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US Election Officials & Citizens' Right To Vote Typical Bush Ineptness or Attempt to Steal The Election For McCain & Fabricated " Terrorist Plots"

UPDATED: 1:44 pm. Nov. 1, 2008

Anyway here's The Young Turks to begin with on Sarah Palin and her 1st amendment rights:

The Young Turks:Sarah Palin Doesn't Understand First Amendment

Election Officials across the United States don't care or not interested in hearing about US citizens encountering problems casting their ballots. The offical in this video seems to think such citizens are just complainers and whiners. Voters she seems to suggest should I guess start lining up the night before polling stations are to open. She says all these people are willing to line up for the newest IPod or Harry Potter book than why do they complain about waiting in line to vote. She dismisses any complaints that if there are long line ups at the polls many working people may not get a chance to vote. It seems that Election officials are rather cavalier in their attitudes towards the " The Right To Vote" by comparing people waiting in line for the newest IPOD or after Christmas sale or what have you. One wonders is whether America no longer cares about voters Rights. Is it because for the past couple of elections the casting of ballots was merely an empty gesture or sop to the voting population since Bush was to be elected as president no matter what. So there is still the chance that Obama will lose because of Indifferent Bureaucrats. So if a few million people are not able to cast their votes because officials were not ready for a higher turn out than in previous elections is the election to be declared unfair and the results to be in doubt. It is odd that a country which prides itself on its freedom and democratic principles does not have a system in place to deal with serious problems at the polling stations. Well they flounder about after Hurricane Katrina will we see the same sort of lack of response and ineptness come election day this Tuesday in America.

From the Real News Network : Election Problems in Philadelphia

More news which proves another terrorist plot was a mere fabrication of the Bush Regime that the US Media appears to be ignoring:

as for the terrorists threats another group of so called terrorist threat has been shown have been a fabrication of the Bush Regime. The evidence against this group of Algerians in Bosnia has evaporated but most Americans are once again oblivious to how they have been manipulated by the Bush/Cheney Regime. The media in America grabs onto stories of alleged " terrorist Plots " but if the plot turns out to be untrue the Media doesn't bother to cover this aspect of the story. Again and again we see how the Media has been reluctant to deal with the aspects of a story that may be critical of BushRegime's policies and actions. So Americans once again are left uninformed that a number of the " Terrorist Plots " which the Bush administration claimed were real have turned out to be either the result of bad intelligence or were manufactured fabrications of the Bush Regime. When Americans are told every other day of a new imminent attack on their country this feeds into their hysteria and paranoia so it becomes difficult to explain to them that many of these alleged imminent attacks were not real but were born in the fevered minds of the Bush administration either as the result of honest mistakes or as part of the Bush Regime's propaganda war on the American people.
Below are examples of two such stories of fabricated stories by those in power:

Friday, October 31, 2008 by The Independent/UK
Scandal of Six Held in Guantanamo Even After Bush Plot Claim Is Dropped

No evidence that men living in Bosnia plotted attack on Sarajevo embassy
by Robert Fisk

In the dying days of the Bush administration, yet another presidential claim in the "war on terror" has been proved false by the withdrawal of the main charge against six Algerians held without trial for nearly seven years at Guantanamo prison camp.

George Bush's assertion in his 2002 State of the Union address -- the same speech in which he wrongly claimed that Saddam Hussein had tried to import aluminium tubes from Niger -- was that "our soldiers, working with the Bosnian government, seized terrorists who were plotting to bomb our embassy [in Sarajevo]." Not only has the US government withdrawn that charge against the six Algerians, all of whom had taken citizenship or residence in Bosnia, but lawyers defending the Arabs -- who had already been acquitted of such a plot in a Sarajevo court -- have found that the US threatened to pull its troops out of the Nato peacekeeping force in Bosnia if the men were not handed over. According to testimony presented by the Bosnian Prime Minister, Alija Behman, the deputy US ambassador to Bosnia in 2001, Christopher Hoh, told him that if he did not hand the men to the Americans, "then let God protect Bosnia and Herzegovina".

..The administration has withdrawn evidence given by a federal prisoner, Enaam Arnaout, against Boudella -- that he trained at an al-Qa'ida camp in Afghanistan -- when lawyers were about to discover that the US Justice Department had said five years earlier that an FBI interview with the man was "not reliable".

