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Racism , Nativism in America & The Rise in Hate Groups Including The Ku Klux Klan

Anyway, during the US election campaign there was a lot of talk by McCain/ Palin and other conservatives including some news outlets especially Fox News about Domestic Terrorism even accusing Barack Obama as being a secret Domestic Terrorist.
When it comes to real Domestic Terrorist especially those on the right the media in the US spends very little time seriously discussing the issue of right-wing terrorists.Part the problem is that it involves the thorny issue of race & racism in America. This as they say is the elephant in the room which no one dare discuss seriously & openly and honestly.

But now that the United States has a black African-American President shouldn't Americans become more open about talking seriously and honestly about race, racism and race-relations in America. Barack Obama some months back took the time to talk about issues concerning race and racism in America and as Keith Olbermann and others pointed out Obama in doing so treated Americans as intelligent mature adults. At the time I was skeptical about this and wondered if Americans were still afraid to speak about race but if anything the election proved that a majority of Americans were able to get pass the the race issue at least insofar as electing a black man as president. Time will tell if this is the beginning of better race relations in America and the taking to task certain " racist " attitudes and dealing with problems such as how black Americans and other minorities are treated in America in their daily encounters and in how they are treated by the American Justice system etc.

Anti-Immigration Movement & Racism & The Co-Opting of The Media
The Media will speak to various spokespersons as if they were impartial academics or scholars when in fact these spokespersons are part of a racist or nativist organization such as F.A.I.R. which is connected to John Tanton's racist organizations.

from The Southern Poverty Law Center

and here's another bit on the Propaganda and lies promulgated by the Anti-Immigration Movement:

Response to CFAW Ad

This sort of Domestic Terror by the KKK & other White Supremacist or other racist or Nativist organizatons such as the John Birchers or individual racist such William F. Buckley Jr. is not what Conservatives such as McCain and Palin and their supporters see as Domestic Terrorism or as divisive for the nation - In their minds only Leftists, communists & anarchist are real terrorists or their fellow travelers are otu to destroy the America that they know by stealth and infiltration . Having a socialist or a liberal on a school board bothers them more than having a KKK member on the schoolboard Or to put it another way conservatives including McCain and Palin will pander to such groups as they also do to the Radical Religious Right in order to win elections and to maintain power.

KKK-100 Years of Domestic Terrorism

In this clip about the Klan we discover the House Committeee on Unamerican Activities didn't seriously investigate the KKK til 1965 though the Klan was known as a well funded and well established demostic terrorist organization with a number of members in positions of authority as mayors, Sheriffs, Judges, State Legislators, Governors , and included sympathetic members of the Congress and the Senate. To simply claim that those in the Klan were uneducated or backwards or were " poor white-trash" is just a way to try to dismiss the influence they had especially in the southern states. There membership & sympathizers and supporters included a cross section of white southern society from the uneducated to those with advanced university degrees and included professionals such as lawyers, doctors, academics & scholars.

Excerpt: Secret History of the Klan
Excerpt: Ku Klux Klan - A Secret History

Exposing White Supremacists, traditional Christian American Values & the Conservative Movement.

In this clip we get a glimpse of one brave man Stetson Kennedy who had the moral fortitude and integrity to take on the KKK first writing about their activities and later infiltrating the Klan society itself at great risk to be able to further expose their illegal, criminal activiies and the clear and present danger they presented to America.

Because the Klan were white Christians who were virulently anti-communist there were many conservatives who appeared to ignore their activities and claimed that they were not either as bad as they were painted nor as dangerous.It is certain if the group had been on the left and carried out bombings, lynchings and murders and rape the US Federal And State governments with the backing of the American people would have shut them down a long time ago.

Stetson Kennedy Documentary- Superman Fights the Klan
From: IO1011
Added: June 08, 2006

The New, Cuddly, Cute White Supremacists/ Radar Online/ Adam K. Raymond 10/22/08

Schoep USA Today has a bizarrely neutral article up about how white supremacists are toning down their image to better appeal to the masses. They're updating their uniforms (from brown Nazi uniform with a swastika armband to black fatigues), changing their names (from Keystone State Skinheads to Keystone United), and altering their tactics (from violent confrontations to gatherings in public libraries). And if anecdotal evidence can be trusted, it's working! According to Jeff Schoep, head of the National Socialist Movement, more and more white folks are being drawn to the movement as they become upset about immigration, worry about Obama, and fret about the economy. "We are the answer for white people," Schoep said. Yikes!

