Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day In America & The Whole World Is Watching

UPDATE: 1:28 pm.
Anyway here's an encouraging video- so to my neighbors to the South Get out and vote
Vote -2008

Conservatives Are Getting Panicky and Unhinged

Maddow on Sarah Palin-10_13_08-Calling a liar, a liar

Independent report shows Palin Abused her power as Governor. But still she denies it and denies the report says anything of the kind.

And here's a little tune for Sarah Palin as the world holds its breath hoping the Americans will make the right choice and that there is no hint of election tampering and fraud. If Palin wins the world will be shocked. Are Americans in general as ill informed that they fall for a campaign of Fear Mongering , hate with a tinge of racism. The song is about the " ugly American " stereotype which is best represnted by Sarah Palin - a gun toting bible thumping power hungry shallow individual who appeals to the worst in Americans-

American Woman The Guess Who

As these videos below show the Religious Right is Pro-Sarah Palin & McCain and anti-Obama. They are using typical scare tactics. They argue that if Obama wins that America will cease to exist as a Christian Nation -so a vote for McCain is a vote for God & Jesus. And what Christian wants to be accused of being anti-God and anti-Jesus . Only those issues which the Religious Right care about are the worthy issues to which American Christians need to make their voting decision upon.
The Radical Religious Right in America is hoping to influence the election in America by telling Christian Americans that this is a life and death election for Christianity and Christian Values.
Note all the Radical Religious Right organizations listed in this anti-Obama video- this should be enough to convince the undecided to vote for Obama. And should scare all Obama supporters to make sure they get out to vote for Obama.

You Choose Our Destiny from Values Voters USA Coral Ridge Ministries
Website: Values Voters USA

One Vote- Values Voters USA.com

Hate Crime or Hate Speech laws are designed to protect minorities in particular from speech which encourages criminal acts being committed on these minorities . Reciting verses from the Bible would not be considered Hate Crimes or Hate Speech. But these Radical Evangelicals for instance see even Civil Rights legislation of the 1960s as an attack on Christian values & they attack Voting Rights legialtion along with the decisions of the Supreme Court beginning with the anti-racist decision of Brown v. the Board of Education to Roe V Wade and decisions upholding the Separation of Church and State. One has to wonder about their motives and if part of their motivation is not just anti-liberal Godlessness but also that they are motivated by racist views. They are against all forms of tolerance which they see as merely appeasement to evil. What type of speech is it that they believe will be silenced by a Hate Speech law.Believing for instance that Homosexuality is a sin is different from calling for the internment and deaths of all homosexuals. Do they fear they might have to act responsibly as citizens and calm down some of their rhetoric.

Coral Ridge Ministries argue that Hate Crime laws or Hate Speech laws are designed to destroy Christianity. Tony Perkins suggest that Christianity has been silenced or outlawed here in Canada . Is he for real ; yes he is. One wonders if he and others on the Religious Right who believe in establishing a theocracy would encourage Palin to take drastic measures against Godless Canada. This seems odd since we Canadians have just re-elected an Evangelical Christian as Prime Minister. Don't blame me I didn't vote for Stephen Harper.

If you are not sure about Sarah Palin check out the Website GrizzlyBay.org,Governor Sarah Palin Info :The Truth About Sarah Palin

1) As mayor of Wasilla, Palin made rape victims pay for their own forensic evidence kits (VIDEO)
2) Palin is opposed to abortion in cases of rape and incest (even if victims are children) (VIDEO)
3) Palin believes creationism should be taught in public schools
4) Alaskan bipartisan legislative investigation ruled Sarah Palin abused her power and violated the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act. Read more about Palin's abuse of power here. (VIDEO)
5) While mayor of Wasilla Palin tried to fire the librarian because she refused to censor books (VIDEO)
6) Palin has no international experience and only obtained her first passport in 2007 (VIDEO)
7) Palin supports the Alaskan Independence Party which seeks independence from the USA (VIDEO)
8) Palin believes that man coexisted with dinosaurs only 6,000 years ago
9) Palin offered a bounty of $150 for each left front leg of freshly killed wolves
10) Palin promotes aerial hunting of wolves even though Alaskans voted twice to ban it (VIDEO)
11) Palin used $400,000 of state money to fund a propaganda campaign in support of aerial hunting
12) Palin believes man-made global warming is a farce
13) Palin strongly supports drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
14) Palin is a champion for big oil and her campaign slogan has become "Drill, baby, drill!"
15) Palin is suing the federal government to prevent listing the polar bear as an endangered species
16) Palin is opposed to listing the unique Cook Inlet beluga whale as an endangered species * News Update: Feds place Cook Inlet Beluga Whale on endangered species list (10/17/08)
17) Palin supports a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage (VIDEO)

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