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Barack Obama & Racism In America :White Supremacists Claim Election of Obama Good For Their Cause

UPDATE #3: 5:31 pm. Nov. 18

Anyway it seems that Hate Groups have been increasing in the United States exponentially since George Bush came to power in 2000 .Concern over Immigration and illegal immigration after 9/11 have become the newest tool in nativist and white Supremacist groups as a rationale for their racist attacks. The Mass Media has been playing up the subject of illegal aliens as if these illegal aliens are to blame for everything negative in American society.

Many of these Hate groups and Anti-Immigration groups are covertly or overtly racist including White Supremacists including various Aryan Nations ,Neo-Nazis , Skinheads and the Ku Klux Klan . Would they be on the rise because they hate Bush or is it that during his term in office and the increase in influence of the conservative movement and ideas that these groups feel embolden in their recruiting and their activities. It could be argued that the events of 9/11 has led to fear and uncertainty in the American psyche that it is equivalent to a psychotic break which leads to various irrational and emotional responses. This then is fertile ground in which fear mongers and Hate Groups can toil and can expect to even flourish. And the Bush Regime has stoked America's fear and paranoia through its use of a steady diet of Propaganda and Fear Mongering. When the government or its propagandist in the public square are willing to promulgate hatred and fear of all Muslims and all Arabs or to standby as its own military promotes & indulges in racist views and caricatures and stereotypes of all Iraqi & Afghan citizens then it becomes easier for the average American to also accept these caricatures as being a representation of reality. So bashing Muslims & Arabs etc. becomes acceptable in the Media and then by the public in general spreading racism and hatred.

So you have those like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson etc. who believe 9/11 was a sign from God that America has not kept to its original founding principles of Christian values. They therefore blame Gay activists and the Feminist Movement and the Sexual Revolution and sexual promiscuity and easy divorce and easy access to abortion and evils such as tolerance and multiculturalism for America's decline. They also believe America was not using its power to attack and crush any group or nation which did anything which went against America's interest.

So the explanation offered by Falwell and others is a simplification of the issues surrounding the terrorist attack of 9/11. God's displeased with America so God allows a terrorist attack to take place on America.

George W. Bush's response to 9/11 was to call for a " Crusade " and talked as did other conservatives of it being a " Clash of Civilizations" or that America was now besieged from all sides and that countries were either with America or against America fueling a Manichean or dualistic mindset of us against them and good against evil. But 9/11 was the act of one particular fanatical terrorist organization and did not represent an all out war of the Islamic world against Christianity or the West. By framing the attack in the way that he did Bush merely used the attack to justify invading Afghanistan and Iraq while threatening various other countries. Bush might have been better off to ask for the help of other countries to use their intelligence agencies , their contacts etc. to locate Al Qaeda and to have its members arrested- that is, if Bush's intention was primarily to track down Osama Bin Laden and not an excuse to proceed with a Neoconservative agenda to use force to get countries to be more friendly with the United States and to help further America's business interests.

There are those in American society who look for an easy answer to whatever ails America. If someone suggest that illegal-immigration and even legal immigration is a complex issue for which there maybe a complex series of actions which need to be taken this is seen as a mere cop-out . For instance the cost and manpower needed to round up all of the estimated 12 million illegals is seen as an extremely costly task. The American economic meltdown and the mess it has made in its War on Terror there are those who need someone to blame. The white racist including some in the media will blame minority groups including illegal immigrants and visible minorities and the poor for America's woes. For how else can they explain that such an exceptional country as the United States which the far right sees as the chosen nation of God how could it end up in such a mess. They believe that Jews and Black Americans and liberals are out to undermine Christian White American values.They believe that illegal immigration is one of a number of tactics being used by those who really control America to change America in a radical manner to the extent that eventually Whites in America will be in the minority . This irrational conspiracy theory thinking coincides with their other fears which they hold in common with the Radical Religious Right and many conservatives is that of the so-called Gay-Agenda in which Gays in America they believe want to somehow transform the majority of American heterosexuals into Gays & Lesbians through the use of propaganda and the infiltration of Gays into American institutions.

To White Supremacists the granting of civil-rights to African Americans is at the root of what ails America today. They further claim things have gotten worse in America since the emergence of African-Americans into positions of authority and power. To them and it seems to a lot of American conservatives the election of Barack Obama means the end of America as they know it. The White Supremacists of course believes that Obama must be removed from the Presidency by whatever means necessary including assassination. The election of Barack Obama they see as proof that America is going in the wrong direction . America they believe was founded as a white Christian nation but has lost its way and so must be returned to, in their view, its original ideal pure state of being White & Christian. In order to accomplish this they would have all non-whites and non-Christians tossed out of the country .

