is black

When It Comes to Obama, The FOX is WRONG!
an affirmative action presidency-Michael Savage
Aug. 14, 2008

Michelle Malkin on the Obama/Muslim smears-March 3,2008

More Racist Comments On Stage at McCain Rally
April 8, 2008

Racist McCain Palin Supporters-Oct. 9, 2008
His name and blood line means he is a terrorists.

Why McCain and Palin lost
GOP Sinks To New Low - Dole's Sleazy "Godless" Ad-Oct. 29, 2008

Glenn Beck - The Obama Socialist Agenda
April 27, 2008

The Next four years in America with Marxist Obama
June 5, 2008
The country is going to turn into a Marxist shit-hole. After he fucks up the economy, it's going to look like the movie "A Clockwork Orange. "

Laura Ingraham - Obama, Marxism and OUR Future

Ann Coulter - Obama the Socialist that Wants to Surrender to America's enemies

Ann Coulter claims Obama is a racist and anti-white, anti-American
Anne Coulter on Hannity and Colmes , Obama = Hitler
Anne Coulter says, "Obama is a dime store Hitler."

and so it goes,

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