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Arianna Huffington : Power of The Internet & The McCain/Rove Slime Machine &Olbermann : Tone Of the Campaign & Maddow Election Fraud : The Fix Is In

UPDATE: Oct. 22, 10;56 AM & 11:25 AM.
Rachel Maddow & Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. at the bottom of this post.

Anyway the McCain/Rove/Palin campaign is getting even uglier. Now they are accusing Obama of being a disloyal American and is according their twisted logic a Pinko Commie who is out to destroy America. They claim this must be so since Obama has suggested that Middle Class Americans should get a tax cut while those making over $250,000 a year should get a tax hike. Meanwhile McCain defends the over-the -top " bail out " of the super rich as the CEOs of the Bailed out financials institutes give themselves outrageous bonuses.

Anyway let's begin with Jon Stewart's defense of his remarks at NorthWestern University and even expands on his remarks.

Jon Stewart Clarifies Palin Remarks, Expands To 'F%ck All Y'All" Oct. 21, 2008 at Huffington Post by Jason Linkins

Earlier this week, The Daily Show host Jon Stewart, performing at Northeastern University in Boston, criticized Governor and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin for making divisive remarks, saying, "She said that small towns, that's the part of the country she really likes going to because that's the pro-America part of the country. You know, I just want to say to her, just very quickly: fuck you." Since then, a few more hobos hopped aboard the hate-America bandwagon -- Nancy Pfotenhauer insisted that Northern Virginia was not part of a "real Virginia" (despite being the economic driver of the entire state), and Michelle Bachmann (who is basically a nonsense-spewing twit whose electoral success is among the world's most enduring mysteries) went on Hardball to call for a Congress-wide witch hunt for people who didn't measure up to her standard of patriotism.

Early in the show, Stewart lambasted the general divisive sentiment that pits small towns against big cities, alluding to the fact that 9/11's "ground zero" happened to be godless and elite New York City and "Communist Country/Fake Virginia" Arlington County. But at the end of the show, Stewart went back to reference his remarks at Northeastern, to make his point more broadly

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"We're all a little chafed here about this whole 'some parts of the country are real and American' and other parts are not. This weekend I was performing at Northeastern and I just read the statement that Sarah Palin had made about the 'pro-American' parts of the country and response to that, I think I might have said, you know, 'Fuck you!' That's just my way of saying that I think that's a profanity to say, and I was answering with a profanity. But it's not really fair, and it makes it seem like I'm just addressing Governor Palin about this, and I'm not, it's just this whole entire theme that there's more American areas, or some people love the country, some people don't. So what I meant to say is, 'Fuck all y'all.'"
Here's (William and Mary graduate) Stewart's response to Nancy Pfotenhauer:

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Olbermann: Divisive Politics Is Anti-American
Monday 20 October 2008 by: Keith Olbermann, MSNBC Countdown
GOP ticket's willingness to say anything to win ultimately damages America.

Keith Olbermann on the Tone of the Presidential Race
Keith Olbermann discusses the tone of the presidential race and excoriates Sarah Palin for her description of "real America." Olbermann also examines the racism behind negative right-wing attacks on Colin Powell for his endorsement of Barack Obama.

and here's a more hopeful note by Arianna Huffington in her article on the Mccain/Rove/Palin Slime Machine: The Internet and the Death of Rovian Politics Arianna Huffington, Oct. 20, 2008

Age has finally become an issue for John McCain. But the problem isn't the candidate's 72 years; it's the antediluvian approach of his campaign.
McCain is running a textbook Rovian race: fear-based, smear-based, anything goes. But it isn't working. The glitch in the well-oiled machine? The Internet.
"We are witnessing the end of Rovian politics," Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google told me. And YouTube, which Google bought in 2006 for $1.65 billion, is one of the causes of its demise.

Thanks to YouTube -- and blogging and instant fact-checking and viral emails -- it is getting harder and harder to get away with repeating brazen lies without paying a price, or to run under-the-radar smear campaigns without being exposed.
But the McCain campaign hasn't gotten the message, hence the blizzard of racist, alarmist, xenophobic, innuendo-laden accusations being splattered at Obama.
And it seems that the worse McCain is doing in the polls, the more his team is relying on the same gutter tactics. So over the next 15 days, look for the McCain campaign to become even uglier. That's what happens when following Rovian politics is your only strategy -- and Rovian politics isn't working.

McCain has stockpiled his campaign with Rove henchmen, including not one but three of the people responsible for the political mugging inflicted on him in 2000.

and she ends by taking note of Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama:

Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama as "a transformational figure" was powerful. But even more powerful was his withering indictment of the state of the Republican Party and the cancer of Rovian politics.

It was similar to the diagnosis of Christopher Buckley following his endorsement of Obama: "To paraphrase a real conservative, Ronald Reagan, I haven't left the Republican Party. It left me."

There are many other anti-Rove Republicans abandoning their party. I've had several Republican friends tell me privately what Powell and Buckley told the world publicly: that they're voting for Obama. Most of them not because they like Obama, but because they can't stand what Bush, Rove and now McCain and Palin have done to their party.

Rovian politics may or may not end up destroying the GOP. But, thanks to the Internet, with a bit of luck it will no longer have the power to befoul our democracy.

and see Rachel Maddow :

Palin calls tax cuts to the Middle Class Welfare and socialism while making excuses for bailing out the most wealthy Americans.

Rachel Maddow discuss the GOP scare tactics & Socialism
Rachel Maddow talks with Melissa Harris-Lacewell from Princeton about the Bradley Effect, Socialism and McCain's claim that Obama will turn the "IRS into a gaint walfare agency.

UPDATE:10:56 Oct. 22, 2008 !!!!!!!!

And ' Can it happen again: Voter Suppression in another American Election'
Maybe outside observers from the United Nations for example should be stationed at the polls in the USA for this election as they do in other authoritarian Failed States .

Rachel Maddow Oct. 21,2008
The Fix Is In America Becoming a One Party Nation!!!
Robert Kennedy, Jr. - GOP's Voter Suppression Tactics May Cost Obama The Election
Talk me down: Could voter suppression cost Barack Obama the election? Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who wrote an article on the subject in Rolling Stone magazine, and is the author of "Steal Back Your Vote," tries to talk Rachel down.

and the article at Rolling Block the Vote
Will the GOP's campaign to deter new voters and discard Democratic ballots determine the next president?

In the century following the Civil War, millions of black Americans in the Deep South lost their constitutional right to vote, thanks to literacy tests, poll taxes and other Jim Crow restrictions imposed by white officials. Add up all the modern-day barriers to voting erected since the 2004 election — the new registrations thrown out, the existing registrations scrubbed, the spoiled ballots, the provisional ballots that were never counted — and what you have is millions of voters, more than enough to swing the presidential election, quietly being detached from the electorate by subterfuge.

"Jim Crow was laid to rest, but his cousins were not," says Donna Brazile. "We got rid of poll taxes and literacy tests but now have a second generation of schemes to deny our citizens their franchise." Come November, the most crucial demographic may prove to be Americans who have been denied the right to vote. If Democrats are to win the 2008 election, they must not simply beat John McCain at the polls — they must beat him by a margin that exceeds the level of GOP vote tampering.

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