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Israeli Forces Bomb UN Compound In Gaza: Israeli War Crimes Continue

The Unite Nations compound which is well marked and known to the Israeli forces as a UN compound has been bombed by Israeli forces. Israeli are also accused of using Phosphorus shells on the compound. This is yet another War Crime. But it appears Israel is once again showing its lack of respect if not hatred towards the UN and all other humanitarian organizations and relief workers and human rights workers in Gaza. The Israelis want all such groups to leave Gaza and or to stop telling the world what is going on in Gaza. The Israeli have kept most of the Press out of Gaza but have been unable to control the UN relief workers or others in Gaza.

Of course the United States will refuse to condemn this act since the United States under Bush has been treated with disdain and distrust. Will Obama and Hillary Clinton act differently , probably not . Since Hillary has also said she supports Israel unconditionally. While Obama fears that any criticism of Israel will be characterized as anti-Semitism.

Note how the CNN anchor tries to claim that the UN compound was merely caught in the cross-fire while the UN official keeps saying that this is not the case . Israel he says deliberately bombed the UN compound.

Israeli (IDF)attack on UN Compound in Gaza-Jan. 15, 2009
*BREAKING NEWS* U.N. caught in the crossfire

U.N. caught in the crossfire

John Ging of the U.N. joins CNN to discuss damages to the UNRWA compund in Gaza.

In the clip below of a pro-Israel demonstration in New York Includes extremist statements against the Palestinians and Muslims. Note the use by one demonstrator of disease analogy of " a Cancer which needs to be removed" which is the sort of analogy often used by racists against the racial, religious, or ethnic groups which they hate and demonize and dehumanize by seeing them not as human beings but as diseased cells or vermin etc.

Pro-Israel Rally Against Gaza...A Max Blumenthal Video

Not all Israelis or all Jews outside Israel support the current actions of Israel against Gaza.

Jewish women protesting against Israel- Occupy Israeli Consulate in Toronto, Canada

Tens of Thousands Demonstrate Globally Against Israeli Actions, Jewish Women Among Those Leading Protests

Tens of thousands of people took to streets over the weekend in cities across the globe to demonstrate against Israel’s assault on Gaza. Some of the protests have been organized by Jewish groups who are speaking out against Israel’s actions. We speak with two Jewish women for peace: Dorothy Zellner, one of fifteen Jews who have signed a call for a protest in front of the Israeli consulate in New York, and Judy Rebick, who organized a sit-in comprised of Jewish Canadian women at the Israeli consulate in Toronto.

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"Israel's Free Ride Ends":
As Israel pulverises Gaza, questions and doubts about Israeli policy are becoming more prominent in the American media By Michelle Goldberg January 14, 2009 "The Guardian"


Chronology: Which Side Violated the Israel-Gaza Ceasefire?
The Bush Administration and The New York Times v. Amnesty International By Howard Friel January 14, 2009 ""


"Independent Groups Debunk Israeli War Propaganda" By Thalif Deen, IPS News. Jan. 15, 2009

UNITED NATIONS (IPS) - As the Israelis try to justify the massive loss of civilian life in Gaza, their arguments and counter-charges continue to be shot down either by the United Nations or by international human rights organizations.

Did the Israelis misidentify a school run by the U.N. Relief Works Agency (UNWRA), where 43 Palestinians seeking shelter were killed in an early morning air strike? Or were there Hamas gunmen shooting from the school drawing Israeli fire?

Neither assertion is accurate, says John Ging, UNRWA's director of operations in Gaza.

All U.N. schools in Gaza are clearly marked, and they fly the Organization's distinctly discernible blue-and-white flags.

Moreover, he told reporters, Israel has been provided with Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates of all of UNRWA's installations in Gaza.


"Civilian casualties: Human rights groups accuse Israelis of war crimes"By Donald Macintyre and Kim Sengupta in Jerusalem/ 15 January 2009

Israel is under suspicion of committing war crimes and should halt the "clear and present danger to the lives and well-being of tens of thousands of civilians" in Gaza, nine of the country's main human rights organisations have declared.

The Israeli organisations have written to the government, armed forces chiefs and the attorney general, condemning the "unprecedented" harm to a civilian population now in "extreme humanitarian distress", the "wanton use of lethal force" and a series of what it says are "blatant violations of the laws of warfare".

These include the fact that, apart from the death toll, with border crossings closed residents are unable to escape the war zone and are living in "fear and terror". The organisations also cited the dire capacity problems of Gaza's hospital system and the failure to evacuate about 600 wounded and chronically ill patients; what they say is prevention by the army of rescue teams reaching isolated areas which have come under intensive attack; and the fact that, with sewage now flowing in many streets, more than half a million people are without clean water and 250,000 residents have been without electricity for 18 days. Another million residents are without power at any one time, the organisations said.

The agencies also said 12 medical personnel had been killed, and another 17 injured, and that there had been 15 separate attacks on medical facilities. Meanwhile, Israel was hitting civilian targets which it defined as military solely because they are defined as "symbols of power" in Hamas-controlled Gaza.

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