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Stunned By Obama's Victory Shock Jocks & The Neocons Still Attacking Obama

UPDATE: 4:14 Nov. 6

And now a song from John Prine:
Some Humans aint Human ie. Bush

So Elvis Presley according to the McCain Palin Bush supporters must have been a " Socialist" since in this song he seems to indicate that he too believed society had a responsibility to help those born into poverty. But the anti-Abortionist would insist the poor woman have the childs but they won't help feed, clothe or look after the child's health needs etc. So if the child starves to death or dies because of lack of adequate healthcare these mean spirited heartless Pro-Family Pro-values types just don't think about such things. Then they'll claim it's all up to God as their rationalization for their inhumane social policies .

Elvis Presley -In The Ghetto

Anyway ,First off a funny bit by Keith Olbermann
World's Worst - Kristol, Limbaugh, O'Reilly
Nov. 5

Just because Obama won doesn't mean that those on the right will suddenly stop attacking and smearing him. At the moment they are in shock or in a panic state trying to figure out how they lost the election and next how to regroup and once again fill the airwaves with their " Fear Mongering " and their other tactics that they use. Remember they -the Radical Religious Right and the Ultra-Conservatives & the Neocons- believe either that most Americans already think as they do or that they should and that those who do not should not have been encouraged to vote.

After running a dirty campaign against Obama - a campaign of smears & Fear Mongering calling Obama a Communist, " Potential Terrorists who hates America, as UnAmerican and a " Secret Muslim " Palin claims that it was because of a partisan media that she lost who unfairly attacked her.

Palin Slams Media - Wants To Help Restore Credibility
added Nov. 5

The Ultra-Conservatives , the Radical Religious Right and the Neoconservatives claim that Barack Obama's victory was not a true reflection of the Will of the American electorate. They have offered up several rationalizations for the Obama victory . Somehow they claim that McCain and Palin lost the election because the American people were tricked into it. Its not that Americans voted for change . Its not that Americans voted to oust the Republicans and Noconservatives from Washington for their ineptness and major blunders such as the war in Iraq. The conservatives in America are spinning their own conspiracy theories about why Obama won and McCain and Palin lost. They persist in claiming that the vote wasn't a refutation of the radical neoconservative agenda of the Bush Regime . The vote wasn't a refutation of laissez faire 19th century style capitalism. The vote wasn't a refutation of Republican and the Religious Rights attacks on tolerance and pluralism.The vote they claim was not a refutation of the insane Bail-out of Wall Street. The vote they claim was not a refutation of the ongoing scandals over the theft and fraud by contractors in Iraq. The vote wasn't a refutation of the tactics such as renditions and torture used by the Bush Regime in its war on Terror. The vote wasn't a refutation of the over-expansion of the powers of the Executive under the Bush Regime. The vote was not a refutation of the over-reach of The Patriot Act or over such things as warranless wire taps or the abuses at Abu Ghraib or Gitmo or over Blackwater and other private contracors going on a killing spree in Iraq. The vote wasn't the result of the damage done by the Bush Regime to America's reputation abroad. The vote wasn't a response to the Bush Regimes sweeping deregulation across the board.

No it wasn't one or all of these things combined that put Obama in power. No they believe that Obama put much of the country under some sort of voodoo spell .Obama used the media and the internet to hypnotize millions of Americans so that they would vote for him. In Radical Religious Right terms Obam is possibly the Anti-Christ or at least a false prophet. How else can they explain losing in such a big way to Obama and the Democrats. Or they suggest Obama is a " Secret Muslim " or the Manchurian Candidate about to unleash a Kamer Rouge dictatorship on America. This is of course is a form of projection by those who saw nothing wrong with the Bush Regime ruling as if the presidency was a dictatorship . As long as the dictator and one party rule was in the hands of the Republicans their supporters saw nothing wrong with it. But what if Obama were to act as if he were running a dictatorship with one party rule which he could do given how powerful the Executive has become after eight years of George Bush's dictatorship . So what the remnants of the ultra-conservatives in the Republican Party fear is that Obama will act in a similarly unilateral way as Bush and the Republicans did when they were in power. So Obama would then push through legislation to further his supposedly radical agenda . Meanwhile any new or past legislation he didn't like he would veto or just ignore it as Bush did. So what they fear is that he will act like they did when they were in power.

Ann Coulter On Fox News Stiill Screeching Against Obama

Karl Rove claims Obama campaign used such dirty tricks as getting more Americans to register to vote and then got them to the polls to vote. Besides that Karl Rove says Obama didn't win by that much and so doesn't have any sort of mandate. Yet when Bush won in 2000 by not that much Bush was hailed as having a mandate to force the Neoconservative agenda on America. Hannity and Rove still believe that Obama has a secret agenda and that the person people voted for is not the real Barack Obama.
Hannity claims Bush has been treated unfairly by the Media from day one in 2000. This is utterly mind-boggling that Bush who lied to the American people to take them into an unnecessary war is the victim in all this. The corruption and ineptness in the Bush regime was all an invention of the media according to Hannity.

Hannity and Rove Still Calling Obama A Radical Socialist
The election's over but Hannity and Rove are still smearing. From the 11/5/08 Hannity & Colmes.