Are we supposed to believe the MSM and its inherent biases against white supremacists? Not a chance. Which is why we went to Stormfront, a white nationalist site with 144,000 registered members. What are the soldiers on the ground saying about this supposed rebranding?

These organizations cloak their racist and white supremicists views in more appealing or acceptable terms by claiming they are concerned with over-population and urban sprawl and employment opportunities for American citizens.

10/14/2008 Tough Times? Blame Minorities!
By J. Richard Cohen, President : Southern Poverty Law Center

Now, we're in the grip of the worst economic catastrophe since the Great Depression, and some commentators and politicians on the right are pinning the blame on poor minorities.

That's right. We're supposed to believe that impoverished blacks and Latinos across our country brought down the titans of Wall Street with their wild-eyed dreams of owning their own homes, taking out mortgages they couldn't afford. We're supposed to believe that's why stock markets are plummeting and the global banking system is collapsing like a house of cards.

Do Americans really buy this kind of nonsense?

Unfortunately, many do, especially when they hear the lie repeated over and over again by politicians and supposedly mainstream pundits like Fox News' Neil Cavuto. In a recent exchange with a Democratic congressman from California, Cavuto said, "I'm just saying, I don't remember a clarion call that said, 'Fannie and Freddie are a disaster. Loaning to minorities and risky folks is a disaster.'"
People who are down and out, who are buffeted by global events beyond their control, want to understand what has happened to them. Some will look for scapegoats in all the wrong places. And some will be seduced by the rhetoric of hate.

These are the conditions relished by those who thrive by stoking fear and division in America, from the cross-burning Klansmen to the loudmouths of right-wing talk radio to the suit-wearing academics who cloak their bigotry in pseudo-scientific research.

Because of the rancorous immigration debate, we've already seen a surge in the number of hate groups operating in the United States. We're now tracking 888 hate groups, a rise of almost 50 percent since 2000. And hundreds more nativist groups have sprung up in recent years to harass immigrants. It's no surprise, then, that hate crimes against Latinos are growing, especially in places like California. It's against this combustible backdrop that the economic meltdown is occurring.

As one can see below that the KKK and other White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis, Skinheads and the rabid Nativist anti-immigration movement have not really changed their tune. They still believe that America was founded as a white Protestant Nation and that it must return to its original state. They believe all non-whites and those who are not Christians seuch as Jews and Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists etc. should be deported or given separate areas to live in from the White Christians etc.So there is little here to show they have changed in any substantive manner.

Should the INTERNET be permit the promotion of this form of hatred and a call to violence:
Here some samplings from KKK websites which are examples of Hate Speech and Hate Mongering , Racism and a call to violence:

Mississippi White Knights of the

The time for ACTION is NOW!
Our Government wont stop them so we will. Its time to declare war on these illegal mexican's.
We are recruiting now for white men and women to stand up and fight for our country and our race.
The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
is coming out of the shadows and activating there members once again.
It is now time ladies and gentlemen. The racial war is among us, will you fight with us for the future of
our race and for our children? Or will you sit on your ass and do nothing?
Our blissful ignorance is over. It is time to fight.

The time for ACTION is NOW!
Our Government wont stop them so we will. Its time to declare war on these illegal mexican's.
We are recruiting now for white men and women to stand up and fight for our country and our race.
The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
is coming out of the shadows and activating there members once again.
It is now time ladies and gentlemen. The racial war is among us, will you fight with us for the future of
our race and for our children? Or will you sit on your ass and do nothing?
Our blissful ignorance is over. It is time to fight.

or explaining why they wear hoods and try to remain anonymous not out of cowardice but inorder to perform their actions and by not being known they are able to use secrecy as a weapon & strategy
Brotherhood of Klans Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
Take off the hoods!"

