Saturday, November 08, 2008

Barack Omba & The Need to Punish The Crooks & Liars of The Bush/ Cheney Administration

Neil Young's " Lets Impeach The President "

Anyway it is great that Obama has become President of the United States. But as he admits this is just the first step that there is a lot of work to do. So his being elected must result in actions and not just sentimental oratory & rhetoric.

I know Obama talks about reconciliation, bi-partisanship and healing the nation these are wonderful sentiments but does this mean that he shouldn't go after the criminal element in the Bush Regime. It would be best that Obama set up a series of investigative committees to bring the lies and propaganda and corruption of the Bush Regime into the light of day and then consider prosecutions where needed. A "Living and let live " attitude is not good enough because it will just embolden those who think they can abuse the laws of the land and the US Constitution for their own political agenda or just for greed and no matter what wrong-doing they commit they will get away with it.

The Republicans and the Ultra-Conservatives are great at paying lip-service to law and order and adhering to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights but during the last eight years they have lied to the public and have pillaged the US Treasury for themselves and their Corporations. Otherwise Bush and Cheney and Karl Rove and the whole corrupt circle of friends will go laughing all the way to the bank knowing that the " liberals " and others who put Obama into power are too soft-hearted and soft-headed to bring all these crooks to justice. Many of them may have changed their tune at least, in public as it appeared that Obama would win but they are still the same old nasty , greedy characters who were indifferent to the will of the American people . They wrapped themselves in the Flag and in slogans such as " Support The Troops" or claimed to be on a " Christian Crusade " but it was all for the purpose of " Fleecing the Nation". It is odd how the " Joe the Plumber " type gets all upset because someone on welfare gets a few dollars more than Joe thinks they should by Joe has no problem with Contractors in Iraq raking in Billions of dollars for shoddy workmanship or work that was never completed or making big profits by overcharging the Government for its goods and services. Maybe " Joe the Plumber " believes as Bush and Cheney and Karl Rove & Co. do that an individual or a corporation has a GOD GIVEN RIGHT to make as much of a profit as they possibly can and if the government or the US Treasury and the American people are willing to let them get away with this sort of Highway Robbery then so be it.

But Obama and his government must just say " NO " to the crimes committed by the Bush Regime . Otherwise they will prove that they are in fact to use the word Conservatives like Ann Coulter use as an insult against " Liberals " that they are indeed " Pussies" . So standing up to the Neoconservatives and Ultra-Conservatives and their greedy friends would show them that Obama is not weak but acts decisively in order to defend " Basic Principles " of Democracy and out of respect for the US Constitution and the " Law of the Land".

The Republicans and Conservatives at the moment like the idea of moving on and putting all the lies and propaganda and corruption behind us as it were. That way they get to keep their reputations and their pilfered wealth in tact so that they can return to fight another day. Because as Obama's supporters celebrate the Conservatives in America are planing their next assault on American Democracy.

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