But given the anger and fear mongering raised throughout the Palin/McCain campaign as they accused Obama of being a " Domestic Terrorists" ; a " Secret Muslim" ; or a " Socialist or "Communist" the Republicans have created an environment where the unthinkable may happen. The attacks on Barack Obama didn't just begin after Palin entered the race but were ongoing on the Part of the Republicans and conservatives and by the Hate Radio Shock Jocks and especially FOX News week after week if not day in and day out they made up BS to try to scare people away from Barack Obama. So if anything horrible happens FOX News and the Republicans and conservatives in their whipping up such doubts and hatred of Barack Obama should be seen as contributing to such an event. When you encourage people in your audience to shout out " Kill Him " etc. you have the responsibility to set your audience straight. McCain and Palin and the Republicans and the conservative movement did little or nothing to stop the use of inflammatory rhetoric or to censure those who spoke out in such a way or those in the campaign who stoked the fires of racism and hatred and took part in fear mongering. It is only as time went on and it became obvious that such tactics were not working and were causing a backlash that conservatives started to bail on McCain and to distance themselves from his campaign.

It seems to me that the more that Americans are willing to openly discuss the issue of race and racism and realize it has been part of American history and culture then it will help Americans to start actually doing things to improve race-relations. The other thing is that the media should be more critical of overtly and covertly racist organizations. As we have seen many of the anti-immigration organizations are in fact racist and immigration is just at the moment an easy target or one that it is easy for many Americans to see as important. One needs to examine these groups defining of the issue and their solutions.

When someone who is supposedly more mainstream like Bill O'Reilly or Rush Limbaugh or John McCain or Ann Coulter or those spokespersons at Fox News begin talking about illegal immigrants using racist language & name calling, or comparing illegals to an "infestation" or overly generalizing " all illegals are "criminal low-lifes" or " lazy" and "welfare cheaters" etc. this is just another form of racism. Because they are Media personalities or are considered political pundits or characterized as conservative intellectuals doesn't mean they should not mean that they can get away with saying whatever they want to say. When Ann Coulter describes all Arabs and Muslims by the racist term "rag heads " and then says America should invade their countries and either kill them or convert them to Christianity this is no different than similar things that are said by members of the American NAZI Party or the Ku Klux Klan. Yet she and other Hate Mongers are the heroes of the conservative movement in America and she is treated by the Media as if she were some sort of non-partisan intellectual or political pundit and scholar yet she is none of these.

Anyway there have been various responses by racist organizations in America to the election of Barack Obama - some speak openly about killing Obama and seem to believe and encourage the idea that a group or some individual may try to kill Obama ( there was a video of a Klan leader expressing this view but it has since been removed from YouTube)others think that the election of Barack Obama will act as a catalyst for increasing recruitment for White Supremacist groups.

The blatantly White Supremacist anti-Semitic National Alliance takes Obama to task for appointing Jews to important positions in his administration

National Alliance: O Come, O Come Emmanuel by Erich Gliebe

The AP said Rahm Emanuel "is known as a foul-mouthed practitioner of brass-knuckled politics who relishes both conflict and publicity." Maybe the AP is using code words to say he is a typical Jew?

Broadcast Date: November15, 2008As one of his first acts Obama has appointed Rahm Emanuel (and several less stereotypical Jews) to powerful positions in his administration. This does not bode well. Why? Erich Gliebe explains, "the trouble is that America is already tottering economically due to a giant national debt. National debt grows as a nation borrows more and more money. Jews are international moneylenders, professional usurers who set up banks and loan money to countries for a profit. In other words, Jews profit while countries sink deeper into debt. Unfortunately, those to whom they owe money politically manipulate debtor nations. In other words, whoever controls a nation's debt controls that nation's future. Jews have played this game very successfully for centuries."

And the American NAZI Party claims that having Barack Obama elected as President will actually help their movement. They believe this will awaken Americans to the threat of multiculturalism and other dangerous liberal policies which leads to the mixing of the races and a move towards " Communism " and the destruction of America .

National Socialist Movement Party Headquarters.org

Why Obama is Good for Our Movement
President-Elect Obama is going to be the spark that arouses the “white movement”. Obama’s win is our win. We should all be happy (about )of this event.

also see: Jim Gilchrist's Minuteman Project Patriots Protecting America

and : The Offspring:White Ayran Resistence ; Possibly the greatest website ever made
and: ZogsNightmare.com

and their sister site which is overtly racist distasteful and repugnant hard to believe it is not banned just visiting made me feel dirty- the pornography of racism: Shitskin.com

These groups justify the use of violence against what they consider to be an illegitimate government which is controlled by certain groups of people such as Jews, Blacks, Catholics, liberals and atheists and therefore does not represent the Will of the American people. Much of their ideology fits in with similar conservative notions that the United States is to a great extent under the control or spell of " Godless Liberals ", or " secular Humanists " who have infiltrated all of America's institutions including the government, the schools , universities and the Media.

and also check out from the fanatical fringe of the Right to Life-Anti-Abortion Movement The Creator's Rights Party of Neal Horsley who's site once contained the names of abortion doctors with their work and home addresses and phone numbers as a sort of hit list for True Believers who might want to take action. If a doctor or other staff of an abortion clinic is killed that is assassinated a line is drawn through that name. Horsley's group also uses intimidation of clients of abortion clinics by videotaping & photographing clients going in and out of abortion clinics.