Even stranger is that the six prisoners are claimed by the US to be "enemy combatants" when -- with the dropping of the embassy bomb-plot charge -- there is no evidence they have ever fought US troops or planned to attack US interests anywhere in the world. Part of the case against Bensayah involved the alleged discovery of a piece of paper at his home, bearing a telephone number for an al-Qa'ida operative, Abu Zubayder. "The Bosnian police couldn't get this number to work in Afghanistan or Pakistan," one of the prisoners' lawyers, Stephen Oleskey, says. "Now we believe an announcement that the paper had been discovered was made before it was 'found'."
Mr Oleskey says Clint Williamson, the US war crimes ambassador, met Bosnia's Prime Minister, Nicola Spiric, this week. "There's only one reason he makes these visits," he said. "To negotiate the return of people in Guantanamo." The White House may intend to save itself further embarrassment by ending the torment of six more apparently innocent young men.

and further:

Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR): Muslim, Arab, South Asian Men Rounded Up Post-9/11 Based on Racial, Religious Profiling With Knowledge of Ashcroft, Others
Filing Discloses Previously Protected Details from Discovery and Depositions,
Supreme Court to Weigh Special Immunity for High-Level Officials

NEW YORK - October 31 - Muslim, Arab, and South Asian men were targeted solely based on race, country of origin, and religion in post-9/11 immigration sweeps with the knowledge of former Attorney General John Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller, according to a brief filed today with the Supreme Court by plaintiffs in Turkmen v. Ashcroft, Center for Constitutional Rights's (CCR) class action challenge. The amicus brief contains information previously under a protective order and not made public until today, including the exact tips that led to the arrest of CCR's clients and evidence of daily briefings that went up the chain of command.

...The brief describes the tips that led to targeting of each of the Turkmen plaintiffs and attaches the original FBI documents, previously barred from disclosure by a protective order:

Ashraf Ibrahim was described as one of "three males, who appeared to be Arabs," who sought to purchase a used truck to carry water and gave "vague" answers to questions about what kind of containers the water would be carried in and whom they would deliver it to.

Baloch was "a male, possibly Arab," with a fake Social Security card.
Sachdeva was said to have been speaking in Arabic (although in fact he is a Hindu from India), and to have talked about "flying and flight simulators."
Saffi, a Pakis¬tani by birth, appears to have been arrested solely because he had been refused admission to Canada.

There was nothing to show a reason for suspicion of Turkmen in the FBI file produced by the United States except a tip concerning three other Turkish men, apparently based on their being Turkish.

The Turkmen plaintiffs argue that Ashcroft and Mueller must be held accountable for this discrimination, as documents uncovered through discovery indicate they were provided detailed daily briefings and information about who was being arrested, and why. The brief also provides quotes from interviews of Ashcroft, Mueller, and their subordinates taken in the course of the Office of the Inspector General's investigation of the 9/11 detentions.

"If the government applied the rule Ashcroft now wants to itself, major investigations would never get off the ground," said co-counsel Michael Winger of the law firm of Covington & Burling LLP. "How are Mafia bosses caught? By starting at street level and working up the chain of command."

CCR's class action, Turkmen v. Ashcroft, was filed in September 2002 to challenge the arbitrary detention and mistreatment of immigration detainees by prison guards and high level Bush administration officials in the wake of 9/11. With no evidence of any connection to terrorism, hundreds of Muslim, Arab, and South Asian men were rounded up on the basis of racial and religious profiling and subject to unlawful detention and abuse at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn, NY.
All of the men were eventually deported, though several of the plaintiffs returned to New York under strict conditions to participate in depositions for their case against the government in early 2006.

The suit names as defendants then-Attorney General John Ashcroft, FBI Director Robert Mueller, former INS Commissioner James Ziglar, and officials at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, where the plaintiffs were held. The plaintiffs include Muslim men from Pakistan and Egypt who were detained at the MDC, along with others held at Passaic County Jail in New Jersey. Despite the fact that the government never charged any of the plaintiffs with a terrorism-related offense, the INS kept them in detention for between four to nine months, long past the resolution of their immigration cases.

The suit further charges that some of these detainees were improperly assigned to the Administrative Maximum Special Housing Unit (ADMAX SHU); kept in solitary confinement with the lights on 24 hours a day; placed under a communications blackout so that they could not seek the assistance of their attorneys, families, and friends; subjected to physical and verbal abuse; forced to endure inhumane conditions of confinement; and obstructed in their efforts to practice their religion. Some of the abuse includes severe beatings and sleep deprivation. The allegations of inhumane and degrading treatment have been substantiated by two reports of the Justice Department's Office of the Inspector General, and several defendants in the case have recently been convicted on federal charges of beatings and cover-ups of other prisoners around the same time period.

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