By the late Klan leader Robert E. Miles

"Take off the hoods!" scream the foes. "Come out into the open, if you are not ashamed of what you believe in" is the cry of the liberal, the do-gooder and the federal traitors. What they are really saying is "Come out and let us get a better shot at you!" ... and they mean just that! Well, kinsmen, let us resolve any questions or doubts which you may have about that viper emanating hiss.

The word "invisible" in "Invisible Empire" means just that. It describes the condition of the Racial Resistance. It describes the manner in which that Resistance is intended to operate. It describes the type of weapons which that Resistance is to be equipped with in this coming era. Secrecy may not be fully possible in this electronic age but privacy, a degree of secrecy, is quite possible. Secrecy is what bedeviled the federal tyrants during the period of the First Era of the Order, that courageous Ku Klux Klan. Secrecy is what enables the few to confuse, confound and to conquer the many. It was the ability of the stalwart bands of individuals, surrounded on all sides by niggers and Washington-directed satraps and local sellouts, to appear, to disappear and to re-appear, that gave our South and our White Race its victory. It was the psychological warfare and innovation of the "now you see them, now you don't" type of cavalry tactics that enabled the Klan to terrify the foe and divide him up into easily digestible morsels. It was the inability of the local traitors, as prevalent then as now, to definitely identify who the masked rider was or where he came from.

And the masked rider in the coming Fifth Era of the Klan will not be riding a horse called Silver, nor integrating with any injuns called "Tonto". Yet, he will fight for justice, for what is right, and for the rights of the white minority in both the East and the West, the North and the South. Yes, you had better believe it. He will be riding. It will be with a thunder of hooves, and a hearty "Ku Klux Klan" ringing out through the night, that he will herald in the Fifth Era of this Ancient and Honorable Society, this Astral Order called the Ku Klux Klan!

-and on Racism discussed and defined at KKK website :What Is Racism?

There is surely no nation in the world that holds "racism" in greater horror than does the United States. Compared to other kinds of offenses, it is thought to be somehow more reprehensible. The press and public have become so used to tales of murder, rape, robbery, and arson, that any but the most spectacular crimes are shrugged off as part of the inevitable texture of American life. "Racism" is never shrugged off. For example, when a White Georgetown Law School student reported earlier this year that black students are not as qualified as White students, it set off a booming, national controversy about "racism." If the student had merely murdered someone he would have attracted far less attention and criticism.

Racism is, indeed, the national obsession. Universities are on full alert for it, newspapers and politicians denounce it, churches preach against it, America is said to be racked with it, but just what is racism?

Dictionaries are not much help in understanding what is meant by the word. They usually define it as the belief that one's own ethnic stock is superior to others, or as the belief that culture and behavior are rooted in race. When Americans speak of racism they mean a great deal more than this. Nevertheless, the dictionary definition of racism is a clue to understanding what Americans do mean. A peculiarly American meaning derives from the current dogma that all ethnic stocks are equal. Despite clear evidence to the contrary, all races have been declared to be equally talented and hard- working, and anyone who questions the dogma is thought to be not merely wrong but evil.

The dogma has logical consequences that are profoundly important. If blacks, for example, are equal to Whites in every way, what accounts for their poverty, criminality, and dissipation? Since any theory of racial differences has been outlawed, the only possible explanation for black failure is White racism. And since blacks are markedly poor, crime-prone, and dissipated, America must be racked with pervasive racism. Nothing else could be keeping them in such an abject state.

All public discourse on race today is locked into this rigid logic. Any explanation for black failure that does not depend on White wickedness threatens to veer off into the forbidden territory of racial differences. Thus, even if today's Whites can find in their hearts no desire to oppress blacks, yesterday's Whites must have oppressed them. If Whites do not consciously oppress blacks, they must oppress them Unconsciously. If no obviously racist individuals can be identified, then societal institutions must be racist. Or, since blacks are failing so terribly in America, there simply must be millions of White people we do not know about, who are working day and night to keep blacks in misery. The dogma of racial equality leaves no room for an explanation of black failure that is not, in some fashion, an indictment of White people.

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