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Barack Obama Walking A Tightrope: Choices To Be Made

Bail-out for Auto industry
More on Joe Lieberman, John Brennan & Obamas Cabinet choices

Anyway the three car companies in America in their bid to redistribute the wealth are insisting that the US Federal Treasury bail them out. These corporate giants are such hypocrites in asking for such help when in the "Good Times" they are always arguing in favor of deregulation and the "Free Market" and the so-called level playing field. During these meetings these CEOs talk about cost cutting by firing over 50,000 workers while still giving themselves bonuses and jetting around the country in their respective fleets of private executive luxury jets. First they should be made to cut the fat as it were at the very top and then ask for money to either save jobs or to create better severance packages for those laid off. It should also as part of any bail-out be required that they spend money on developing cars that are more fuel efficient and which pollute less as in being more environmentally friendly. If those in power had the guts and the imagination & foresight and were not at the beck and call of Big Industry and the lobbyists they would insist on a deal with the companies that would benefit the consumer and the environment. But how does one reason with Big Business concerns who reward executives for firing thousands of American workers or for outsourcing jobs to countries where workers will labor for wages which are less than what American workers would expect to be paid. One should question these CEOs loyalty to American workers or to their own country since for them all that matters is the bottom line. It is also a bit odd to bail out these companies which are in financial trouble in part because of being mismanaged by the very CEOs who are now begging for government assistance.

Big Three Fly Private Jets-CBS
Nov. 19, 2008

From The Young Turks- GM & Ford Crying Poor While Flying Private Jets
Cenk Uygur TheYoungTurks November 19,
Watch more at

and more on Lieberman as an opponent of Barack Obama who will not do anything to promote any progressive style policies of President Elect Obama. The Democrats won not under a conservative banner but under a liberal and progressive banner . Obama and the Democrats won the election and so they should act like winners rather than continuing to kow tow to the conservatives and Big Money interests in Washington. Obama won by six million or more votes yet he and the Democrats act as if they only won by a small margin. Obama ran on his slogan of Change and so having won he has been given a mandate and a duty to his supporters to bring about change. Was his use of the term "change" just another cynical political maneuver or did he mean it. Change does not mean business as usual in Washington. It is up to his supporters in the United States to put pressure on him to do what is right and not just what is expedient.

Keith Olbermann's "Worst Person" - Sen. Joe Lieberman
Nov. 24, 2008

Turncoat Joe Lieberman- May 14, 2008
Keith Olberman examines the insanity of Joe Lieberman
Lieberman hatchetman for McCain - Negative Politicing & guilt By Association

And in an open letter to President -Elect Barack Obama a group of American psychologists who have been campaigning against the involvement of psychologists in torture and against the use of torture by US military or CIA etc. they request that Obama reconsider appointing John Brennan as CIA director of the CIA.

Open Letter to Obama: Reject John Brennan as Director of the CIA- November 22 - at Common

Dear President-Elect Obama,

We are writing to urge you not to select John Brennan as Director of the CIA. We are psychologists and allies who have long opposed the abuses of detainees under the Bush administration. We are just concluding a successful several-year struggle to remove psychologists from their roles in aiding or abetting these abuses. It has been a distressing fact that, while the Bush administration resorted to abuse and torture of those in our custody, often psychologists have been put in positions to use their psychological expertise to guide these unconscionable practices.

Noam Chomsky has also voiced concern over the people Obama is appointing to various positions in his administration.

on Obama and his Cabinet Selections
Nov. 24, 2008

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