Friday, November 07, 2008

Jon Stewart: FOX News in Mourning

UPDATE: 12:17pm
Neil Young's Subliminal Message - Vote For Obama

So here's a song from Neil Young about America's need for a leader who will unite the American people and he mentions Obama coincidence or Prophecy. This is the first step in returning America to sanity. But there's a long way yet to go.

" Maybe its Obama" Prophetic
Looking For a Leader-Neil Young
from the album Living With War
Song recorded in 2006

Check out Neil Young's website Living With War
For instane here's a bit from an article on the website about John McCain; is he really this daft?:

(This shocking account was written by Ana Dubey, who has a PhD in psychology and has a private practice in San Francisco... )

I was shocked when he said, "If I was in charge, I would nuke Iraq to teach them a lesson." Given McCain's personal experience with the horrors of war, I had expected a more balanced point of view. I commented on the tragic consequences of the nuclear attacks on Japan during WWII - but no, he was not to be dissuaded. He went on to say that if it was up to him he would have dropped many more nuclear bombs on Japan. I rapidly extricated myself from this conversation as I could tell that his experience being tortured as a POW didn't seem to have mellowed out his perspective, but rather had made him more aggressive and vengeful towards the world.

My final encounter with McCain was on the morning that he was leaving Turtle Island. Amy and I were happily eating pancakes when McCain arrived and told Amy that she shouldn't be having pancakes because she needed to lose weight. Amy burst into tears at this abusive comment. I felt fiercely protective of Amy and immediately turned to McCain and told him to leave her alone. He became very angry and abusive towards me, and said, "Don't you know who I am." I looked him in the face and said, "Yes, you are the biggest asshole I have ever met" and headed back to my cabin. I am happy to say that later that day when I arrived at lunch I was given a standing ovation by all the guests for having stood up to McCain's bullying.

Now if some Ultra-Conservative or Radical Religious Right individual were to listen to this song they might suggest that Neil Young was actively engaging in some sort of mind-control on behalf og Barack Obama by placing his name in the song as subliminal mind -control.

Anyway here's a funny bit of Jon Stewart and Chris Wallace at FOX News.
Spoof is on Fox coverage of the election...Are they going to stick with the fair & balanced line. Sean Hannity crying in bathroom.
" And How Long Do You Sit Shiva"

Is Pat Robertson sincere or just jumping on the bandwagon recognizing that many evangelicals did not trust McCain or Palin and many voted for Obama to get rid the corrupt & greedy Bush Regime which was far from being Patriotic.
He trashes Palin for not being ready

Rev. Pat Robertson: "Obama is absolutely brilliant and can be one of the great presidents"

But this next clip Pat Robertson praises Palin as being brilliant and ready for the job.
Pat Robertson- Astounded by Palin's abilities

Jerry Falwell & Pat Roberson blame the liberal agenda of the ACLU for 9/11

James Dobson- Focus on the Family
criticizes Obama

Dr. Dobson Terrified Of Obama Being Leader Of The Free World
Hannity & Colmes on Dobson & Obama

Mike Huckabee & his misguided, misinformed attack on Obama.

What Dobson and others confuse is that Obama was talking about the Evangelical Fundamentalist' view of reading the Bible as the innerrant literal word of God . Such a reading of the Bible Obama argued would lead to contradictions , at the least, and to defending outdated extreme practices such as stoning. Obama was not criticizing what he would believe to be mainstream Christian interpretations of the Bible.


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