"O'Reilly claims that Obama won because of the support of the Radical Left . He further claims tha Obama is still a mystery to Americans . So Reilly still wants to fuel the flames over Obama as a " Secret Socialist or Communist '. The only reason Obama got so many votes was because Americans were mad about the state of the economy.

O'Reilly:O'Reilly: The Guy's Still Unknown; The Far-Left Wants Payback from Obama Nov. 5

More on Sarah Palin thistime not from the left but from Bill O'Reilly. Is Palin merely being used by the Republicans and the Right as a scape goat or was she really a disater for them. So it's Palin's fault and the left leaning media according to O'Reilly et al.

O'Reilly Show - Sarah Palin is not an angel
Nov. 5

Michelle Malkin uses the stereotype of African-Americans as Minnie the Moocher as if the woman depicted expected Obama to pay her bills no matter what. What the woman may have meant something quite different as in that Obama would take measures to improve the lot of the poor or improve the economy . Once again Michelle Malkin reveals her disdain for anyone who is poor who should be just left to starve or freeze to death.. To Malkin only the rich matter and the rest of Americans have to keep their mouths shut and stop whining.
Next we get her take on the Black Panthers whom I guess she believes got the vote out one way or the other for Barack Obama. So it was because of intimidation at the polls by the Black Panther which led to Obama's victory.

Michelle Malkin on Election Day

In case you missed it here is Glenn Beck's over the top and over edge as it were attack on Obama and his supporters. Those Americans who voted for Obama should realize that the Right is attacking them as well as Obama since they were according to the right easily duped by the Obama Campaign and didn't realize what they were voting for. So if you voted for Obama you are not evil like Obama but you are just " down right Stupid ". Or to put it another way Obama was able to Hypnotize American voters because he has these super powers or practices -some sort of Voodoo to make people believe in him and vote for him. Sort of like Governor Palin's Witch Doctor who said a prayer over her to protect her from evil spirits and liberals, I guess.

Obama according to Glenn Beck has mysterious supernatural powers- so be afraid whereas McCain Palin and Bush are honest forthright individuals who would never lie or use propaganda or use "smear tactics "or " Fear Mongering " or " Red Baiting" or use " Racism "or "Guilt By Association" or calling an oponent a "Secret Muslim" or a " Secret Domestic Terrorist " "UnAmerican" to win an election.

Glenn Beck Obama , All hail the Messiah

And here's Senator Lieberman explaining how important the Filibuster in the Senate is. Lieberman and Glenn Beck don't bother to explain how the " Filibuster " was used in the Senate ( including Democrats and Republicans) to stall " Civil Rights " legislation including anti-Lynching laws. for decades and only apologised for this several years ago.

Lieberman: 'I Fear' America 'Won't Surive' With Dem. Senate
(Audio only)

see: A Senate Apology for History on Lynching
Vote Condemns Past Failure to Act

By Avis Thomas-Lester
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, June 14, 2005; Page A12

The U.S. Senate last night approved a resolution apologizing for its failure to enact federal anti-lynching legislation decades ago, marking the first time the body has apologized for the nation's treatment of African Americans.

One-hundred and five years after the first anti-lynching bill was proposed by a black congressman, senators approved by a voice vote Resolution 39, which called for the lawmakers to apologize to lynching victims, survivors and their descendants, several of whom watched from the gallery

"There may be no other injustice in American history for which the Senate so uniquely bears responsibility," Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) said before the vote.

Sen. George Allen (R-Va.), who with Landrieu led the resolution effort, said the vote finally put the Senate "on the record condemning the brutal atrocity that plagued our great nation."

The moment lacked the drama of the fiery Senate filibusters that blocked the legislation three times in the past century. There were few senators on the floor last night and no roll call, no accounting for each vote. But 80 of the Senate's 100 members signed on as co-sponsors, signaling their support.

Missing from that list were senators from the state that reported the most lynching incidents: Mississippi Republicans Trent Lott and Thad Cochran.

see my posts on Lynchings for example: LYNCHINGS CELEBRATED in AMERICA - U.S. SENATE APOLIGIZED IN 2005

and from Michael Savage on how Obama Must be stopped and Savages own delusions of grandeur as if he could turn the tide in favor of McCain.

calls Obama a Rvolutionary Marxist

Michael Savage endorses John McCain! Calls Obama Pol Pot.

Here's more insanity from Michael Savage encouraging conspiracy theory about Obama connected to Cuba & Castro or what have you. So Obama has been installed he believes as The Manchurian Candidate. This sort of talk is to some extent amusing to those of us who are more to the left but we should rember that such talk and hate mongering is dangerous. For it may give some the belief that the government installed under Barack Obam is not just more liberal but in fact is not legitimate and this may unleash some of the more unhinged members of the Radical Right to illegal and criminal actions. They may feel emboldened to do something such blow up more abortion clinics or attack ACORN Head Quarters or to assassinate Obama supporters or other insane actions believing that these Hate Radio & Shock Jocks including Palin, Coulter , Malkin et. al would support given their views that the nation has been taken over by Terrorist loving anti-American Communist Extremists so we need to keep an eye on these people since they see nothing wrong with promulgated the most insane lies and crypto conspiracy theories while using over the top and way over the edge incinderary language .These are the same people who hated John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy and who loathed Martin Luther King Jr. and anyone else who disagree with their ultra-conservative views.

Michael Savage Talks to Top Secret Inside Man about Obama

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