Fox News Jokes About Killing Obama-May 25 2008
Speaker mispeaks says Killing Obama instead of saying Osama and then says Kill both of them if we could- would it be so funny and so easy to forgive and forget if someone said the same thing about President Bush or Dick Cheney or McCain or Palin. No the networks would have gone nuts about such a remark being made by a Democrat or liberal about a conservative public figure.

Note offensive language & images
Racism on Fox News
Black College Students v. Fox News: Racism on Barack Obama

MSNBC Slams Fox News For Being Racists "Akin to KKK" 3/22/2008

In this clip Pat Buchanan suggests that a big part of the reason Obama is popular is because he is black.
Pat Buchanan's racist ways surfaces.....
During a debate on Live With Dan Abrams, Pat Buchanan shows off the old 50's style of "how to talk to black people".

In this clip from the Young Turks Pat Buchanan uses the word " Exotic " to describe Obama. Again Buchanan claims many people are supporting Obama just because he is black and that the Republicans have the right to qustion and raise doubts about why so many people support Obama. He also suggest that the Republicans should use race as part of their campaign along with digging up any associations Barack Obama has had as a form of guilt by Association . So Buchanan has no problem with the campaign becoming negative and down right nasty as it did. What he didn't count on is that most Americans this time around were not going to fall for this sort of underhanded smear and fear campaign with racist undertones and instead they voted for Barack Obama.

From the Young Turks-June 13, 2008
Pat Buchanan Uses An Interesting Word To Describe Obama

Pat Buchanan shows his racist streak. Believes it was better when black people " Negroes" were christrian patriotic conservaives' who knew their place in American society.

The Young Turks -Pat Buchanan Wants To Take Us Back To The 50s
March 20, 2008
Watch more of this stuff at http://www.theyoungturks.com

Mainstream Media tolerates and promotes Pat Buchanan's style of racism as being okay. Buchanan thinks black americans should appreciate what has been done for them over the centuries by White America. Buchanan argues that being brought to America on slave ships helped black people for they were then introduced to Christianity and Plantation Slavery.

Buchanan like many Americans seems unable to come to grips with America's real history which is not always as flattering as the Mythical History of America which many Americans prefer over the reality. According to the American Mythos America has always been a bastion of democratic freedom and equality from its conception in 1776. But at that time only white males who were property owners had the right to vote or to have a say in how the nation was to be configured and what its agenda and policies should be.

Bill Maher and guests on Pat Buchanan
April 6, 2008

Ann Coulter who is the Queen of Hate & Racism and loved by American Conservatives & especially by Fox News but she also gets time on other networks as well besides selling millions of copies of her Paranoid Hate Mongering Racist books so what does this say about American Conservatives?

For more on Neo-Nazi Ann Coulter:

From Counter Punch.org: February 10, 2005/Where is Geronimo, When You Really Need Him? The Racism of Ann Coulter By KURT NIMMO

Coulter picks her targets carefully. For instance, since September 11 is still relatively fresh in the minds of many Americans, especially the sort who read Ann, she can say whatever she likes about Arabs and Muslims. In fact, she can call for their mass murder and forced conversion to Christianity and hardly anybody gives a hoot. She can also get away with saying Asians, North Koreans in particular, should be "nuked for fun."

or from Freedom and Reason Islamophobia and Ann Coulter's Racism, November 3, 2007, by Andrew Austin

Coulter’s racism against Arabs and hatred for Islam goes far beyond her arguments in the clip. Most of us remember her statement following the September 11, 2001 attacks:
Airports scrupulously apply the same laughably ineffective airport harassment to Suzy Chapstick as to Muslim hijackers. It is preposterous to assume every passenger is a potential crazed homicidal maniac. We know who the homicidal maniacs are. They are the ones cheering and dancing right now. We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. We weren't punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians. That's war. And this is war.

But do most people know that she wrote, “Not all Muslims may be terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims - at least all terrorists capable of assembling a murderous plot against America that leaves 7,000 people dead in under two hours”? Or when she wrote, “If only we could get Muslims to boycott all airlines, we could dispense with airport security altogether”?

or checkout The Racist Rhetoric of
Ann Coulter at WWW.Ann Coulter Watch.Com

More about racism in America in next post.

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